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/phil/-philosphy general Anon 08/22/2022 (Mon) 18:01:48 ID:c6892e No. 130 [Reply]
is philosphy a derivative of religion or it is other way around ? what are you reading in philosphy ? >picrel.
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(10.59 KB 236x253 schizo pipeline.jpg)
LONELINESS IS A CENTRIFUGE: art, genius, is the puncturing of immanence(s), that's why inspiration sometimes phases into bacchanal, the madness of an Outside: capitalism arrests the Dionysian instinct with the infantilizing vortex of pop culture, nerd culture is dysgenic, cinema is the depiction of /deliberate/ time: films are the elision of boredom, emptiness, but the womb of genius is vacuum, stimulation is de-individuating because only solitude can be the rehearsal for death, our 20s are now a kind of post-adolescence: social media prefigures the cybernetic emancipation of the cogito, bodies colonized by the virtual so that we might know the frictionless gliding of selves, Instagram thirst as Cybele worship, brains kidnap souls from the Ungrund to feed their hunger for stimulation, the tragedy being no soul pre-exists its "kidnapping" (instantiation): souls do not move bodies, they are the movement /of/ bodies: being does not depend on enunciation, enunciation depends on being: Descartes didn't really break with the Scholastics, he just displaces Aquinas' coincidence of esse and percipi (reserved for God) onto the cogito: "I" does not predate the mouth that speaks "I". The theist says "thou", the metaphysician says "I": Descartes says neither, he reverses the ontological priority of essence over existence by making the "I" the /performative identification of itself/, that is, dependent on time to arrive to itself /as that which is perpetually arriving/: the living thing calls "I" like a heartbeat, only so long as it can: Parmenides and Shestov: the power of thought to command (utter) itself into being degenerates into its slavery to the a priori logicity of its own saying: the bindu depends on the negative space of its inscription to be itself: thought is what /posits its own positing/: its technological mastery of the world is a standard of mastery immanent /exclusively to itself/: Western metaphysics of presence is directly responsible for this need to reconcile God's infinitude as noun with his "verbal" becoming in time: modernity is accomplished when thought's reflection in the mirror of its own activity becomes transcedentally recognizable to itself as itself, when thought maps itself on its own (apperceptive) stanchion: that is to say, the Idea of something just is its coherence through time: Forms are the children of memory. Human ideation is non-being: universals are only a problem for temporality. Plato could say I don't need time to know red, and he'd be right, but I do need time to know redness qua redness: for the non-temporal "consciousness", there are no judgments, no heuristic algorithms, and so there is no likeness or difference: The identity of objects through time is artificial, /nominal/, epiphenomenal to (the empty form of) becoming, and so an ontological fiction: one that completes itself with my death - but death is the restoration of innocence: dust sings when nothing ticks, not even your heart.
(10.90 KB 1024x1024 img_1.jpg)
>>131 Based opinion.
>>580 Descartes is a fag who contributed to the ultimate materialistic degeneracy era. Hume as well. He broke away from Aquinas the moment he talked about the mechanismo. This ultimately led to the humanistic narcissism that characterised the enlightenment era, which obviously, ended up being the last piece of the puzzle for the judeans, but I digress. Point is philosophia, is worth only in its purest form, just as the platonics conceived it. The only holistic philosophy is the sophia perennis.
>>680 Wdym? Materialism from mind body dualism or another of his ideas?

(693.83 KB 500x500 troubled society.gif)
(337.78 KB 2074x2560 algebra cabin man.jpg)
(3.91 MB 854x480 normal15.webm)
Ted Kaczynski aka Unabomber's manifesto Anon 09/24/2022 (Sat) 03:55:11 ID:acd6c7 No. 500 [Reply]
I think this board deserves a thread for discussions related to Mr. teddy hence, use this thread to discuss Ted Kaczynski, his manifesto, his ideals, your views or queries regarding his ideas and anything related to the unabomber - >who is Ted Kaczynski Theodore John Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, is an American domestic terrorist and former mathematics professor. He was a mathematics prodigy, but abandoned his academic career to pursue a primitive life. - Resources :- soft copy: https://rbutterworth.nfshost.com/Conspiracy/documents/IndustrialSocietyAndItsFuture/ hard copy: https://www.amazon.in/Industrial-Society-Its-Future-Unabomber/dp/B086Y5JY5K online summary: https://rbutterworth.nfshost.com/Conspiracy/ISAIF_Summary/ audio book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIcGyMwKgqQ - steal his vibe: https://www.small-cabin.com/ thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfJ9D0pcXeY
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>>671 This chan is as far as I know people anon. Outside of it, I am pretty busy mostly. >>672 Contribute when the pastebin is up. The script is running already. I hope nothing goes wrong.
(1.62 MB 676x720 kot dance.webm)
>>673 i have a girl who i can convince to draw something for me i will look into it but don't rely on me
(11.49 KB 313x188 1620234746643.png)
(991.81 KB 250x250 sensible chuckle.gif)
>>500 I had an accident, will update when back home.

WWOYM - Write What's On Your Mind Anon 09/13/2022 (Tue) 02:08:55 ID:e38159 No. 385 [Reply] [Last]
Trying to revive this stillborn board lmao Feel free to blog post as well, I think this is the best board for this thread
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>>648 I need to read more to make any meaningful comment on this. But thank you for your meaningful answer anon.
>>577 Atleast in Hindu women I find it to be true, that they install the culture and politics in boys and even girls. The male name is inherited, but the women guides other values.
>>649 My stance is that we never will spread our ideas to the masses. The vast majority of people are too far sunk into Sklavenmoral and modernism ever to be able to appreciate ideas like martial spirit, the value of lineage, civilizational ethos, etc. (Perhaps it has always been this way. The masses never ruled society; even "democracy" was for élites and this is a good thing.) For example, "equality" under the law (e.g. between the sexes) is a cardinal value held by the vast majority of urban Indians, yet it's a distinctly western Enlightenment-era ideal that has only existed for a brief blip in human history. There is no ancient, traditional, or virtuous society in existence that has practiced the equality of the sexes, yet to go against that would be anathema to almost any modern Indian. What is the solution then, if convincing the masses will not work? We just need to convince a large enough group of élites of our values, and rule India forcibly from top-down similar to China. Still a difficult or borderline impossible task, but much less so than convincing the masses.
>>641 I know roughly how you feel. Academia is in it's death throes right now, even in the last few years I felt a sizeable shift and my enthusiasm drained with it. It's now full of busywork. the thing I thought was sacred has become like any other workplace, full of people who don't put any love into what they do and don't view as something seperate from the day to day. They drag their unoriginal and mundane ideas into the field and you have to work with them. The people who write articles for the sake of plumping up their CV, those who teach for the summers off, those who raise their hand to derail discussion, those who show up without having done any of the readings. Indian students have also gotten worse. While they're still nice, there is always this sort of snobbery that's depressing to interact with. Idk how many of them I've seen eat beef here. Not sure how things are where you are at, but a summer in India would be nice. You can live well enough on 1 or 2k a month, see places no tourists go to see, get a nice beachside hut in Karnataka or Gujarat and just chill. SEA is also nice and cheap with beautiful temples and hot weather. >>647 I think some massive change is necessary. That's why I always respect Communists, proper ones anyway - they always saw the need for a revolution and a radical departure from the way things were done to a state which they thought things should be done. Compare that to this society o gradual changes and you can understand the appeal. >>646 I'm not sure the usefulness of caste anymore. I think the benefits in modern society are too few and the detriments too numerous. The main issue isn't caste, its communalism and special interest group accumulation. >>648 I'm skeptical of simple test oriented applications. For some companies it might work but I think performing a function at a company is too varied a task for it's complexity to be captured in one format. CV's and recommendations are still super useful. Canadian companies have started rolling out personality tests here, giving me visions of big brother. >>652 That's why I don't believe in politics. Society should also be in the hands of the few. The masses have never changed since the dawn of time. Read the romans and you realize how little has changed in over 2000 years of recorded history. That is why Fascism is so interesting - it was a mass movement that was openly elitist. If anything of the sort were to happen in India it should be along the lines of the iron Guard in Romania. Same with the Roman form of government - an elected Republic that openly supported dictatorship when it was necessitated.
(982.13 KB 600x548 blin cat.gif)
i don't know if i should be thankful for this ability but its really hard for people to convince me i entered this blackpill hellhole right from its start with eggman and even fell down the rabbit hole but it brought absolutely 0 changes in my behavior of walking life i have browsed almost every degenerate site, imageboard, forums or anything similar for many years yet people can't tell and nor did these things ever affect me i have personally seen many of my acquaintances who literally fell to the bottom of these shitholes in just 6-7 months and now have based their entire personality around these lifestyles claiming to be blackpilled but i couldn't even find my types in there i was lonely and i still am, most probably will remain for the entirety of my life

inch/wg/ Anon 08/20/2022 (Sat) 14:05:58 ID:e1ea1f No. 77 [Reply]
welcome to THE inch writing general. post your future literary endeavours of all types, because you probably won't be posting it amywhere else anyway. main langauage used in this thread is english, so at least try to post translations along with your work/ideas so others can also understand and participate. new(book)fags and reviewers welcome to walk in. --- (the 4ch writing pastebin) ---- For General Writing >The Rhetoric of Fiction, Booth >Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft, Burroway >Steering the Craft, Le Guin >The Anatomy of Story, Truby >How Fiction Works, Wood YouTube Playlists for Writing >https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTCv6n1whoI23GmdBZienRW0Q0nFCU_ay Robert Butler >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6HOdHEeosc Technical Aspects of Writing

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>>77 damn, i knew the indian art space is in the shitter, but seeing this thread so empty is actually painful. does no one ever feel like writing out their own story?
>>106 I usually write but I'm pretty busy on weekends will try to post more in weekday's night
>>106 my gf and mom are both published but im an enginiqqer so i can read at most i'll start maintaining my blog a little better next week on so lmao if that has any place here i'll put it up
>>106 Waste of time. Produce music and become a chhapri rapper/producer instead
(726.54 KB 1456x1013 IMG_20220906_182042.jpg)
>>171 retarded zoomer faggot, not everyone wants to be an mc stan ripoff. writing is an expression of thoughts and feelings, and not for using it as a shitty attempt to gain internet fame for 5 minutes.

(27.95 KB 245x406 Neuromancer_(Book).jpg)
/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General no resources edition Anon 09/30/2022 (Fri) 21:00:19 ID:c49d75 No. 603 [Reply]
Sorry for the lack of resources, will figure something out later. Just finished Neuromancer, good book. Although - what the fuck was the ending?
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>>629 It's alright. I think there are a lot more disturbing depictions of post-singularity ai out there, but the image of the deformed blob being tortured for eternity is pretty visceral.
>>629 >>631 I know the singularity AI meme is pretty much common place now, but when I read it in 90's, it was a revelation to me. I had shared some cool web novels on InCh 1.0 but can't find the links now, will share when I do.
>>635 the niche comics released on similar themes were more kino than the actual book tbh
>>624 I have no cock and I must cream
>>653 Kek.

(13.82 KB 256x256 schizophrenia2.png)
Favorite excerpts Anon 08/27/2022 (Sat) 05:22:42 ID:57b747 No. 230 [Reply]
ITT we post our favorite extracts from different books
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>>230 The classical man’s worst fear was inglorious death; the modern man’s worst fear is just death.
Set not thy heart on any good or gain, Life means but pleasure, or it means but pain; When Time lets slip a little perfect hour, O take it--for it will not come again. Each day a leaf falls withered from the tree Whose leaves make up the life of thee and me, The leaves are counted and the last is there-- Ready to fall before thy destiny.
>>411 where's this one from ?
>>468 N N Taleb, Bed of Procustes. “Wit seduces by signaling intelligence without nerdiness.”
>>366 this

(749.00 KB 1049x632 sa starter kit.png)
/sa/ starter kit version 1 तिरस्कृत 09/30/2022 (Fri) 18:40:13 ID:43d763 No. 597 [Reply]
So guys, I've made the first version of the /sahitya/ starter kit. The aim of it is to guide the newbies towards the choice of literature we deem important. Books of almost every era is chosen, in a way that they become a good introduction not only to their authors but also to the movements/eras that the authors hail from. (Note that I could've chosen the OG 2 epics, but I didn't as they would've been hard for a newbie. Though I've put Rashmirathi instead of Mahabharata) Any and every feedback is welcome wrt the books chosen, layout, font, etc.
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>>615 Honestly I don't think there is a chart that encompasses Indian literature, and I don't think there is a single person alive who can claim to be an authority. There are so many languages in India, and literature is infamously difficult to translate.
>>615 Theyre meh. Couldve been better imho. Also request to jannies to pin this thread
>>619 no not right now, we will make a separate sticky thread and close the replies on that one so that only mod can post the messages we need to keep the sticky clean atleast
>>618 exactly, literature from the whole peninsula is extremely hard to capture and the chart kinda corner outs our lungi bros even the hinduism chart is kinda retarded
>>615 Naipaul is pretty good. But a very meh chart.

(188.79 KB 620x278 Untitled.png)
Gandhi as an author तिरस्कृत 10/02/2022 (Sun) 12:45:11 ID:c59eea No. 637 [Reply]
Those who've actually read Gandhi (instead of taking out-of-context excerpts and larping), what insights have you got? I'm not saying he was a pure-and-perfect guy, sure he has got some major flaws, but I hope that such discussion would be more beneficial and rewarding than the discussions on /b/ or on /pol/.
(205.14 KB 443x449 bald cat.png)
>>637 i would rather read harry potter than reading this guy and any books related to the same genre and era >>>/pol/ is gonna be your best guess unfortunately
>>637 Its been a while, since I read him, but his ideas don't connect with each other. One para gives one meaning then another gives another. He borrows heavily from tolstoy and others (which he admits himself). All in all, time wasted. My oldfag relatives told me, gandhi is a molesty fag, I would have saved time had I listened to them and not read Gandhi.

(7.76 KB 225x225 Untitled.png)
Hindi novel recs? 09/26/2022 (Mon) 12:01:06 ID:568075 No. 527 [Reply]
Guys any Hindi novel recs? I have heard of the usual like those of Dharmveer Bharati, Bhisham Saini, etc but I wanted a classic which is good for me as a beginner-hindi-reader. Thanks!
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>>527 गुनाहों का देवता या सूरज का सातवा घोड़ा इनमें से में कौन सा पढ़ू?
>>600 पहले सूरज का सातवा घोडा पढ़ो दोस्त |
>>601 धन्यवाद मित्र
>>556 ल्माओ कोप लिनुक्स भंगी
(995.86 KB 196x150 laughing fox.gif)

Anon 09/28/2022 (Wed) 09:19:30 ID:bd7705 No. 570 [Reply]
Mujhe ye pustak chahiye .Any haxor pyare anon please upload this for poor fag
>>570 bump
>>570 It's not available on public forums, I haven't checked MaM, BiB and IRC yet. Would've bought and uploaded it if I was interested in the book.
>>572 Also, use >>>/sa/
>>572 I have to backs last sem ,can't ask for mooney for this book from pitaji .Meroko dekaiti nahi karni h yaro ,get this book pleej >>573 Its not literature yaar ,its political . He literally named premji and tata like fags even some neeti ayog bhangis
(2.63 MB 585x596 kot drinks woter.gif)
>>574 ask some redditor to arrange it for you yaar, khud itni mehnat kyu karre ho