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Anon 03/16/2023 (Thu) 14:55:21 ID:207304 No. 3696
Heckin love this dude Do recommend fasting on Tuesday
>>3696 fast for your health benefits
>>3696 gay!
>>3696 >fasting Yes. I masturbate Fast on Tuesday.
I'm not religious yaara😔 but fasting is great for weight loss, my lose so much by fasting on Tuesday
>>3700 Dumbass you dont know anything about nutrition if you fast to lose weight.
>>3701 Cutting calories for a limited time is better than being called deficient all the time. And fasting doesn't mean you can't eat nutrition rich food afterwards.
>>3701 Abe chutard kabhi fasting ki ha bas fruits allow hota tere mummy se jada nutrients ha isme plus these are very low in fat and carbohydrates
>>3696 Based.
>>3703 Proves why you're a chamar. Macronutrients>>>micronutrients. You will still be alive with a vitamin deficiency for years, but will die from a protein deficiency and low m-rna synthesis in days. You need 1.2 grams/kg bodyweight of protein every 24 hours, a typical pajeet vegetarian diet barely has any protein .
>>3696 My father worships him but who TF wants to worship a monkey yucks
>>3706 Teri maa ka rape karna padega acche se
>>3707 > Says Mai rape karunga maa ka on internet T. 5"5 petite bimaru chud. Are hijde teko ek chankat mai sula dunga madarchod t. 5" 10 Gymcel anon
>>3707 You are talking shit about. 6"3 brahman Aryan Chad here Be careful anon
>>3708 Mujhse mil T. 5'9 Akhada Pehelwan (khaandaani Pehelwan)