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I will not go dowm without a fight Brahmachari Hanuman Bhakt 03/15/2023 (Wed) 08:54:15 ID:5a647b No. 3634
Recited hanuman chalisa 5 times yesterday. The chudhails/pisachini came in my dream night before yesterday, what a terrible form it was. I saw her clearly. It was a monster. I btfod her with hanuman chalisa. If needed i will launch Bajrang Baan. I will not go down without a fight The pisachini has left me. I will not go down that easily
>>3634 I have begun meditating for 1 hour everyday.
>>3634 >>3635 why she came to you?
>>3636 It is not due to tantra. It is a chushail/pisachini after me. I cant tell you more my guru warned me. If things go overboard I will try to invoke panchmukhi hanuman/bajraang baan
>>3634 > monkey Absolute state
>>3638 >pedo with botched circumcision NGMI
>>3637 I also got a aatama behind me once.
>>3634 Larp
>>3636 Easy to btfo them by hanuman chalisa. Pisachinis/chudhails/pisachas/ brahmdaityas are where problems begin
>>3634 >>chudail came in my dream Schizo
(106.21 KB 1454x1520 0df.jpg)
Meds now!!