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Anon 01/20/2023 (Fri) 16:54:28 ID:abd13f No. 2919
Few words for him, /b/?
northiebros what is उपचार का पर्चा?
>>2921 Prescription
>>2920 mogs me yaar
>>2920 A baba(26yo) Handoo preacher is getting famous for what he said about some black magic and shiet
>>2919 Interestingly my mom went to his place (Salasar) last week. My family is extremely retarded yaar. Not that I care what they do but they try to involve me in their shiet like this. How do I get away from them?
>>2919 Hindus are stupid people. Literally follows anyone.
>>2925 kyu bhai gawaar ho kya tum log?
>>2927 Ignore the retarded part. Wrote that in anger. But my mom is getting extremely religious nowadays. The coping just never stops for them.
>>2928 I just want them to not involve me in their shit
>>2919 Ish dongi madarchod ki maa ka rape kardo sale randwe ki maa ki chut
Parents said we will go to vacation. I asked where, she said Vaishnodevi
>>2928 Mine too, does you mom watches that retard cuck aniruthddhacharya? That fuck has stormed yt and all these middle age women are now coping with cuckna and randma
>>2932 My mom is more extreme. She goes to temple morning and evening every single day. She doesn't even care about making food nowadays. Yesterday she said make yourself I will come late. I have a fucking exam to give aaahahahahhahaha
>>2933 Why is she coping so hard?
>>2932 She goes with my father's boss's wife (extremely rich) to temple. Thinking that lord provided them, it will provide us too. I'm like holy cope
>>2934 You won't believe it, she does Bhajan kirtan at our home with other people right next to my room every week and I am here trying to study in peace. Shes gone absolutely crazy and I don't know what to do. Just want to get out this place real quick
>>2933 >>2935 Sad yaara my mom was never too religious and still isn't she doesn't go to temple like ever, but watches these dhongi bhosdappus on yt and tv all day.
>>2936 So she just turned like this? She wasn't this much religious before? Someone is brainwashing her
>>2935 >>2936 I will sorry for you yaar, in religious cucks ki gand me garama garam sariya ghusdena chahiye .
>>2938 Yeah that baba from local temple says he talks to god and shit. Some already rich asked asked advice from him and got more rich. So now she thinks the baba will make things happen for her too.
>>2932 >>2933 Your trandi mothers wants to fuck these Babas just like they imagine themselves fucking Dravidian Chad Krishna
>>2939 This yaar fuck this shithole
>>2934 Because her son is an inch user
>>2940 He is definitely fucking her
>>2940 Women do shit for social status and fitting in they are like 4 year old kids if my friend does it its good and i shall do it too mentality they possess. Only way is for your mom to break all the friendship with that religious cuck Friend and dhongi baba
>>2945 I'm not really in touch with her since I have to study all day. I just go to kitchen for food
>>2946 You can try to spread gossip and rumours about eachother this shivers any relationship
>>2946 Caste kya hai teri? Jhant hai kya? Woh hi mante hai in dhongi Babas mein sabse jada
>>2948 My mom is also very religious, thankfully she never fell for these dhongis, because we don't have tv at home. She does a lot of fasts tho(ekadashi upvas) and puja-path, yagya-havan
>>2948 Baniya
>>2948 Father encourages but doesn't get too involved. It's like he knows it's mostly bullshit but still wants to cope with his life
(563.66 KB 853x480 he saw some shit.png)
>the underage redditors in this thread