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Thread dedicated for greatness of Indra Anon 12/03/2022 (Sat) 13:12:28 ID:810476 No. 2532
Can someone please give me verses from Vedas and other religious texts which mention Indra as the supreme God, the king of the universe or as Brahman. Believe it or not some verses do mention Indra as Brahman. Please share verses which praise Indra as the supreme ruler of the universe
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>>2536 >>2535 >>2534 >>2533 Thank you so much anon. Could give me links/sources for this as well? Also do you know any good translation of Rig Veda I can read? Something that properly honours Indra the way a supreme ruler should be honoured.
>>2533 Also do you personal beleive Indra to be Brahman? The Supreme lord of the Universe? What's your view on this?
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>>2756 Thank you anon!
>>2756 Based
>>2537 which place are you preparing to shill him on anon ?