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Anon 01/19/2023 (Thu) 11:09:21 ID:c33af7 No. 1466
Watch this to understand IQ and why Civilisation is doomed. The book is more detailed and has all the data regarding the studies and stuff. https://youtu.be/mOqGXhn7YBA
Britain's IQ is projected to be 85 by the end of the century, listen to this video, it's very enlightening.
I have done enough research on IQ, fertility rates, migration and social trends, my conclusion is that, it's basically over for Civilisation. Today’s demographic decline has precedents in the hollowing-out of Hellenistic Greece after the Alexandrian conquests, and the decline of Rome several centuries later.
>>1466 send its ebook link
>>1469 Here you can download it, but i will suggest you watch the video first.
>>1470 thanks, but i will read the book first
Here is a link to a Telegram group with a lot of Top Tier Based Books https://t.me/based_books
>>1472 yaar download karke post karde /sa/ me, i don't use spyware
>>1473 Bohot saare books hai yaar. I Don't think they are bad links
>>1474 can you post the namelist in a paste at least? I can find the pdfs/epubs
>>1475 It's mostly Epubs
>>1476 cool, thanks. and based double dubs
Another book you guys should read
>>1466 >>1467 >>1468 >>1470 >>1472 >>1474 >>1476 >>1477 >>1479 >n-no goy you will read this bo-ook , y-you must believe in kikeQ
>>1480 Ok brainlet