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Why was he like this ? Anon 08/27/2022 (Sat) 05:13:07 ID:a9899b No. 229
ah geez, it's so hot in here like man, I'm sweating bullets right now. Like dude, your honor, it was so fucking hot I had no choice but to randomly kill that guy. Bro it's so fucking hot in this courtroom. Fuck man, I'm sweating all over the place right now
>>229 The big brain answer would be it showed racism towards algerians and arabs in general, or the absurdist angle which is a valid explanation too. But Camuism is better summed up as no reason.
(1.96 MB 395x408 autismo cat.gif)
>>234 apparently he wrote it in the reflection of his autistic friend and im not surprised a bit Its also hypothesized that he mistakenly took the autism of his friend as a stoic masculine trait hence resulting in such a weird ending
>>235 Kek. And people formed a movement around it
>>262 most of the books that are shilled among normies had similar motivations, its just that the hype of a certain group of people got adopted by a majority I wonder what people thought of it when it was published
>>280 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hJZEq61KeM Sharing video to show what i mean. But people do read too much meaning into his works.