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ebook piracy Anon 08/24/2022 (Wed) 15:19:56 ID:51ba9d No. 177
suggest some sites to download hindi ebooks in .epub format. (i hate pdf, thanks)
>>177 https://1lib.com (it'll redirect you to a mirror most likely) https://libgen.li Basic sites, has most of the titles I need. If you can't find epub, keep chimping niggger. I just torrent the rest, but there's some books I'm planning to literally type out since I can't find a good digitization. I'll probably type out Diwan-e-Ghalib next week because literally the most influential book in Hindustani only has a few scans which look like trash on ereaders.
>>177 https://1lib.in started working again
I usually get all mine from z-lib.org, they have the best selection and they get books fairly soon after they're published.
>>183 1lib is just z-lib with a diff URL
>>185 1lib is down right now, just checked.
>>186 it's on and off, changing around the top level domain usually works for me
Just go to singlelogin.me and login to zlib It will automatically take you to a working instance
>>177 >>177 Bump for other sources including torrents and audiobooks.
>>177 I'll put it straight, it's hard to find good copies of Hindi books online. I have a library of at least 300-400 Hindi books and a good stack of literary magazines, I'll try scanning 2-3 a week.
>>217 हिंदी ई पुस्तकों मे कई बार शब्दों के बीच मात्राओं मे गोले बने होते हें । कोइ उपाय ? और, हम सब मिल कर एक पुस्तक कोष भी बना सकते हैं विभिन्न दुर्लभ पुस्तकों के लिये ।
(301.42 KB 1280x720 IMG_20220826_104603.jpg)
>>220 ई पुस्तक में इस प्रकार कि त्रुटियाँ हैं उपाय ?
>>221 क्या यह natively .mobi की फ़ाइल है, या तुमने कन्वर्ट किया है? बिलकुल पढ़ने में नहीं आ रही है
>>220 >हम सब मिल कर एक पुस्तक कोष भी बना सकते हैं विभिन्न दुर्लभ पुस्तकों के लिये शुरू से मेरा उद्देश्य यही था
>>180 https://1lib.in/book/6109076/b5c980 What is wrong with this version of deewan-e-ghalib?
>>225 It's a scan. Trying to read a scan on Kindle is miserable, unless you have the larger more expensive models. On top of which I have a physical copy anyway, so it makes even less sense squinting at a Kindle. I was kinda hoping to find a well typed version in Urdu, which also doesn't exist. I kinda get it if there isn't an eBook for lesser known obscure works, but the absence of Deewane Ghaalib is a testament to how Indians (and Pakistanis) really don't care about maintaining culture. . Welp if I just complained without doing it myself, I'd he a hypocrite adding to the problem. I've started work, it'll be done in a few days.
>>177 Private trackers like DT, myanonamouse are your best bet. Zlibrary and ligben are decent shouts. You can find some obscure stuff on irc channels (like irchighway.net). And there are many usenet indexers which offer ebooks. Sidenote: for very mainstream stuff, try pdfdrive.com
>>251 https://www.scribd.com/document/294474412/Deewan-e-Ghalib-May-1911-Lucknow It's a scan, but p good quality for android/windows reading
>>251 Try looking it up on rekhta.org, they dont have pdf's for download but they probably have the best avalible version with them.
>>177 Internet archive 1lib libgen, look for mega links and torrents
(10.96 KB 259x194 boomboombooomer.jpeg)
maa ke laude zoomers, in bhosdiwalo ko dhang se pirating bhi nahi aati. humaare jamaane me humlog UC web or Craxme forum pe ebooks share/upload kiya karte the. >t. internet boomer
>>384 Literally have access to pvt trackers >>367 , I bet your boomer ass doesn't know shit bout them but still claims to be xxxpirategod420xx
>>384 There was this bengali piracy forum I used to hangout on. I can't even remember the name now, but it was pretty based for a while. big files used to be split in 10 rar files and so on. Ebook selection was limited but well curated.
>>221 You're probably using the mobi converter in zlib, I'd suggest using a different converter.