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Snake Anon 03/18/2023 (Sat) 04:02:36 ID:b21999 No. 3719
Redpill me on the reptile. What's its endgoal?
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>>3719 >>3720 It wants to know it's place in the cosmos, be it the realm of the physical or the metaphysical
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>>3721 Why does it need us though? It's clearly much much older than us
>>3722 HoTD incest maxxing kek
>>3722 U or life in general is just a manifestation of it's urge to accomplish this
(350.89 KB 1072x819 Demiurge.jpg)
>>3724 >>3721 Brilliant. With whom in the cosmos, is it competing though? Do they give an F about us?
>>3721 Kek no.they want to enslave us and have already succeeded. Checking escaping prison planet theory. Most tenable and logical thing I've ever come across
>>3725 >With whom in the cosmos, is it competing though? None other than itself. It's a self eating snake that desperately wants to know itself without the use of any external object. Think of it as something that wants to be self consistent without the need of some other higher order system. Godel with his schizo brain and the incompleteness theorems, was into something alright.
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>>3726 Did the slavemasters create us? Or someone else (God?) created us but then these beings including the serpent enslave us?
(56.37 KB 1280x889 Monad.jpg)
>>3727 Why is it doing that? Was it bullied as a child? Are there no elders to discipline it and free us?
(46.50 KB 516x595 naralion.jpeg)
>>3725 नरसिंह ??
>>3728 As per this theory, our souls are a part of the Ultimate consciousness but we were separated from it and enslaved in the physical world by these reptilians who feed on our suffering and negativity caused by this physical world. Reptilians pretend to be our dead loved ones or gods in afterlife and convince us into reincarnating again so that we can never be free.