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Anon 02/11/2023 (Sat) 12:47:43 ID:50a409 No. 1714
Rate what I've read
And these are the religious scriptures I have
lmao even
>>1714 Based read more western stuff tho
>>1714 >annihilation of caste kys bhangi. also, stop shitting this board up with your bookstagramming. go back to wherever you came from
>>1714 It's mid
>>1732 Or even below mid
(35.24 KB 554x554 images (69).jpeg)
>>1723 Sir I only bought it to read Ambedkar's View. It's very trash book. I regret to have wasted money on it. I'm upper caste btw sir.
>>1714 Only 2-3 books in that picture are valuable and high tier. Everything else is goyslop. >100 pages upanishads Advance more into them anon. Read them with Shankaracharya’s commentary. Again, don’t waste your time with western falsafa crap and obviously don’t waste your time reading goyslop.
>>1715 Bro please keep Qur'an on the top, it's disrespectful.
>>1920 cope musalbhangi
>>1920 quran mai to suar ki tatti aur bacon rakhenge.
>>1715 Reading the Qur'an translation is a injustice, it is recommended to learn Arabic to read Qur'an since translations can be misinterpreted easily. So instead of reading the Qur'an you should've started with hadiths like Sahih Bukhaari and Sahih Muslim.
>>1968 Well said, even Hindus don’t understand this. They read retarded translated verses, no wonder why their religion is shit
>>1968 he probably just has to laugh at the retardation and jerk off to the pedophilia
>>1968 >>1969 Shit is your religion abdool. Quran is a shit book
>>1988 This, quran is erotica at best.
>>1714 >black beauty Greatest English novel of 19th century
why you reading religious shit?