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Hindutva resources megathread Anon 12/19/2022 (Mon) 13:28:11 ID:4570f9 No. 1163
post everything you know about hindunat/hindutva. Books and resources would be appreciated. shameless shill: #hindutva:matrix.org
>>1163 Hindutvafags if they could reas wouldn't be hindutvafags
>>1165 that's really witty of you, thanks for the burst of laughter. you may head back to >>>Kommunistkangingthread now
>>1163 Ordered this https://www.amazon.in/Hindutva-Origin-Evolution-Aravindan-Neelakandan/dp/9392209061/ Looking forward to it. https://savarkar.org/ https://library.bjp.org/ Are the best places to start imo. Sri Auribindo's work and Swami Vivekanad's depending on ones bent.
>>1167 looks good. post the pdf if you scan it
>>1167 post more books, literature and manifestos germanon. I'll be posting guides for online opsec, weapon building and riot action plans soon. Our brothers will need them to get rid of the leeches in the motherland
>>1177 I am busy with a personal project, but I will simply paste some good books here soon. Will keep this thread pinned.
>>1163 Read Benoy Kumar Sarkar.
This is a tough one. Lot of people confuse Hinduism and Hindutva. Hinduism is 5000+ years old, so it has lot of different philosophies and schools of practice. Not all of them are suited to modernity. More importantly, for someone busy with life and work, it is not possible to do a deep dive. Hindutva = Hindu + Tatva i.e. elements of Hindusim. I.e. Hinduism boiled to its basics.
Awakening Bharat Mata - Swapan Dasgupta A history of the non left and Hindutva in India. Very objective and well written book. Essential in my opinion to understand how we got here in terms of Hindutva, what different aspects could have been etc.
>>1209 I am busy with personal porjects nowadays, but will try to carve some time for it
>>1163 bump
>>1209 That's a bhajipao member faggot.
Another excellent book. Heavy but I would even call this the final redpill. >>1349 No. I do belong to other orgs that you might hate with all your heart though.
>>1350 I was talking Swapan Dasgupta.
>>1351 So what if he is ?
>>1163 savitridevi.org her works are meant for euro nazis, but her husbands were brahmin supremacists. Interesting insights
>>1163 https://www.jstor.org/stable/48676736 a far left publication, but it ends up benefiting us as it lists hindutva resources
No discussion on Hindutva will be complete without Bankim. Unfortunately non-bengalis can't enjoy his original works, but still I would suggest two of his essays: 1. Dharmatattva https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6072581-dharmatattva 2. Krishnacharitra https://www.amazon.in/Krishna-Charitra-Alo-Shome-ebook/dp/B0171PJI7W Of course you won't agree with everything, but I believe they should be read. Do listen to this talk. It gives a brief overview on his theory of 'Anushilan' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0B73yoJkGk
>>1465 Forgot to mention, 'Dharmatattva' and 'Anandamath' should be read in conjugation. The later can be thought of as a commentary on the former. Unfortunately 'Anandamath' looses it's beauty and charm in translation. I would recommend the translation by Aurobindo and his brother Barindra Ghosh.