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WWOYM - Write What's On Your Mind Anon 09/13/2022 (Tue) 02:08:55 ID:e38159 No. 385
Trying to revive this stillborn board lmao Feel free to blog post as well, I think this is the best board for this thread
>>1039 I'd rather not get into details here, but i have a background in cybersec.
>>1040 hacker spotted yaro maro sale ko
>>1040 Its a very weird approach in the script to include all the files on the ftp servers. Is it your script ?
>>1050 nah, it's a random script i found online. pretty poor code but it's free
I've returned sirs. Things are a bit better in life but I still feel I need to figure out what the hell I'm doing in life. I'm going to follow Germanons advice - I'll post pretty infrequently but they will be long and insightful on things I like. First one will be in quite awhile and probably be a discussion on Mishima - obviously going on /sa/ Hope you guys are doing well.
>>1203 If you made the posts about illegal businesses, you should read who painted my money white. It will explain a lot to you.
>>1211 Had another big health issue. Almost died this time. No more alcohol for me, no more fried food etc. My own bad habits are coming back to haunt me. Its not cold here atm, temps around 10. But Europe is about to see a massive and deadly winter, as is India. The storm over USA should move on. People making fun of USA for freezing will be ones freezing soon, if they data so far is correct. Germans are rebelling in very large numbers, there are protests regularly against German governments suicidal moves , both economic and in Ukraine. No media coverage naturally. Meanwhile we are flooded with Ukranain women, anons here will coom to any living hole, but it is really sad to see so many broken women, who just lost the men in their lives. Ukraine is country 404. All expensive NATO weaponry useless against basic strategy.
>>1211 Job wise, I am very confused as well. Told by my well wishers to stay in research, but I have no clue but research is corrupt and not very rewarding. Changing my field is one option, which lot of people do. The other is just to not go back.
>>1203 That's what I try to do too anon. Best wishes and sending lots of love your way bhaijaan
>>385 Began college in November. Its the same rat race as pregnancy the only difference is that they want to achieve *insert number* *insert commodity* *insert exam/corporation name* after 4 years. Nobody is interested in actually studying the syllabus, everyone just wants to pass the college exams. Somehow all seniors we talk to have a 8 CGPA I tried joining a book club but nobody is interested in that, or any club or society that wont look good in a resume.
>>1219 Sad. Nothings changed. Go with book club. Rat race leads to rat life. Investing in yourself keads to freedom
(1.65 MB 720x900 baby cow.webm)
>>1219 >>1220 I might be able to help. I noticed the same thing as well, so I just started intensive self study to compensate for a very boring syllabus. Look at old authors/historians, the required reading would melt most students now. In particular I read the collection of essays by Gaddis, some anecdotes on Ion Antonescu's uncle regarding the syllabus he taught at Romanian universities, comments made about Deng Xiaopings memory, and the recommended reading for some ivy league schools. They're all extremely broad with gargantuan booklists, but I think that it's necessary to create brilliant students. With the dawn of AI and the large role it will likely play in essay writing in the next five or so years, in class discussion and a really thorough understanding of history (through a more theoretical and analysis approach versus the very lazy research focus now) will become the staple of successful history programs in my opinion. I've decided to construct an extremely difficult Cold War course for my use in the future. Dozens of books and likely hundreds of articles, and possibly a novel length section of notes to accompany them. I really hope I end up getting a teaching position for that course, but Western academia is in a really bad state right now. Will make a long post in the future discussing it.
>>1221 Happy New Year to all /sahitya fags. >>1222 I did something similar, but for science to make up for my shitty engineering curiculam. Did not help with CGPA at all, but in everything else it was amazing.
>>1263 I want to do this too, just to understand the concepts I know I wont get anywhere with it, but I want to. Wont help in CGPA either, I used to wonder how do reservation enjoyers compete with upper cast cucks in college, now I realised its just like your bloody board exams.
>>1265 I hate lc fags yaar. Im not high caste myself. But lc fags never go beyond being victims in govt collages. They dont participate in tech fests or placements. Only in being victims.
>>1217 Tell me more anon, I am in first year of engineering split between a job and going into research Want to know better about both fields
>>1281 Real advice, do what comes easier to you. Research path - Bsc/Btech -> Msc -> PhD/Research job as technician. You make publications, or make tools for scientists who publish. Work is slow and deliberate. Pay scale depends on where you work and how many publications you have. Job route can be anything. Bachelors then job. Or do a masters and get a specialized job. Or don't graduate, develop independent skills and get a job. Or do internships and convert those into a job. Either way, you need to invest in practical and scientific skills in an area of your interest. Don't rely on mass placements.
I am finally settled into a new position. The work is pure 9-5 so I get enough sleep and rest. Work is not light, but compared to my previous role its a joke. Had 2 days of dates with gf outside the city in a dairy farm with fresh cheese and milk, after a long time and we enjoyed ourselves a lot and the fresh air helped a lot. some senior researchers suggested, I change my focus area and get back into research, I am thinking about that, but overall I am sick of the field and the pretensions that come with it. Thinking to do a thread on self education on stem, but the replies on this website have been consistently getting bad. Luckily SA has been good.
>>1318 that's cool anon, are you satisfied with your research? are you working on discovering something new, or just writing thesis papers expanding on previously known topics? >the replies on this website are constantly getting bad yeah, but don't let that deter you. just use the 'filter by id' option to block out all the redditors. I will appreciate that thread, looking forward to it
>>1323 There is no simple answer to it, my work was very satisfying. I minimized teaching duties, I hate interacting with most students. But despite that, there is lot of other work which disturbs me from the main work. Additionally, there are lot of other pressures that are entirely un necessary. > are you working on discovering something new, or just writing thesis papers expanding on previously known topics? I was working on some bleeding edge technology, now I am thinking to write papers that are basically the applications of these advances. > I will appreciate that thread, looking forward to it I am still thinking what direction to give it.
>>1363 Germanon, I'm asking you since you seem to have a lot more experience than most of us here (I think the site skews to a younger demographic) but anyone can comment. Are Indian women living abroad randis? Honestly, in all my experience they haven't been and are probably the most conservative group regarding sex that I've interacted with, and this seems to be backed up by a study I found online (will link if of interest to any of you guys) However, it seems to be a recurring meme that pajeetas sleep around etc. I've literally never seen this, but I grew up in a Catholic neighbourhood and there were only two other Indians at my High School (both Goan so they borderline don't count) and my uni is in a small town with basically no Indians. The only real interaction I had with Indian girls was through my ex, although she was pretty conservative initially and I think put on a bit of an act so that I would be interested in her. What do you guys think?
>>1384 it doesn't matter mate, every demographic has all kinds of people, you should not care about randos that don't matter to you. and generalizing an entire group of people is not a wise thing to do
>>1384 Its not a simple answer 1. Pajeetas who came here to study There are actually smart women, who actually leave because they deserve better education. These kind are no nonsense. 2. Pajeetas who came here to "study" Though a minority, these ones are the most visible and contribute to the cliche about pajeeta's being randi's. Best to stay away from them in general. They always bring more drama than is necessary and the benefits of sleeping with them are overrated at best. 3. 2nd, 3rd gen desi diaspora Usually conservatives, they fool around with whites if they have identity issues. Common in sikh and bengali diaspora. Catholic diaspora is filled with extremes, either very conservative girls or the ones who have multiple abortions before they hit 27. >it doesn't matter mate, every demographic has all kinds of people, you should not care about randos that don't matter to you This is very wise advice honestly. In dating/marriage, you need to be right once, you need not care if the demographic is good or bad otherwise. So its better to focus on the individual and if they fit your personality. Additionally - Sex usually sucks if you have no emotional connect with a person. Apart from girls with psychological issues, most others (including the nymphs) know this and prefer to bond with a partner instead of having sex like supermarket microwave meals.
Another general tip 1. People by default larp liberalism because it is the dominant social meme. But by default people are conservative, in order to preserve the benefits and social status they are born into. 2. In general, people will always choose more freedom and more mobility, even if they do nothing with it, they want the option to be able to do something if they want.
>>1390 Germanon, is the girl you're with desi or a gori? Seriously thinking I'll just date goris from now on tbh.
>>1395 Im dating a non Indian. Reason i dont specify more is that it makes me very doxxable. My gf is far from normal gori though and a huge source of sanity and support. But my appraoch to dating was quiet clear from day 1, that helpef me avoid lot of bullshit. Go on lot of dates. Make them something engaging, not basic conversation. You will judge her vetter using reactions to situations as opposed to conversations where both of you try to look good. Keep a list of non negotiables. Any girl who fails on these is rejected.
>>1396 My ex has fucked me up so bad yar. I think I'll just date a gori, desi girls nowadays carry so much baggage and spend four months of the year in india. Oh well.
>>1483 Wont be posting much here. Will start another whats on your mind thread on 8ch
>>1484 is it any good ?
>>1501 hi puranvid.
(26.76 KB 622x611 uwu.jpg)
>>1504 hi baby
>>1506 Please Pull the Plug (PPP) already pyare.
>>1507 I think it's been blacklisted, I literally can't find it anymore.
>>1523 thank you anon
>>1501 Not infested with teenagers. So yes i like it so far. The users are good and posts so far are sensible and well thought. This site has become a repition of same tropes, i find it annoying now.
>>1527 I don't like 8chan since there is porn on the board. I agree that the post quality here is a lot worse than on the prievious InCh. I miss the Kanglus, since they made threads more interesting. Tired of seeing the same kanging and incel threads everyday.
>>1528 you can hide the porn threads by clicking on the small arrow and selecting "hide post"
>>1529 It's too late. I saw something fucking revolting (the one with the marbles) My god.
>>1532 no offense but you should learn to ignore and filter threads that you do not like. Also, do not let unrelated threads distract you from the other informative threads on the board. Looking forward to see you there
>>1533 Itna kya dalaali kar raha hai 8ch ki... smfh
>>1533 you are glowing sirs
>>1540 bit rich coming from an indiachan.io poster
(135.52 KB 371x353 intresting.png)
>>1541 you gave the exact same reply to someone on /b/ too why are you shilling 8c on here so much ?
Sahitya could totally be off inch and somewhere else if the 10-12 users could move there.
>>1554 Nahi ho payega. Totally not possible. Our community could have thrived on /lit/ but those bastards have IP banned every single Indian...
>>1555 it's so easy to bypass 4cuck bans. >>1554 true, 8ch is the best option right now, I don't think any other boards have significant indian presence
>>1556 > it's so easy to bypass 4cuck bans How? Pls tell
>>1557 how about you grow a braincell and start figuring things out by yourself? Fucking nufag
>>1558 have tried basically everything from paid to free VPN, Tor browsers too, nothing works.