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WWOYM - Write What's On Your Mind Anon 09/13/2022 (Tue) 02:08:55 ID:e38159 No. 385
Trying to revive this stillborn board lmao Feel free to blog post as well, I think this is the best board for this thread
>>462 Thanks yaro. Yeah, the day I posted I literally went for two days on maybe an hour of sleep. I'll see if I can use edibles, but I don't wanna get in trouble. >>456 It's kind of sweet you still care a bit. You made a decision though, and you can't live your life in doubt. You have to push forward even though it's hard.
>>463 Any updates on sleep ? Tao te ching audiobook used to help me sleep.
>>466 Sleep is okay now yaro, still taking the sleeping pill I was on instead of going cold turkey. I'm doing alright on half the dose (now taking a quarter of what I was prescribed) Going to try and ween off of it in the next month or so. Problem is I'm living in a dorm and so noise etc. is very unpredictable. I hate the idea of being reliant on a chemical though so I'm trying to stop both these pills and coffee.
>>467 Noise cancelling headphones and sleeping mask to cover your eyes. No need to get cutting edge digital stuff either, get a construction one if you don't want audio, or buy HD280's if you want audio too. A good sleeping mask will last you forever too.
The point of a board like sahitya should be slow but meaningful replies. Other boards, for the sake of fast replies are filled with bait'ers and retards, entire conversations that are paid for by rusty and not really any more meaningful than people abusing each other.
>>472 exactly
>>471 >construction earmuffs How did I not think of this. Thanks yar.
Have to work late on Friday to finish admin stuff, then have to work on the weekend to finish a paper. Life feels like endless list of work with small pauses in between. Sometimes I hate it, but not being productive also bothers me. I feel guilty that my hobbies are getting left behind.
>>494 >I feel guilty that my hobbies are getting left behind same, I just picked up a really good book on mycology but daily tasks and studyceling is seriously melting my brain away, I am not ignoring my studies yet I'm internally guilty about something that I'm not even aware about
>>420 >A woman's political opinions are kind of irrelevant tbh. You should just look for someone who is a good partner. I agree, it's not so much politics I'm concerned about as lifestyle. I plan to live on a farm, conduct twice-daily Vedic sacrifices (which require the wife's participation), ride horses, etc. Not something most women are looking for these days. :( >>472 >Rusty When will पुराणवि꣡द् ever get credit for his work...
(30.81 KB 720x517 niccbzky7kj91.jpg)
>>497 A womans political opinions matter a lot more than the mans if you plan to have kids especially. Idk who these guys are, internet communities are not real for me. Either way, i toast the site owner. InCh is comfy.
>>498 >A womans political opinions matter a lot more than the mans if you plan to have kids especially. this guy knows it and btw puranavid is the creator of this new inch, rusty was the owner of the previous one
(46.43 KB 736x546 1664173117751580.jpg)
Im pretty sure if someone posted seepee on this board it would still take atleast 2 days for someone to notice, I just wish there were just a little more no. anons here
>>505 Is this stuff discussed on the Groomcord ? I personally think it kills the point of anonymous image boards.
>>536 nope, it's discussed many times on /b/ and /pol/ or any other board frequently
I finally did enough work to get a break. Now that I have the break, I feel weird about not working. Even though my body is crying for some rest. I am going to miss Diwali again this year, I wish I was with friend s bursting crackers back home. Instead there will be few candles in my home for Diwali and my small puja and no crackers. Festivals are really really underrated.
Suggest some crime thrillers(preferably with a killer plot twist). I've read Christie's catalogue.
(504.61 KB 1920x1080 1663096094744412.gif)
>>548 uhh... I don't know much about this genere but wasp factory has a crime theme and it also had a major plot twist at the end or you could always go to the charts arranged on the fandom site of 4chan/lit/
>>498 >A womans political opinions matter a lot more than the mans if you plan to have kids especially Explain. I just meant it in that women rarely think of anything political for themselves. Easiest way to get woman to leave at social events is for the men to start discussing politics.
(177.25 KB 1024x1024 cat chad.jpg)
>>385 just like humans, the AI too managed to fuck up the fingers in OP's image
(30.05 KB 492x557 quite esoteric.jpg)
>>547 diwali is already here and 2022 is walking in its last phases already time flows too fast
>>560 It gets worse the closer you look. It has a lot of trouble with eyes as well.
>>558 Most kids I know, got their culture and beliefs more from their mother than their father. Just because most women don't show their opinions, does not mean they don't act on them. Make no mistake anon, women are really powerful. >>561 Makes me sad. How time is running fast and I am running towards my death.
>>576 I live in a Catholic ghetto so women rarely speak about politics.
>>576 Take a break every once in awhile yar. Do something that makes you happy. Life's too short to be doing shit you don't like.
(48.67 KB 834x900 oomer.jpg)
another day of whining about this board's traffic i have blocked every board except /sa/ otherwise i would have shilled it to oblivion on every other boards
(178.53 KB 1000x340 andromeda great.jpg)
>>385 im trying to decipher a mixture of few psychedelics and lysergamides to make a perfect analysis enhancement recipe to further work on my overanalyzing project reading books on pscyhs can be a pretty traumatic event but an equally rewarding one if you know how to control yourself and your environment last time a similar event happened it was with a fucking maths book and it was literally a blissful moment to understand everything at a much higher state of mind provided how ded im at maths im gonna fucking do it again also what happened to the unabomber thread ? i was eagerly observing it i don't even know if i make any sense
>>579 I know yar. The board is dead, I'll make a sci fi thread once I finish Neuromancer.
>>582 >Neuromancer. fucking based book, are you finding some trouble in reading it too ?
>>584 Yeah, it's tricky. I think that's part of the charm, not many books put so much effort in creating an entire world.
>>585 well keep going i honestly had to read it twice to get the true essence
>>581 schizoposting
(3.07 MB 2195x1600 1664470088768133.jpg)
since when did people started associating us with bug mentality people the country which gave us countless literature works, the country which gave us countless philosophical pieces, the country which gave us the oldest and one of the most complex religion and the country home to countless of ancient wonders of engineering and marble work is now being associated with mindless bug people with no respect for creativity, culture and traditionalism why is this happening ? do you think the situation would become worse ? should we focus more on culture preservation of this country or should we let the (((leaders))) of this country take us where they want ? We sure are progressing but would we ever recover from the massive globohomo kick that the industrialization would give us ?
>>623 Most of it is online. A lot of whites, at least where I live, have a pretty neutral to positive view of Indians. >We sure are progressing but would we ever recover from the massive globohomo kick that the industrialization would give us ? Have to be careful what I post here, but there are good examples of countries industrializing without all the hangon effects. Political system =/= Economic system =/= Culture They certainly help and compliment each other, but disparate combinations are possible - authoritarian capitalism, democratic socialism, etc. Responsible capitalist development is possible. Is the BJP the one to do it? Unlikely, sadly. Waiting for a better option.
>>626 i sure hope it only remains online because the exponential growth in the technological sector is no doubt going to affect our culture and identity in walking life too i sense the same energy in atheism and modernism that i smell in buddhism and abrahamism of the ancient ages i just pray and hope we don't suffer another blow or remain weak enough to not get up after the eventual blow that this century will give us
(6.71 KB 452x71 abhramic religions.png)
>>626 >Is the BJP the one to do it? Unlikely, sadly. Waiting for a better option. BJP sure carved a pathway but is definitely not going to be enough to reach the destination
observing the absolute state of other boards on this chan makes me pretty happy that one of our objective of filtering out the useless coomers and schizo was actually successful i opened /b/ after a long time and fuck sake people really are pure cancer there hope this place doesn't eventually dies
>>633 Harr chan ka yei haal h. The sanest of the boards in every chan is usually the literature board.
>>626 >>627 Is it just or I think that Indians need something civilization ending like what the jews faced to finally wake up ? Something so bad that it finishes most of us and forces rest of us to think. >>628 BJP will give rise to a more kattar party for sure. I can already see leaders not satisfied with how coy the party is related to Hindu issues.
>>577 lol. >>578 Yeah, I am going through a solid spiritual crisis at the moment. Might as well mention it here. I had a very old mentor when I started here, who mentored me and basically was the reason I am here. During COVID he died and I took over, a new boss was hired and she basically didn't like my research. So now I shifted my work domain, while my new colleagues are great and so is the pay. My old mentor was the old school post ww2 German. Very hard working guy, actually thought through first principles. Published only once in every 3-5 years but his papers were actually adding value instead of the once in 6 months paper, that adds a drop of value. My mind is not in it. I do my work brainlessly. I hate the students too. Esp the Indians that come, most of them have Karan Johar dreams in life. Part of me wants to be back to India, because there is a lot of work that needs to be done there. But the practical aspects of it are different. All in all, I am too distracted by the superficial aspects. Mainly, I need to find and live my passion again. I am already back in Ted K mode and looking forward to the translation task.
(161.21 KB 894x894 agni_by_ch28_de3p2ip-pre.jpg)
>>640 >Something so bad that it finishes most of us and forces rest of us to think. full fledged riots shall take place so that the ones sitting on the top of ladder gets to taste the poison of modernism too the eradication of cucks and low self esteemed people from hinduism is necessary and people need to be redpilled about the dangers of modernism and the value that ancient india possessed this is the century that's ultimately gonna write our fate for sure, either we become the shameful shadow of a culture once towering over every civilization in the world or we reject the mlecchas and rebuild the glory of our ancestors from the mere base itself im sorry if it may sound a little harsh but we desperately need to rise over the caste system but they themselves will never let us, i can see the problem that our vedic gurus faced during the spread of buddhism in india and why caste system was so rampant during those times
>>581 Drugs will not help you solve your problems, anon. >>643 I can understand getting rid of जाति, but the चतुर्वर्ण is foundational to Indian civilization. Only ब्राह्मणs can be priests, only क्षत्रियs can be rulers, and only those two and वैश्यs can be द्विजs. Do whatever else you want with the caste system, I don't care what happens in the profane sphere. I don't propose any restrictions on who can study what, who can work as what—but just keep the priesthood (religious sphere) intact and make the ruler a क्षत्रिय. That is all I ask of the reformers. Otherwise you aren't preserving anything at all, you don't care about the वेदs or Indian civilization.
>>643 Id even say next 2-3 decades. If we don't start in the next 5 years, its already too late. >>646 I don't think societal organization is essential practice to hinduism. I do agree about roles based on merit and this identity based on merit. But in the increasingly digital world, I don't really know how it can be implemented. What do you think of Balaji's education plan ? You solve online problems , which serves as a proof of your skill and companies hire you on that basis.
>>647 >I don't think societal organization is essential practice to hinduism. The चतुर्वर्ण is. The definition of a Hindu, the only meaningful definition that's different from "Indian" and that distinguishes Hinduism from its Buddhist and Jain rivals, is one who in some way accepts the वेदs as a religious text. And contrary to the assertions of Hindutva, the birth-based (not merit-based) चतुर्वर्ण is part and parcel of the वेदs; there is no Hinduism without the caste system. The medieval idea of the caste system where जाति is fixed, and the son of a shoemaker must be a shoemaker and only marry a shoemaker, has no basis in the वेद; at least there you and I can agree. Outside of the priesthood and ruling class, I don't mind things being merit-based. I haven't read about Balaji's plan, I'll have to research it more.
(338.87 KB 648x438 wordcels.png)
>>646 i honestly agree tbh but the point is how do we spread our ideas to the illiterate and unwilling ? or do we discard them completely ? keep vedic hinduism aside for a sec but even the puranic hinduism is in danger in the current times the western shills have successfully managed to subvert a massive population to absolutely loathe their past and i don't think people would be ready for a unification based on vedism so easily
>>648 I need to read more to make any meaningful comment on this. But thank you for your meaningful answer anon.
>>577 Atleast in Hindu women I find it to be true, that they install the culture and politics in boys and even girls. The male name is inherited, but the women guides other values.
>>649 My stance is that we never will spread our ideas to the masses. The vast majority of people are too far sunk into Sklavenmoral and modernism ever to be able to appreciate ideas like martial spirit, the value of lineage, civilizational ethos, etc. (Perhaps it has always been this way. The masses never ruled society; even "democracy" was for élites and this is a good thing.) For example, "equality" under the law (e.g. between the sexes) is a cardinal value held by the vast majority of urban Indians, yet it's a distinctly western Enlightenment-era ideal that has only existed for a brief blip in human history. There is no ancient, traditional, or virtuous society in existence that has practiced the equality of the sexes, yet to go against that would be anathema to almost any modern Indian. What is the solution then, if convincing the masses will not work? We just need to convince a large enough group of élites of our values, and rule India forcibly from top-down similar to China. Still a difficult or borderline impossible task, but much less so than convincing the masses.
>>641 I know roughly how you feel. Academia is in it's death throes right now, even in the last few years I felt a sizeable shift and my enthusiasm drained with it. It's now full of busywork. the thing I thought was sacred has become like any other workplace, full of people who don't put any love into what they do and don't view as something seperate from the day to day. They drag their unoriginal and mundane ideas into the field and you have to work with them. The people who write articles for the sake of plumping up their CV, those who teach for the summers off, those who raise their hand to derail discussion, those who show up without having done any of the readings. Indian students have also gotten worse. While they're still nice, there is always this sort of snobbery that's depressing to interact with. Idk how many of them I've seen eat beef here. Not sure how things are where you are at, but a summer in India would be nice. You can live well enough on 1 or 2k a month, see places no tourists go to see, get a nice beachside hut in Karnataka or Gujarat and just chill. SEA is also nice and cheap with beautiful temples and hot weather. >>647 I think some massive change is necessary. That's why I always respect Communists, proper ones anyway - they always saw the need for a revolution and a radical departure from the way things were done to a state which they thought things should be done. Compare that to this society o gradual changes and you can understand the appeal. >>646 I'm not sure the usefulness of caste anymore. I think the benefits in modern society are too few and the detriments too numerous. The main issue isn't caste, its communalism and special interest group accumulation. >>648 I'm skeptical of simple test oriented applications. For some companies it might work but I think performing a function at a company is too varied a task for it's complexity to be captured in one format. CV's and recommendations are still super useful. Canadian companies have started rolling out personality tests here, giving me visions of big brother. >>652 That's why I don't believe in politics. Society should also be in the hands of the few. The masses have never changed since the dawn of time. Read the romans and you realize how little has changed in over 2000 years of recorded history. That is why Fascism is so interesting - it was a mass movement that was openly elitist. If anything of the sort were to happen in India it should be along the lines of the iron Guard in Romania. Same with the Roman form of government - an elected Republic that openly supported dictatorship when it was necessitated.
(982.13 KB 600x548 blin cat.gif)
i don't know if i should be thankful for this ability but its really hard for people to convince me i entered this blackpill hellhole right from its start with eggman and even fell down the rabbit hole but it brought absolutely 0 changes in my behavior of walking life i have browsed almost every degenerate site, imageboard, forums or anything similar for many years yet people can't tell and nor did these things ever affect me i have personally seen many of my acquaintances who literally fell to the bottom of these shitholes in just 6-7 months and now have based their entire personality around these lifestyles claiming to be blackpilled but i couldn't even find my types in there i was lonely and i still am, most probably will remain for the entirety of my life