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I'm trying to get into Saivism/Vamachara tantra Anon 01/21/2023 (Sat) 21:04:44 ID:eda96e No. 2953
So I can become like Chad Ravana and be a Rakasha on my next life. I hate that here in the US most of the Vedas are limited to constipated vegan Vaishnavas like the self righteous Hare Krishna. I went to a real Hindu Temple once but I freaked them out because my interests are too Vamachara and they warned me that it won't give me peace but a boon. I think peace is an illusion. Pic related some of my library.
>>2953 How about touching some Grass?
(1.69 MB 1080x1090 Screenshot_20230121-163509.png)
>>2954 I like touching skulls better.
>>2953 >i like this other brand of scam. kewl man.
>>2953 >So I can become like Chad Ravana >Ravana >Chad accha
Leave it to hindus to justify how Arjuna kidnapping Subhadra and krishna helping him was fair and without a hint of irony, blaming Ravana for what he did to Seeta
>>2964 are you retarded ?
>>2965 >No arguments
>>2964 Can’t argue with retards now, can we? Other anon had to check it. You passed the test. Now rope.
>>2969 Teri maa ki chut mai rope deke aur gand mai se nikal ke, ghee nikalunga saale samunar manthan ki tarah. Tu kr rope
(209.55 KB 234x406 Profit (2).png)
>>2964 >>2970 Abdool yaar
>>2972 Mai abdul nahin hoon maa chuda saale
>>2974 Apni maa ke gastikhane ka address na baant
>>2976 >Apni maa ke gastikhane ka address na baant
>>2977 Apni maa ki photo na daal