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Who will do your antim sanskar Anon 03/18/2023 (Sat) 18:17:36 ID:451d91 No. 3756
Brahmachari Hanuman Bhakt, you are not officially a sanyasi. You dont have a guru or Shishyas. Once you die, ever thought who will light your pyre? Even if I accept all your arguments for brahmacharya, the thought of there being an ambiguity over who will light my chita scares me.
Sanyasis are buried not cremated.
>>3757 But we are not real sanyasis.
>>3756 Don't know, don't care. I died, it's over. Literally not my problem.
>>3757 being a sanyasi involves much more than being celibate. not a single lundian who is on chan is going to be eligible for it. the only thing common between us and sanyasis is we both die alone. but we actually die, they don't.
(73.20 KB 588x521 4.jpeg)
>>3756 i wii die alone, my body will rot in my flat for months till neighbours complain about foul smell of my rotting decayed corpse. after that police will come and scrap of flesh, will use bleach and acid to remove my stains. after that my remaining pieces will be packed inside a black garbage collecting plastic bag. then after few days of inquiry and investigation my rotten maggot infested flesh will be burned inside municipal operated electric crematorium by a drunk SC/OBC chamaar who got this job through reservation quota.
>>3756 This is a thought that troubles me too. Seeing modern kali yuga i really see 0 arguments from dharma in favor of a dharmic religious man to marry except for this, the only compulsion for marriage. It scares me indeed to think who will do my antim sanskar