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(54.69 KB 512x640 IMG_20230221_132000_787.jpg)
Anon 02/28/2023 (Tue) 08:23:58 ID:fe0219 No. 3354
This is what Shri Krishna would have looked like. He has been described as a handsome twinkchad in his youth right?
>>3354 With a big niiggger size donger
(18.32 KB 636x464 images (4).jpeg)
>>3354 No, he was described to be dark as well, so something like this but with normal hair.
>>3356 Why is it so hard to find a kalu pajeet pretty boy yaar? I can only find nighers.
(44.54 KB 1024x1024 FaceApp_1622184578034.jpg)
>>3357 How is this?
>>3358 Not dark enough, yes kind of fair even for a pajeet.
>>3354 He was a Kaalu Faggot stop lying to yourself
>>3354 Krishna was a god of pre vedic adivasis of gangetic plains and was later appropriated into hinduism. He was dark, australoid looking unlike vedic dieties such as indra. Only australoid girls would have loved him.
>>3358 Kitna pyaara hai yeh 😍
>>3359 It's the lighting. That guy is tamil, unironically
>>3424 Who is he
>>3425 Fujoshi tera rape hoga sahi bata raha hu, chal bhaag yha se
>>3425 My ex
He was kallu. >yashomati Maiya se bole nandlala Radha kyo gori mai kyo kala
(1.24 MB 2506x1800 E178-Griffith_Unmoved-Manga.webp)
>>3435 I always thought Krishna would've been like Griffith (of the golden age arc) for some reason. Maybe it's the way both of them are depicted personality wise too, smart, cunning, idealists, beautiful, strong and courageous and all the while innocent like a child.
>>3422 >Krishna was a god of pre vedic adivasis of gangetic plains Where do i read more