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(39.77 KB 600x426 Indra slays vritra .jpeg)
(30.97 KB 554x554 Indra idol.jpeg)
Indra Appreciation Thread Anon 07/01/2022 (Fri) 13:25:16 ID:643bfb No. 474
He who emerged as the only one born first, encapsulating the mind, as The God of the divine concepts by inspiration, By the hissing of whose heroic greatness the two realms shook, He, O folks, is Indra. He who tied together the shattered width, He who fixed calm the outraged hurdles, He who measured out the great middle region and fixed support for the sky, He, O folks, is Indra. He who, weakening the cloud, released the seven streams And drove the kine from Vala's cave He who created the fire between the two rubbing clouds (or stones or hurdles), the spoiler in battles, He, O folks, is Indra. By whom this oscillating universe was created, He who chased the silenced group of separated Dasas, He who, like a gambler collecting the lakhs of wealth, seized the foe's abundances, He, O folks, is Indra. Of Him the frightful one, they usually ask, "where is he?" or even say of Him, "He does not exist" He sweeps away, like birds, the abundances of the rich, Put your faith in him, for He, O folks, is Indra. He who is the stirrer of the oppressed and lowly, of the poet and his suppliant who recites loud, He the great sage who envelopes the one with sowed soma and singers, He, O folks, is Indra. In whose direction are all the Ashvas, cows, villages and the chariots, He who created the sun and the dawn, He who leads the waters, He, O folks, is Indra. To whom the two crying armies call out in battle, both enemies - the strong and the weak, He whom two invoke, in a common mind-chariot, each for himself, He, O folks, is Indra. From without his whose orders, people don't conquer, He whom the fighting ones invoke for protection, He who has become the model of the whole world, He who shakes even the Acyuta (motionless), He, O folks, is Indra. He who weakens the perpetually disregarding (sinners) through his weakening force, He who, without giving way, ridicules the mocking ones, He who is the weakener of Dasyus, He, O folks, is Indra. He who found the quiet Shambara among the hurdles, in the fortieth autumn, He who through his vigour, slayed the water-born resting-cloud, He, O folks, is Indra. He who with seven rays, the Mighty bull, caused to flow the flowing seven waters; He who, thunder-hurling, made shine the uprising one as he scaled the sky, He, O folks, is Indra. To him whom the sky and earth bow, on whose breath the hurdles tremble, He who is the drinker of the inspired essence, the observed, the thunder-armed, Yea He who is thunder armed, He, O folks, is Indra. He who envelopes sowing, the one nurturing, the sacrificing and the toiling person, Him whom the sowed gift of poem magnifies, He, O folks, is Indra. You indeed, are the Fierce One and the Truth, you give the strength to the sowing and nurturing, So may we, forever, thy beloved ones, O Indra, Speak in the assembly with brave ones. [Rigveda 2.12 Composer : Gr̥tsamadaḥ Bhārgavaḥ śaunakaḥ Metre : Tr̥ṣṭubh]
(817.17 KB 1442x1803 indravritra.jpg)
>>474 Om Devarajaya Vidhmahe Vajra Hastaaya Dhimahi Tanno Sakrah Prachodayat Om, Let me meditate upon the King of the Gods, May that mighty God, who holds the thunderbolt in his hand, give me higher intellect, And let Indra illuminate my mind
Remember, Indra gives his hardest battles to his strongest Aryas . WAGMI
>>477 Say his name. Indra .
(5.60 MB 1280x720 1648859931230.webm)
>>476 More like AAGMI
>>474 Is indra still my god If I am a dark skinned bimaru(yadav) ?
>>474 Why Indra was so weak he got destroyed by Ravans son and by bhagwaan Krishna too
>>479 Hail indo european brotherhood we are sons of same fathers whose chariots swept eurasian continent hail PIE language Victory to Indra/Thor!
>>480 Youre a bhangi you should get molten lead down your ears for even pronouncing his holy name.
>>482 Shove those purands up your ass
>>480 idk i think it depends on whether you're a sat sudra or a sudra. bhangali is obc but still worships indra, you better ask him >>482 made up bs
>>485 >>486 What? So Ramayan is fake?
>>487 Yeah, only rigveda is the truth.
>>487 no but parts where indra is deliberately mocked are fake
>>486 I am general category you fucking faggot once i get ISI i will post my fucking admit card here I am a general chad Sadgops are generals And yes all indians are Aryas even Dasyus were Aryas who lost their status due to Unarya behavior. If you are born in Aryavarta and of pajeet race you are Arya. Sangam tamil literature mentions Indra more times than rig veda
>>474 why does indra look like a twink in the second pic?
>>484 Stuff like this makes me want to leave hindpoopism
>>490 Mai OBC hu but creamy layer so practically in general category
>>491 Because ancient indians thought prettyboy looks are more attractive to women ,all our idols of devtas had extremely thin waists , wide shoulders and thin slightly feminine faces the perfect pretty boy look. Indra , Krishna , Shiva , Vishnu all our deities are prettyboys. OTOH masculine men like Hanuman and Bheesma remained celibate. This is message of ancient hindu learned men that if you are not pretty boy it is over for you in india. I absolutely cannot prettyboy maxx my face and body is completely antithetical to the prettyboy aesthetic so it is over for me.
>>494 You have better college than me bhangali stop crying
>>495 I am an inkwell though yaar and it isnt my fault
>>484 No you are a shudra
(16.03 KB 300x400 GigaGuenon.jpg)
Indra? Oh you mean ALLAH subahanu wa ta'ala?
(39.77 KB 600x426 Indra slays vritra .jpeg)
>>601 >Allah —AAAACCCCKKK
>>480 Yes you can worship Indra if you feel a connection to him. Skin colour doesn't matter to Devraj Indra as Devas/Divine beings have transcended the material world. Indra is very compassionate towards his devotees and is ruthless with the enemies of his devotees t. Brahmin Indra Bhakth who worships Indra everyday
>>482 Fake story bro. >>601 Teri maa ki chut ta'ala
>>474 Hello bhangali anom ☺️