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Anyone read the Insider by former PM Narasimha Rao. I have read it. Its pretty crap with him shit talking his colleagues and making him look like a genius stuck with retards and goons.

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Sanskrit thread over at /rta/

I started a series of Daily वे॑द Quote threads over at >>>/rta/1934. I was debating posting it here but /rta/ is more fitting since all my quotes will be religious rather than general Sanskrit.

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हिंदी भाषा के नव्योत्तर काल (postmodernism) के बारे में जानना कहाॅं से शुरू करें? कुछ लेखक बता दें तो अच्छा होगा।

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Was raavan a bad guy fellow anons?

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Ted Kaczynski aka Unabomber's manifesto

I think this board deserves a thread for discussions related to Mr. teddy hence, use this thread to discuss Ted Kaczynski, his manifesto, his ideals, your views or queries regarding his ideas and anything related to the unabomber - >who is Ted Kaczynski Theodore John Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, is an American domestic terrorist and former mathematics professor. He was a mathematics prodigy, but abandoned his academic career to pursue a primitive life. - Resources :- soft copy: hard copy: online summary: audio book: - steal his vibe: thread theme:

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Note making system survey

I am not a very smart person, I cannot remember too many facts. So to get around this, I maintain notes religiously, this allows me to retain lot of knowledge whenever needed, do a quick study of a topic before I get to work on it etc. I have my own elaborate systems to do this (see pic rel). There are a many smart anons here. I want to know how Puranavid, Beyblade bengali, Fashy, Schizo and others manage their knowledge here. Do you guys have a system ? If so, then I would like to know all the details. Every autist detail, what works and why, why do you do things the way you do etc.

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WWOYM - Write What's On Your Mind

Trying to revive this stillborn board lmao Feel free to blog post as well, I think this is the best board for this thread

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Anyone here legitimately know Sanskrit? Native English speaker, here, and Sanskrit seems basically impossible. Hindi is already harder for me than Latin. pic unrelated, I just want a goldfish

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Plz dont shift to dead board jannie

How to learn sankrit

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is it bad idea to start reading "notes from underground" as my first philosophy book? if not please suggest me some books as a starter.

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have you taken the लुगदी साहित्य pill anon?

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Take the self-published हिंदी साहित्य pill anon!

for starters, i'm attaching a 140 page pdf book, this book is very interesting will get you hooked. give it a quick read. use tablet or big screen device for best reading experience.

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kaḥla sē

कृत्क्ष रुद्रा जिग्नेश कि पैर-भूमी से विग्नेश है। मन्न लाल हो के मिल रहा। दुआ घबरा कर जाग रही। दोपैहर के दो दिल दिखने लगे। ्् deliberate phonetic spelling to express regional accent. beauty in js earth bound feet emancipates evil. mind is met with red. hope befalls in terror. afternoon carries two hearts, to me

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A moment of silence for those who can't read this masterpiece because they don't know telugu. Also the prose style is extremely beautiful and I say this as someone who reads litshit in 5 languages

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Do you read books? Have you read picrel? I am nearing the end, reading about Tipu Sultan. How he converted Hindu men and did unspeakable stuff to their women counterpart. Why is our history full of us being persecuted in our homes? NGL I kinda broke down while reading this book.

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Rickson Gracie - Breathe

Finished this book. Though I stopped practising martial arts, I love reading about how the masters got to where they are now. This is a biography. Since he is a man with supreme connection between body and mind, while my own relationship to my body is bad, I thought reading this would give me a different perspective. So far, the book really delivers. Highly recommend.

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Suggest me some western philosophy books for a beginner. Thanks

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Anyone reading western philosophy is a chuitya. Thank you.

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stack thread

Post your stacks and what you're reading. Currently a third of the way through the Kindly Ones - very good, I recc.

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Someone redpill me on this book. How scientific is this book and not filled with OIT we-wuzzing? Should I buy it? I know, he has used rigveda as a historical book but that's fine by me.

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Suggest me some books to become a good person. Not to impress anyone. Just to be happy inside.

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have you read this?

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I have begun to read picrel to start in /lit/'s nietzsche guide. I hope this will help me get a better philosophical perspective in life

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Can we have such a chart for Premchand?

Can we have such a chart for Premchand? I haven't read him that much. Someone who has read all (or at least most) of his novels, please suggest your views.

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Gandhi as an author

Those who've actually read Gandhi (instead of taking out-of-context excerpts and larping), what insights have you got? I'm not saying he was a pure-and-perfect guy, sure he has got some major flaws, but I hope that such discussion would be more beneficial and rewarding than the discussions on /b/ or on /pol/.

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/phil/-philosphy general

is philosphy a derivative of religion or it is other way around ? what are you reading in philosphy ? >picrel.

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welcome to THE inch writing general. post your future literary endeavours of all types, because you probably won't be posting it amywhere else anyway. main langauage used in this thread is english, so at least try to post translations along with your work/ideas so others can also understand and participate. new(book)fags and reviewers welcome to walk in. --- (the 4ch writing pastebin) ---- For General Writing >The Rhetoric of Fiction, Booth >Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft, Burroway >Steering the Craft, Le Guin >The Anatomy of Story, Truby >How Fiction Works, Wood YouTube Playlists for Writing > Robert Butler > Technical Aspects of Writing >Garner's Modern English Usage, Garner >What Editors Do: The Art, Craft, and Business of Book Editing, Ginna >Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style, Tufte Books Analyzing Literature >Poetics, Aristotle >Hero With a Thousand Faces, Campbell >The Art Of Dramatic Writing: Its Basis in the Creative Interpretation of Human Motives, Egri >The Weekend Novelist, Ray Note to anyone posting a sample of your writing for critique: >GIT GUD Traditional Publishing Pros: >you get to focus mostly on writing >you must write a proposal to the publishers and sell your story to them >you make 10-15% profit max, but they also eat all the risk and the costs >self publishing is basically like running your own company >you only need to do some simple marketing and reach out to readers Cons: >you make 10-15% profit max >self publishing you make 70%+ >they’ll still require you to do all the leg work of a self published author anyways Finding Agents > > Self Publishing Options > > > > > > Self Publishing How-To >risky, but much more profitable >you must pay for everything yourself >if you do, you will spend more time on running a business than writing, but can be worth it > Poetry >This Craft of Verse, Borges >The Poetry Home Repair Manual, Kooser >Western Wind: An Introduction to Poetry, Mason Anime Writing (^・o・^) > > For advertising >>>/biz/ AI-generated book covers > > > > > /wg/ Authors and Flash Fiction Pastebin >

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/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General no resources edition

Sorry for the lack of resources, will figure something out later. Just finished Neuromancer, good book. Although - what the fuck was the ending?

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Favorite excerpts

ITT we post our favorite extracts from different books

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/sa/ starter kit version 1

So guys, I've made the first version of the /sahitya/ starter kit. The aim of it is to guide the newbies towards the choice of literature we deem important. Books of almost every era is chosen, in a way that they become a good introduction not only to their authors but also to the movements/eras that the authors hail from. (Note that I could've chosen the OG 2 epics, but I didn't as they would've been hard for a newbie. Though I've put Rashmirathi instead of Mahabharata) Any and every feedback is welcome wrt the books chosen, layout, font, etc.

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Guys any Hindi novel recs? I have heard of the usual like those of Dharmveer Bharati, Bhisham Saini, etc but I wanted a classic which is good for me as a beginner-hindi-reader. Thanks!

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Mujhe ye pustak chahiye .Any haxor pyare anon please upload this for poor fag

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Someone please preorder it .I can't wait and I am gareeb zoomer bhangi

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/sa/ charts discussion /thread1/

I'm thinking to make one-or-two /sa/ charts. The problem is that I haven't read any Indian book before (except 1 or 2 Ruskin Bond books and some Hindi short stories/poems). The charts will be made in this order:- 1. /sa/ Starter Kit (for a newbie) 2. /sa/ Darshan Shastra (for philosophical books) Tell me which books to include. Any language: Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Indian English, etc., which you deem a classic/outstanding enough to be in the charts. Note: Maximum 10 books per chart only.

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Has Indian corporate hijacked hobbies?

<rant> CS/Stem-bhangis of InCh, do you get time to read genuine literature when you're home after toiling 69 hours a day? Or do you just watch tv and eat and sleep, effectively rotting away your brain? Do you have intellectual-strength to do stuff derided as "humanities hahahah" by lowly chamaars while you're doing a "STEM" job? ? </rant>

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ebook piracy

suggest some sites to download hindi ebooks in .epub format. (i hate pdf, thanks)

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/हिं/ - पहला संस्करण

किसी भी हिंदी साहित्य-सम्बंधित सामान्य चर्चा का यहाँ स्वागत है। इस संस्करण का मुख्य विषय है ऐसी उत्कृष्ट पुस्तकें, जो इस बोर्ड के हर नौसिखिये को पढ़नी चाहिए। मुद्दा यही है कि हम अपनी ख़ुद की हिंदी साहित्य की ऐसी सूची (लिस्ट) बनाए जो हर किसी को पढ़नी चाहिए। कृपया सिर्फ देवनागरी (या अगर सख्त़ ज़रूरत हो, तो नस्तालिक़) लिपि का प्रयोग करें। गूगल इनपुट टूल्स अन्य भारतीय भाषाओं के लिए: रेखता, एक डिजिटल पुस्तक संग्रह हिन्दुस्तानी शेर व शायरी के लिए: कृपया अपने ग़ैर-ज़रूरी राजनैतिक विचार यहाँ न लायें, सिवाय राजनैतिक साहित्य।

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हिंदी साहित्य के महान कवि, लेखक रामधारी सिंह दिनकर की आज जंयती है। उनका जन्म 23 सितंबर, 1908 को बिहार के बेगूसराय में हुआ था। वीर रस के कवि दिनकर की रचनाओं के कारण उन्हें युग-चारण और काल-चारण की संज्ञा दी गई। उनकी जन्म जयंती पर नमन🙏🏻💐

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Somebody please write this fanfic for me. Feluda (Pradosh Mitter) murder mystery story where the villain is an artsy photographer white woman who looks like Kalki Koechlin. She tries to seduce Feluda but Feluda resists her flirtations and finds out she is the killer.

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How many pages you read per day? Do you read pdf/epub or physical copy? How many hours you spend per day reading books? What type of books you read? What change do you feel after you started to read books? Answer in this order >Inb4 serious answers only trollers btfo

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Local Library Thread

What's your favorite nearby library? It seems like public libraries in India are a complete state. I usually go to the Asiatic Society library which has roughly everything you could ask for, but it isn't the kind where you can borrow. Also doesn't have much that's in other languages. The other libraries usually end up being college libraries or reading rooms with zero selection. What's the situation in your city?

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Yoga Sutra

what translation of the Yoga Sutras would you recommend? I tried looking elsewhere but most recommend (((indologist))) translations

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/his/ - History General - 75 Years of Dindustan Edition

Let's discuss Indian history. Post books you consider essential for any reasonable reading of recent Indian history and broad culture. Books that reflect on different aspects of the last 75 years are particularly welcome - from sports to entertainment to education to the economy. Included Six Glorious Epochs so newfags can have a more colorful introduction to broader Indian history.

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Sanskrit courses

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I wanna know my rights

So lawyerbros and my pyaare anons, can you suggest me books or websites or something which can brief me about laws and rights in India. I want to be well versed of the things i can do and cant in daily life

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/sa/ reads The Metamorphosis - Starting from 28/8/22

Its the first /sa/ reads thread so i have decided to use a short book, use this thread to recommend other books and future prospects of these threads No the book won't be changed, you can recommend your book and we will add it in the next strawpoll as its just a matter of 3 days - >day 1 - 28/8/22 chapter 1, page 2-18 >day 2 - 29/8/22 chapter 2, page 19-36 >day 3 - 30/8/22 chapter 3, page 37-54

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JT- Japanese thread

This is a thread for learning japanese language Guide: Lets learn japanese together

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 5 Free open source library about bharatiya samrajya .Your welcome

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Why was he like this ?

ah geez, it's so hot in here like man, I'm sweating bullets right now. Like dude, your honor, it was so fucking hot I had no choice but to randomly kill that guy. Bro it's so fucking hot in this courtroom. Fuck man, I'm sweating all over the place right now

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The poems of Tolkien

since im a fantasy fag, i was really influenced by the way Tolkien used poems in his works to explain the lore and scene in a much more creative and condensed form Hence we post and discuss the poems of Tolkien

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/sa/ what you reading general

Hello sirs, trying to make a sa general thread. Post what you're reading.

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out of adoration of what's to come

तिथ‌ खुलि खुद आज आग से सुरीली मिलके आज दिन पर दिन धूप बदली कोयले की खान से निकलके साख

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पुरानी कॉमिक्स सूत

आधारित जैनीस । हम यहा पे पुराने हिंदी कॉमिक्स के बारे मे वाद करेंगे । ऑफिसियल वेबसाइट । मै सोच रहा नागराज के कॉमिक्स पढु फिरसे ।

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American History Thread

Post good books similar to these

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>admin creates /sa/ board after much begging >/sa/ board almost completely dead within 2 days Many such cases. Also, what is the Inch equivalent of picrel?

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New trial board

What are you reading, anons?

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Congratulations yaar( /lit/ poster anon)you achieved what I tried to do with /bio/ on last inch hope this board doesn't endup like /man/ even tho I don't have much interest in books as some of you since i already have alot of med syllabus but sometimes I will post good content here so that this board doesn't endup like /stem/.

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Sahitya board but where is my anime board Anime >Sahitya

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Indology thread

Post good books similar to these

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Thus spoke zarathustra

I tell you: one must still have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star. I tell you: ye have still chaos in you.