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(162.55 KB 720x900 mahadeva-shiva-vishnudas-art.jpg)
Anon 01/19/2023 (Thu) 21:45:59 ID:b16ece No. 2884
pls tell me how exactly Shiva opened his 3rd eye apart from being angry, how to astral project and become mahadeva, how to escape this shithole samsara and never return also, why Shiva is depicted blue?
(73.43 KB 650x635 1674161574603171.jpg)
>>2884 He drank the vish ( Vaishampayan) and filled Lake Mansarovar with Amruth from his abode on Mount Kailash
fuck you I wanna escape samsara now
>>2886 id toh change karle pehle, chutiye.
>>2887 I have no idea what you've just said, even translator don't know
>>2884 He didn't Exist He doesn't Exist
>>410658 youre so cool
>>2884 you don't become mahadeva by astral projection. that's a lie somebody is selling you. one of the ways to become mahadeva is chanting mahadeva's name while going about your day. but it's not simply achievable. it takes lifetimes to achieve that.
>>2891 Thanks anon, finally some answer But I don't have much time, I don't want to be forced to reincarnate anymore, surely don't as a Pole or somewhere in africa. I have to gtfo asap
(23.75 KB 746x512 hugs.jpeg)
>>2892 me too. but if it were that simple, everybody will be God and where's the achievement in that. we humans are mostly ignorant beings. so that's the thing, keep thinking of the world in terms of sat (real,true) and asat (unreal,untrue) terms. the samsara is asat and only God is real and you are him. this should become your second nature and it only comes with time. but don't worry it's all going to be good my fren.
(116.31 KB 750x500 8527129172_826e5e1e8e_k.jpg)
>>2893 thanks fren now I feel warmth in my heart damn you guys were whole light years forward in spirit development. I see those buildings and think - fractals, DMT. I'm sure you were the closest ones to break outside the matrix. I gotta study hinduism mythology
>>410658 All hail the EDGE LORD
>>2889 Yeah we know, all hindus know but the value of him is in the depth of culture and knowledge we have found over the years and even if we know that he is not real people will find some other god to respect and love.
>>2893 I think we don't even need such power since it will make us miserable. In my opinion that is what the VISH meant in the story.
>>2884 All our black gods are depicted in blue because Hinduism is a racist religion, something I am sure you as a European will appreciate. He was black, but remember black/brown = shitskin. As a matter of fact, caste system was also based upon skin colour. The whiter the better, and that has been the history of India, always cucked by the whiter man.
>>2898 >Hinduism is not racist >Dindus are
>>2898Its not worth saving anyways /b/ro cause kalki is coming and nothing we love is satvik. Just leave the matrix and lead a trad life
>>2898 Also the notion that caste was inherently racist is wrong since genetic studies tell us that till somewhat 2000 years ago "intercaste" marriage was there and a true Varna system was followed but then as we all know in Kali Yuga the degradation of society happened and VARNA turned to CASTE.
>>410658 >Parwati ke lund
>>2884 The third eye in humans is a metaphor for their inner eye into your soul. Complete rejection of senses via vinyasa state of meditation is the way
>>2898 Shiva is literally described as white as camphor
>>2904 He's formless for me T. Lyngayat Anon
>>410658 Teri mummy mere lund pe
>>2906 >>410933 Go Fight in /Pol/, /b/ is for Bros.
>>2904 Very Good. Nice to see that white worshipping continues. Right?
>>2908 >muh white Shiva is white as camphor. Vishnu is blue like milky way sky as seen. Indra is golden. Kali is dark as night. Some are green, blue, pink,.etc etc. The gods are beyond these things
>>2910 Kek, leftcuck will try to create narrative out of 5000 year old gods for guidance in morality and culture.
>>410941 >INDIA ELIMINATOR 2.0 >IS FROM INDIA classic cauliflower
>>410955 Go to Pol melcha negro lover
>>2901 Kali Yuga started way before the invention of Varna chamaroid
>>2916 Huh? What about Mahabharata? Give the source
>>2909 how did they even rape this ugly pig bruh
Baed yaar muslim ki toh maa chod deni chaiye
>>2916 Ohh nononono. Why don't dindu Bros rope themselves if there's no point of living?