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New trial board Admin Board owner 08/19/2022 (Fri) 18:31:36 ID:996aad No. 2
What are you reading, anons?
Desi incest sex stories
(24.05 KB 314x475 learning hinti.jpeg)
>>2 Apni College ki kitaabe aur kya sabka Baap America mein kaam nahi karta tere baap ki tarhe
>>2 I am reading how to seduce tamil aunties erotica on literotica. Beware puranavid.
>>8 Keked
>>2 based admin boss doing the needful, it's night time so I won't post kuch भारी शिटपोस्टिंग कल जारी रहेगी
>>2 I am reading how to become a Jannie. So far I have read the main section of toilet cleaning tech. Next chapter is taking 22 inch rod in my anus without lube
>>12 I am reading tamil literature and tamil history btw so that i can be good friends with puranavid.
>>13 were you fighting with redditards for lowering the age of marriage in r/jeeneetcels? And btw I thought you didn't read any literature and was only a stemcel, nice to see you don't bound yourself
>>2 Planning to continue The Republic
>>14 Yes I was fighting with them that day about marriage age being 18 and personal choice of marrying at 18 and today about alakh sir being based(they were abusing alakh sir) >And btw I thought you didn't read any literature and was only a stemcel, nice to see you don't bound yourself Without literature you cannot gain motivation for stem
(196.56 KB 1250x1913 cover.jpg)
Finished five languages of love, you can find an audio version on youtube easily. Kind of gay, basically relationships for autists. Going to start picrel, kind of a redpill book.
>>2 nothung
>>2 Just finished Speaking Bones by Ken Liu, so I just started Razzmatazz by Christopher Moore. Pretty good so far.
>>2 बेस्ड, मै संस्कृत स्वयं शिक्षक से संस्कृत सीख रहा ।
(833.03 KB 602x910 संस्कृत.png)
>>39 संबधित चीत्र ।
स्थागित कल
>>40 बसेद्
>>7 >>3 Link bhej
(67.71 KB 750x1000 General dong doxx.jpg)
>>55 >link bhej
>>40 अच्छी किताब है। मेरा दिमाग़ ख़राब होता है जब बहनचोद लम्बी लम्बी विभक्तियों की सूचि रटने को देकर किताब को "स्वयं शिक्षा" के लायक बुलाते हैं। मुझे यह ज़्यादातर हज़म हुई क्योंकि सब कुछ काफ़ी उदाहरण सहित है और बहुत ग़ैरज़रूरी औपचारिकताओं में नहीं घुसता, बिलकुल अंत तक कम से कम। अभी लगभग १०० पन्ने मुझसे हुए हैं, इन्तिहाम वगैरह की वजह से अभी तक पूरी नहीं हुई है वैसे एक-दो हफ़्तों में वापिस चालु करूँगा
>>65 Absolute state
>>70 ख़ामोशी, वीपीऐनभंगी
>>61 Absolute state
>>39 आधारित
>>2 Ghosts Of East Baltimore by David Simmons, it's basically The Wire mixed with mech anime. Haven't been this exited about reading a new author in quite some time.