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Anon 01/15/2023 (Sun) 16:24:46 ID:c7da63 No. 1442
Wait before you reply. This is not a thread to shit on Bhangalis or Bimarus, its a thread about picrel, how the fuck did this bitch even had the audacity to write this shit? And what has she even written in there, I don't want to subject myself to torture by reading the shit that she has shat.
>>1442 I like White Girls I will betray every Lundian get a Gori Mem
(44.23 KB 684x590 EcopaPrU8AMLEim.jpg)
>>1442 British ran the propaganda that bengalis are effeminate and aren't physically strong, unlike Brits. Brits used this as an excuse to rule over us; strong should rule over the weak. The book is on this topic. It was all propaganda though, probably because they feared bengalis. picrel.
>>1442 It's a book about what the British propagated and promoted that certain races where a certain way by disposition. Marathas and Rajputs were "warlike", Bengalis were "intellectual and effeminate", etc. Ofc this has no actual basis and was mostly just a result of circumstances and the British not understanding the importance of being intelligent as being perceived as manly in Bengali culture so that's why. Also, I don't think this author agrees with the sentiment, she probably disagrees
>>1445 I will like to read it, can someone provide pdf
>>1445 Given that this book is written by a Pajeeta, I don't know if she agrees or disagrees which is why I asked. >>1444 NGL makes sense.
>>1446 It's on libgen. And thanks to janny for shifting this to /sa/
>>1448 Libgen isn't working, provide link yaar
>>1442 Niigger chutiye. Its a critique of colonial historiography. Its not agreeing. Brainlet.
>>1447 >I asked Dont backtrack bc, 'how did she have this audacity" is not asking?