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WWOYM - Write What's On Your Mind Anon 09/13/2022 (Tue) 02:08:55 ID:e38159 No. 385
Trying to revive this stillborn board lmao Feel free to blog post as well, I think this is the best board for this thread
>>385 I keep thinking about the receptionist at my dorm. I feel like she's into me but that might just be my mind leading me on. I have been thinking about her for the last few days non-stop, and once I saw her I was immediately attracted to her. I know that should be setting of alarm bells but she is really hot and I can't stop myself. I was deliberately trying to be distant to her and I think she wanted to initiate a convo but I was cold. Scared I turned her off, but I don't want girls to know how much I am in to them. Going to try and learn her name but my ex really fucked me up and idk how to get into a relationship now. Devoting myself to the gym now. 135 now, hoping to hit 150 by the end of the fall semester - I think I would look pretty good at 150, 5'9" Mostly hate my spaghetti arms. 175 is my long term goal. Also going to try and get into competitive kickboxing. Was pretty good as a kid but I never pursued it.
>>388 Yeah I've heard it is pretty soulless. The pay seems to be pretty good though, so at least you can afford nice hobbies. >This doesn't work, don't listen to online pickup bros Yeah, I think you're right. I just felt bad aswell. I'm so nervous. I think we're a looksmatch but in todays dating scene thats iffy. She also has her own car and stuff and is not a student but the receptionist. I'm in my master so im not some stupid first year but still. She also has a ton of friends here and Im a loner. >summer abroad Where yaro? Also recomping is a thing. My friend is same weight and height as you but he started working out a lot and stayed the same weight but looks a lot more muscular. Also are you the same sanskrit anon? You and Germanon make this site worth visiting. The posters here are on average a bit worse than old InCh.
>>385 How do I get into BIB yaaro? Motherfuckers don't open recruitments, it's fucking hard to get an invite. But they probably have the largest collection of ebook torrents, I want an invite so bad
>>391 Whats BIB? I just use b-ok and libgen for everything, they have alot. I've only ever nto found what I'm looking for when its an obscure academic book.
not reading enough, I have another statistics and coding book that I need to finish. Working on a paper, so spend most day in front of screen. Because of that too tired to read when home. Cultural and non sci reading has taken a backseat sadly. But I can have audiobooks on the weekends and while doing dishes etc. Planning to buy a good big screen e reader to fix that in the future and because I have way too many books that I cannot carry physically.
>>395 >Masters If you're hesitant I would put it off. It's pretty demanding, and it might be worth to get job experience and then determine if you want a Masters degree. I wouldn't approach dating with marriage in mind unfortunately. A lot of my friends relationships tanked after discussing marriage, mine sort of included. If arranged is an option you might want to go for that. Indians girls born here are basically goris, ones in India are alot more traditional and marriageable. You could also marry a gori but idk how that would work out. Some of my cousins did but their kids look full white and def have no real Indian culture anymore. Born and raised in Canada. >recomping Yeah, whatever you stick to is the best option. >sanskrit Haven't started proper. I've started doing French since its easier and French girls are qts. It's also really useful in Canada because almost all govt. jobs have a French language equivalent. I'm prob going to India this summer and hopefully attend a program there for a few weeks. Honestly, it is really hard. I mentioned my Hindi is pretty terrible so sanskrit is a real challenge. There's a joke among classicists - Latin isn't easy, Greek is hard, and Sanskrit is impossible.
(298.15 KB 1152x864 inchshelf.jpg)
>>399 Hmmm, that's quite interesting. Most of the people talking about Sanskrit come from Latin and Greek so that probably influences how they approach the language. Many have told me that Sanskrit really is very logical, just complicated. I find Latin to be actually pretty chill. There's a really large community around it and English vocab is really influenced by it. French def helps. >nri I'm sure you'll find a nice qt. Indian girls here are still much more loyal than goris but their mentality is just different. I think marrying from India is a good idea. Indian women are the best mothers imo. Thanks for posting yaro. I hope this board doesn't die. >>393 >stats book Oof yaro. An nice e reader is a good investment, my cousins swear by them. I usually just try and get into the habit of reading a little daily - honestly reading in the morning for like a half hour out of bed is pretty comfy, but your mileage may vary. Also, what are you reading now? pic related is my shelf, you guys help me pick what to read (I will obey your decision) >inb4 the language books Also, how is life going Germanon?
>>392 >Whats BIB Ngmi
>>403 > Umberto eco Based.
>>385 ahh yes, my most hated thread on /lit/ has now migrated to /sa/ too Also this board is going fucking dead
>>413 Every board is fucking dead here. This site has no traction at all.
>>414 exactly, puranavid should advertise the board somewhere because this is the only literature related board I'm browsing right now I stopped going to /lit/ after they scared away forest anon
>>413 Just ignore it then fucking tard. /lit/ has been shit for years at this point >Evola thread >Acceleration thread >Buddhism shill >DFW - OVERATED OR GENIUS??? >X language is better than English So fucking boring. Stopped visiting years ago.
>>416 atleast the arthoe fags were a bit bearable but everything got ruined after that r9k influx during the lockdown Going through the archives it was still much much better pre lockdown
>>403 Life is very very busy. I work 10 ish hours. Fears about econmy. Town full woth ukranians, what an ugly language. Im somewhat unhappy with my current state of work and life. Things are too volatile right now. Im still quiet unfit. Winter is already here. Temps going lower than 10. My e reader is pretty comfy. I use ink pen and paper for notes. Planning to read mandelbrots biography next or maybe a vikram chandra novel.
>>417 Not even r9k, /lit/ has especially been infested with edgy plebbitors. Not only are the threads terrible, but so are the replies. >>418 How bad are things in Germany? We don't get much coverage here in Canada beyond Putler's oil shortage. >>419 >religious fundamentalist beliefs A woman's political opinions are kind of irrelevant tbh. You should just look for someone who is a good partner. Women having political ideas is a Western concept. So many Indian aunties say they're liberal but bend over backwards for their family whereas there are trad larpers who don't get married or are even randis. Honestly, I think most women will just emulate the beliefs of their spouse. Also yeah, Ukrainians are pretty hot on average. It can't be all bad Germanon.
>>418 Germanon are you really a German ? I thought you were of Indian origins
>>421 I think he's a gujjew living in germany, and has previously lived in mumbai. Not sure.
>>421 He's Indian. He said his category awhile ago.
>>385 why is that majority of book readers are women out of which most of them read absolute shit tier books while the men's halve is completely infested with soy plebbitors Is there any place left where people actually read and are not globohomoed
>>424 >Be me >Man >Read top tier books everyday >Lonely because no one else reads books these days >Build my own personal library, with rare books in hardcopy and all mainstream stuff pirated on my kindle >Keep reading and enjoy Sidenote, join MyAnonamouse, great community of book enthusiasts, and they have pretty much all mainstream books and rare audio books in existence
>>425 isn't that place filled with gatekeepers and also need a prior invite to join ? I don't know much about that place so please ignore if I wrote some bs 🐧
>>420 Things are pretty bad, but the churn has been slow. Inflation is pretty high and winter heating is looking quiet slim. I am sorted for heating, but my gf has knee problems and it does not look like it will be comfortable. most of all, I am angry because this whole war has been instigated by the USA for its own profit, the loss caused by it affects me personally quiet deeply. Money has been taken away from scientific projects to a war effort that just feeds curropt arms dealers and the German army that is incompetent and "napunsak". This funding is what I use to fund my team and my research as well as other projects in India. At this rate, I will have to let my team go which consists of many Indians whom i hired just a few months ago. They relocated here trusting me. >>419 Most ukranians are proper white trash. Not to mention, refugee's are usually mindfucked. Unless you are into fucking scared kids and young zoomer girls, its not something that appeals to me in anyway. most of all their housing is paid for by tax money. Which honestly pisses me off. >>421 I am Indian. Still have my passport. But I have been here for a while, have a strong community that I belong to, fluent with the language etc. >>422 Heh. Id have guessed Kannadiga myself based on my posts here. I do like Gujarat though.
>>426 Nah, it's actually a pretty welcoming community. You have to give an interview to join, it's basically 15min of saying that you mnow the rules, you will easily get in if you have patience.
>>424 I went to a crossword in India, it was pretty wild how much of a lefty shill that store is, shilling literally only Globohomo books. There are many good indic publishers though, jaggernaut is pretty good.
>>429 The intelligentsia and the art sphere is totally dominated by commies and globohomo galores there. If you want a good offline reading experience here, your only hope is a large, well maintained library, since they have a decent collection of books.
>>429 it's crazy how Marx influenced most of the academia is
>>431 It is bio Leninism. The most loyal get rewarded not the most competent. Academia is making itself irrelevant. I don't think that is entirely a bad thing. >>430 I have collected many books in India. Some stolen, others bought, some gifted. I have many here as well. I am in the process of going fully electronic with my books right now, but many Indian titles are tough to find. Especially ones in regional languages.
>>427 That's really fucked yaro, I'm sorry.
>>425 list some of your favs from your top tier books, anonkun
>>434 I'll list mine from one genre: Fast paced thrillers with killer plot twists/dope storylines- Any book by John Grisham,Frederick Forsyth, Michael Crichton, Alistair Maclean was good but I read these works as a 10yo, not sure about them now. Gillian Flynn is a good shout now, has just 3 novels but top tier storylines. stierg larsson, Jeffrey Archer, Jeffrey deaver's earlier works, Blake Crouch, Stephen King etc. also have a few decent works iirc. I am very unorganised with my books, don't really remember authors unless they're kino. Try any of these tho, I can vouch for a great read.
Fuck me. Both girls I was interested in attend the same fucking weird social lounge thing. I think you have to be connected to the uni in some way to get in. Insomnia is really bad. 4 AM here and I can't sleep at all. FUCK THIS SHIT I am so fucking tired, honestly. Everything is dogshit, I can't catch a single fucking break. I can't be a gymcel because my recovery will be shit on 2 hours sleep. Can't socialize because I have one class over Zoom. Idk what to do guys. I'm at the fucking end of it.
>>438 Should also say that the Judo gym was murdered by Covid. Prof I was working under just wrote a long ass letter about how I disappointed her. Not enjoying studies at all. I hit up tinder, hopefully I get a few matches. I don't even want sex, I just want one human interaction.
>>433 Better than USA starting a war in south asia or asia. >>438 Gymcelling without sleep is pretty bad. Have you ever tried medicinal marijuana ? The high effects are exxagerated, but it does help with sleep a lot. >>439 Masters or Bachelors ?
Going through a pretty rough time honestly, academically as well as emotionally. I'm currently in the last year of law degree and haven't done even one proper internship yet, had worked with a private lawyer sometime in last year but didn't learn anything from him. Family has pressurized me into slogging my ass for meme govt exams but i no longer have energy to put in it. Future is very uncertain anons, sometimes I think of pursuing law but realise that i have absolutely zero contacts to enter the field and make it worthwhile and when it comes to govt. exams, I don't see it happening without changing everything in my life. All of it started going downhill ever since I broke up with my gf/now ex last year and the guilt of leaving that girl still eats me up. Part of me feels good that it happened because I clearly had no future with her but I haven't been able to move on yet. It has sadly taken a toll on my studies and mental health, my grades were below average in last sem. It's been more than a year and I'm still undecided about my future.
>>456 You don't have time or luxury about worrying about some grill anon. If you feel bad about it, then maybe she meant something more to you than you admit. Grades won't matter as much as contacts will, so start contacting around.
>>455 Weed is for some reason banned by my uni despite being legal here - no idea why. I'll try and find some cure for it, I'll keep working out because it's one of the few things I consistently enjoy. In my Masters. Prof is pretty good actually, but it's very hands off and no one else is in my program here.
>>461 Insomnia is serious anon. Take care. If Uni cannot enforce the weed rule, have a small piece of a brownie and don't touch electronics at night. Proffs don't know shit anon. Take it from me, even the most well meaning ones.
>>462 Thanks yaro. Yeah, the day I posted I literally went for two days on maybe an hour of sleep. I'll see if I can use edibles, but I don't wanna get in trouble. >>456 It's kind of sweet you still care a bit. You made a decision though, and you can't live your life in doubt. You have to push forward even though it's hard.
>>463 Any updates on sleep ? Tao te ching audiobook used to help me sleep.
>>466 Sleep is okay now yaro, still taking the sleeping pill I was on instead of going cold turkey. I'm doing alright on half the dose (now taking a quarter of what I was prescribed) Going to try and ween off of it in the next month or so. Problem is I'm living in a dorm and so noise etc. is very unpredictable. I hate the idea of being reliant on a chemical though so I'm trying to stop both these pills and coffee.
>>467 Noise cancelling headphones and sleeping mask to cover your eyes. No need to get cutting edge digital stuff either, get a construction one if you don't want audio, or buy HD280's if you want audio too. A good sleeping mask will last you forever too.
The point of a board like sahitya should be slow but meaningful replies. Other boards, for the sake of fast replies are filled with bait'ers and retards, entire conversations that are paid for by rusty and not really any more meaningful than people abusing each other.
>>472 exactly
>>471 >construction earmuffs How did I not think of this. Thanks yar.
Have to work late on Friday to finish admin stuff, then have to work on the weekend to finish a paper. Life feels like endless list of work with small pauses in between. Sometimes I hate it, but not being productive also bothers me. I feel guilty that my hobbies are getting left behind.
>>494 >I feel guilty that my hobbies are getting left behind same, I just picked up a really good book on mycology but daily tasks and studyceling is seriously melting my brain away, I am not ignoring my studies yet I'm internally guilty about something that I'm not even aware about
(30.81 KB 720x517 niccbzky7kj91.jpg)
>>497 A womans political opinions matter a lot more than the mans if you plan to have kids especially. Idk who these guys are, internet communities are not real for me. Either way, i toast the site owner. InCh is comfy.
>>498 >A womans political opinions matter a lot more than the mans if you plan to have kids especially. this guy knows it and btw puranavid is the creator of this new inch, rusty was the owner of the previous one
(46.43 KB 736x546 1664173117751580.jpg)
Im pretty sure if someone posted seepee on this board it would still take atleast 2 days for someone to notice, I just wish there were just a little more no. anons here
>>505 Is this stuff discussed on the Groomcord ? I personally think it kills the point of anonymous image boards.
>>536 nope, it's discussed many times on /b/ and /pol/ or any other board frequently
I finally did enough work to get a break. Now that I have the break, I feel weird about not working. Even though my body is crying for some rest. I am going to miss Diwali again this year, I wish I was with friend s bursting crackers back home. Instead there will be few candles in my home for Diwali and my small puja and no crackers. Festivals are really really underrated.
Suggest some crime thrillers(preferably with a killer plot twist). I've read Christie's catalogue.
(504.61 KB 1920x1080 1663096094744412.gif)
>>548 uhh... I don't know much about this genere but wasp factory has a crime theme and it also had a major plot twist at the end or you could always go to the charts arranged on the fandom site of 4chan/lit/
>>498 >A womans political opinions matter a lot more than the mans if you plan to have kids especially Explain. I just meant it in that women rarely think of anything political for themselves. Easiest way to get woman to leave at social events is for the men to start discussing politics.
(177.25 KB 1024x1024 cat chad.jpg)
>>385 just like humans, the AI too managed to fuck up the fingers in OP's image
(30.05 KB 492x557 quite esoteric.jpg)
>>547 diwali is already here and 2022 is walking in its last phases already time flows too fast
>>560 It gets worse the closer you look. It has a lot of trouble with eyes as well.
>>558 Most kids I know, got their culture and beliefs more from their mother than their father. Just because most women don't show their opinions, does not mean they don't act on them. Make no mistake anon, women are really powerful. >>561 Makes me sad. How time is running fast and I am running towards my death.
>>576 I live in a Catholic ghetto so women rarely speak about politics.
>>576 Take a break every once in awhile yar. Do something that makes you happy. Life's too short to be doing shit you don't like.
(48.67 KB 834x900 oomer.jpg)
another day of whining about this board's traffic i have blocked every board except /sa/ otherwise i would have shilled it to oblivion on every other boards
(178.53 KB 1000x340 andromeda great.jpg)
>>385 im trying to decipher a mixture of few psychedelics and lysergamides to make a perfect analysis enhancement recipe to further work on my overanalyzing project reading books on pscyhs can be a pretty traumatic event but an equally rewarding one if you know how to control yourself and your environment last time a similar event happened it was with a fucking maths book and it was literally a blissful moment to understand everything at a much higher state of mind provided how ded im at maths im gonna fucking do it again also what happened to the unabomber thread ? i was eagerly observing it i don't even know if i make any sense
>>579 I know yar. The board is dead, I'll make a sci fi thread once I finish Neuromancer.
>>582 >Neuromancer. fucking based book, are you finding some trouble in reading it too ?
>>584 Yeah, it's tricky. I think that's part of the charm, not many books put so much effort in creating an entire world.
>>585 well keep going i honestly had to read it twice to get the true essence
>>581 schizoposting
(3.07 MB 2195x1600 1664470088768133.jpg)
since when did people started associating us with bug mentality people the country which gave us countless literature works, the country which gave us countless philosophical pieces, the country which gave us the oldest and one of the most complex religion and the country home to countless of ancient wonders of engineering and marble work is now being associated with mindless bug people with no respect for creativity, culture and traditionalism why is this happening ? do you think the situation would become worse ? should we focus more on culture preservation of this country or should we let the (((leaders))) of this country take us where they want ? We sure are progressing but would we ever recover from the massive globohomo kick that the industrialization would give us ?
>>623 Most of it is online. A lot of whites, at least where I live, have a pretty neutral to positive view of Indians. >We sure are progressing but would we ever recover from the massive globohomo kick that the industrialization would give us ? Have to be careful what I post here, but there are good examples of countries industrializing without all the hangon effects. Political system =/= Economic system =/= Culture They certainly help and compliment each other, but disparate combinations are possible - authoritarian capitalism, democratic socialism, etc. Responsible capitalist development is possible. Is the BJP the one to do it? Unlikely, sadly. Waiting for a better option.
>>626 i sure hope it only remains online because the exponential growth in the technological sector is no doubt going to affect our culture and identity in walking life too i sense the same energy in atheism and modernism that i smell in buddhism and abrahamism of the ancient ages i just pray and hope we don't suffer another blow or remain weak enough to not get up after the eventual blow that this century will give us
(6.71 KB 452x71 abhramic religions.png)
>>626 >Is the BJP the one to do it? Unlikely, sadly. Waiting for a better option. BJP sure carved a pathway but is definitely not going to be enough to reach the destination
observing the absolute state of other boards on this chan makes me pretty happy that one of our objective of filtering out the useless coomers and schizo was actually successful i opened /b/ after a long time and fuck sake people really are pure cancer there hope this place doesn't eventually dies
>>633 Harr chan ka yei haal h. The sanest of the boards in every chan is usually the literature board.
>>626 >>627 Is it just or I think that Indians need something civilization ending like what the jews faced to finally wake up ? Something so bad that it finishes most of us and forces rest of us to think. >>628 BJP will give rise to a more kattar party for sure. I can already see leaders not satisfied with how coy the party is related to Hindu issues.
>>577 lol. >>578 Yeah, I am going through a solid spiritual crisis at the moment. Might as well mention it here. I had a very old mentor when I started here, who mentored me and basically was the reason I am here. During COVID he died and I took over, a new boss was hired and she basically didn't like my research. So now I shifted my work domain, while my new colleagues are great and so is the pay. My old mentor was the old school post ww2 German. Very hard working guy, actually thought through first principles. Published only once in every 3-5 years but his papers were actually adding value instead of the once in 6 months paper, that adds a drop of value. My mind is not in it. I do my work brainlessly. I hate the students too. Esp the Indians that come, most of them have Karan Johar dreams in life. Part of me wants to be back to India, because there is a lot of work that needs to be done there. But the practical aspects of it are different. All in all, I am too distracted by the superficial aspects. Mainly, I need to find and live my passion again. I am already back in Ted K mode and looking forward to the translation task.
(161.21 KB 894x894 agni_by_ch28_de3p2ip-pre.jpg)
>>640 >Something so bad that it finishes most of us and forces rest of us to think. full fledged riots shall take place so that the ones sitting on the top of ladder gets to taste the poison of modernism too the eradication of cucks and low self esteemed people from hinduism is necessary and people need to be redpilled about the dangers of modernism and the value that ancient india possessed this is the century that's ultimately gonna write our fate for sure, either we become the shameful shadow of a culture once towering over every civilization in the world or we reject the mlecchas and rebuild the glory of our ancestors from the mere base itself im sorry if it may sound a little harsh but we desperately need to rise over the caste system but they themselves will never let us, i can see the problem that our vedic gurus faced during the spread of buddhism in india and why caste system was so rampant during those times
>>643 Id even say next 2-3 decades. If we don't start in the next 5 years, its already too late. >>646 I don't think societal organization is essential practice to hinduism. I do agree about roles based on merit and this identity based on merit. But in the increasingly digital world, I don't really know how it can be implemented. What do you think of Balaji's education plan ? You solve online problems , which serves as a proof of your skill and companies hire you on that basis.
(338.87 KB 648x438 wordcels.png)
>>646 i honestly agree tbh but the point is how do we spread our ideas to the illiterate and unwilling ? or do we discard them completely ? keep vedic hinduism aside for a sec but even the puranic hinduism is in danger in the current times the western shills have successfully managed to subvert a massive population to absolutely loathe their past and i don't think people would be ready for a unification based on vedism so easily
>>648 I need to read more to make any meaningful comment on this. But thank you for your meaningful answer anon.
>>577 Atleast in Hindu women I find it to be true, that they install the culture and politics in boys and even girls. The male name is inherited, but the women guides other values.
>>641 I know roughly how you feel. Academia is in it's death throes right now, even in the last few years I felt a sizeable shift and my enthusiasm drained with it. It's now full of busywork. the thing I thought was sacred has become like any other workplace, full of people who don't put any love into what they do and don't view as something seperate from the day to day. They drag their unoriginal and mundane ideas into the field and you have to work with them. The people who write articles for the sake of plumping up their CV, those who teach for the summers off, those who raise their hand to derail discussion, those who show up without having done any of the readings. Indian students have also gotten worse. While they're still nice, there is always this sort of snobbery that's depressing to interact with. Idk how many of them I've seen eat beef here. Not sure how things are where you are at, but a summer in India would be nice. You can live well enough on 1 or 2k a month, see places no tourists go to see, get a nice beachside hut in Karnataka or Gujarat and just chill. SEA is also nice and cheap with beautiful temples and hot weather. >>647 I think some massive change is necessary. That's why I always respect Communists, proper ones anyway - they always saw the need for a revolution and a radical departure from the way things were done to a state which they thought things should be done. Compare that to this society o gradual changes and you can understand the appeal. >>646 I'm not sure the usefulness of caste anymore. I think the benefits in modern society are too few and the detriments too numerous. The main issue isn't caste, its communalism and special interest group accumulation. >>648 I'm skeptical of simple test oriented applications. For some companies it might work but I think performing a function at a company is too varied a task for it's complexity to be captured in one format. CV's and recommendations are still super useful. Canadian companies have started rolling out personality tests here, giving me visions of big brother. >>652 That's why I don't believe in politics. Society should also be in the hands of the few. The masses have never changed since the dawn of time. Read the romans and you realize how little has changed in over 2000 years of recorded history. That is why Fascism is so interesting - it was a mass movement that was openly elitist. If anything of the sort were to happen in India it should be along the lines of the iron Guard in Romania. Same with the Roman form of government - an elected Republic that openly supported dictatorship when it was necessitated.
(982.13 KB 600x548 blin cat.gif)
i don't know if i should be thankful for this ability but its really hard for people to convince me i entered this blackpill hellhole right from its start with eggman and even fell down the rabbit hole but it brought absolutely 0 changes in my behavior of walking life i have browsed almost every degenerate site, imageboard, forums or anything similar for many years yet people can't tell and nor did these things ever affect me i have personally seen many of my acquaintances who literally fell to the bottom of these shitholes in just 6-7 months and now have based their entire personality around these lifestyles claiming to be blackpilled but i couldn't even find my types in there i was lonely and i still am, most probably will remain for the entirety of my life
>>712 Sadly, have not read him yet. Which book should I start with?
(797.36 KB 2340x4160 1665860262201199965327232027240.jpg)
Yaar I am at iit roorkee thomso right now near SBI lawn sitting on the stairs of white House while all my friends are out there to find some girl, everyone here is looking for someone for silent dj. Then suddenly two girls came to me asking for cigrates and I refused because I don't know I just refused and now some Biharis are sitting near me with some 8/10s >Pic rel I have cheap phone
Wtf. This the best thread on entire InCh that I never discovered. >>623 That pic is wrong, there should've been 5 horses.
>>646 While I agree that the dwija status should be based on lineage as it's a thing related to rituals, I disagree that only kshatriyas should be able to rule. There are countless examples of kings collaborating with Brits and Islamic rulers. Also, historically many non-khshtriya tribes became khshtriya through sanskritization, heck the rajputs themselves were not kshtriyas at some point. So, there is no way who is a kshtriya and who is a not.
>>385 FInally taking some time off. Booked a brunch with the gf yesterday, spending more time on music now. Reading and writing has taken a backseat again, but I am very close to fully switching jobs outside of science, mainly so I can work on science independently without oversight and committee guidelines bs.
>>388 Applications are very depressing, but you have to stick to it.
>>386 Just talk to her man.
>>766 How are Indians treated in Germany?
I posted this on other boards, but never received any useful reply beyond trolling. What do you guys think about it? It's a theory on aryan migration using itihasas.
>>768 Thanks yar. It's been nearly two months and I haven't had the courage. I'll do it next opportunity, although I'm sure she has a bf.
>>769 Unless you live in Saxony, other states are good. Indians have a relatively positive impression. >>771 Doesnt matter. Being friends with attractive women improves your confidence.
Going to ask the French girl for her number. Wish me luck sirs.
(396.40 KB 900x1119 its over.jpg)
Its been more than a month and I haven't read a single page of literature I hope I was a NEET or something
>>821 Start right the fuck now. Read even 5 pages and you've accomplished infinitely more than you did in the last month. >>793 Got her number sirs... going to ask her on a date tmw.
>>822 Based. >>821 You dont have scheduled lonely time foe reading n writing ?
>>754 >>755 >>677 Where do I find sincere Indian friends like you guys? I’ve always felt a bit lonely like you guys and never really fully resonated with many people. I have a good amount of friends who are Indian but they’re mostly stupid, only my brother and sister are like me and I love them a lot. Not to make it all “I’m not like the other girls” or that I’m supposedly so amazing but there’s not many intellectually curious (and not the I’m so fucking smart types ideally) Indian people near me who respect and adore their culture and also aren’t complete assholes. All I can find are either (self hating) coconuts or borderline idiot tier sex, drugs and alcohol obsessed degens (which I’m not into that lifestyle so we never click or they don’t make effort to meet in the middle with our commonalities). Kya karu lol Maybe I just need to get out there, I’m pretty sure it’s me. I suppose they’re probably also borderline shut ins like I am after all... I’ve literally just started reading the Mahabharata at the moment. It’s good so far, I’m reading the Rajagopalachari version, May reread another’s version in the near future depending on how I like it. Other than that life is going ok. I tried making khoya gujiya on the weekend, first batch always messes up on frying but the baked ones were good. Tbh idk why I fried it because fried shit fucks me up and baking is simpler. Was very delicious though, keeping that recipe for the future. Trying to get more into fitness as well so I’ve been doing a simple body weight routine recently, it’s really is true that exercise makes you feel much better. I’m already seeing progress.
>>825 I asked her out and she said yes but changed her mind and said we should hang out later. It's Halloween tonight and I talked to her and said to message me when she wants to hang out. I think I've been snubbed so it stings a little. I was really upset yesterday but I guess I'll just move on. Idk how good you guys are with women, but I shot my shot and I'm reasonably good looking. I was a bit awkward but I made decent small talk and smiled. I think I'm just gonna leave it for awhile, see if she messages. I won't bring up hanging out to her again, I'll wait for her to say something (if she ever does) >>826 Sorry to be a downer, but I don't think the level of honesty that anonymity brings is possible in a real relationship. I have two close friends but even with them I have to watch what I say, sometimes they're busy when I really need them. I guess just try and get comfortable being alone. It's good you're seeing progress. Stick with it.
>>830 >I was really upset yesterday but I guess I'll just move on. Being a bit upset is natural and understandable. Regarding the woman, it's best not to mindread or assume what's happening on her end. A huge variety of things may be causing her to act that way whether good or malintentioned, so best to let things be and leave it as it is at the moment. If she wants to speak to you then maybe she will, maybe she won't, but best to not overthink it. >Sorry to be a downer, but I don't think the level of honesty that anonymity brings is possible in a real relationship. Sorry if I wasn't clear, when I said sincere I just meant Indians that are proud of their culture but aren't degens basically. Hard to come by where I am. Probably for lack of exposure on my end tbh. Thanks for the kind words, best wishes to you too yaar
>>826 Intellectual curiosity is punished in Indian social circles, so even smart people keep their mouth shut. It is tragic honestly. Indians either try to emulate the dominant western culture and narratives i.e. shit on their own or try to go with the son chiriya narrative (everything was great and we should stop living in present and return to the past). The struggle is real anon. THe Indians I meet are really annoying, most Hindu friends outside India are non Indian Hindu's. Your reading and health routine sounds very based. Reading Mahabharath helped me out a lot in life through tough times. Inspires me to get few things in order myself. >>830 I am average or maybe slightly above average. I worked hard on this one girl and we have been together for a long while. Others for me were pointless trash and I never made an effort therefore. https://youtu.be/n0SVG6SgirE Don' t play too much mental chess anons.
>>832 >Intellectual curiosity is punished in Indian social circles, so even smart people keep their mouth shut. It is tragic honestly. Thanks for your responses bros. Alas, I suppose it is how it is... I will just keep enjoying life the way I already am and live as I enjoy. I'm sure I'll run into at least a few badtameez like you guys ;), there has to be a few of you out there! I will openly espouse my autism and attract fellow autists to me. >most Hindu friends outside India are non Indian Hindu's wow never met a non Indian Hindu, interesting dude. >Your reading and health routine sounds very based. Reading Mahabharath helped me out a lot in life through tough times. Thanks yaar, exercise does help a lot and makes me really enjoy life a lot more. Very much a worthwhile investment. I love my reading too, love the feeling of learning, makes me feel truly alive. >I am average or maybe slightly above average. I worked hard on this one girl and we have been together for a long while. Good for you bro, I hope you're happy together. Is she from a similar background to you? I'm sure any girl would be lucky to be with you. >>833 >I've developed a burning hatred towards academics over the past few months and have firmly decided not to even apply to master's programs. Understandable, idk if it's different in America but here in unis they're trying to push the new meme which is "ok we'll admit degrees won't differentiate you now since everyone has one, so get a MASTERS!!!". It's mostly a scam, but as always depends on what specifically you're doing, for certain things masters are needed (not a lot though). For most people you're fine without it. >Why don't you try going for an Indian girl? I've talked with Indian-Canadian girls before and they're much more receptive to us, for obvious reasons. I assumed he was tbh >he vast majority of us NRIs are, even if intelligent or academically inclined, totally careerist, boring, personality-less people. More like serpents than people, really. bruh moment :'(
>>832 Thanks yar. I don't honestly feel much attraction towards women. I usually idealize someone in my head and project things onto them. I was just upset because I can't figure out why she wasn't even willing to give me a chance yar. I'm pretty decent looking and I wasn't creepy. I would even settle for being friends since I'm learning French and I knew it wouldn't be anything serious (she's leaving in a month) >>833 Indian girls here are nice but there are a few reasons 1. Either mentally ill and act like kalus while only dating goras 2. Green card walis 3. Traditional Indian women which means I won't get laid for the first few months, am dating her family, and will go back to India for months. I mentioned before my last gf was Indian and she broke my heart. I think I just want something more casual, she really mindfucked me. Also, skipping your masters is probably smart. Academia is getting really bad here yaro. I've gotten so many invitations to apply in my field and read the classic Women or Indigenous only (somehow this is legal) >>837 Sadly true about NRIs. Most Indians I'm friends with are FOB. Ones that have been here awhile are both self-hating while being extremely pretentious. >>773 Also, funny story yar. >try to make small talk with the receptionist >ask her name >ask if she knows mine >point blank looks at me >"im not going to remember your name" >im literally shocked, so fucking rude >leave >start realizing how hilariously based this is >we're actually in the same friend group and have to awkwardly sit at the same table sometimes, exchange the most embarrassing looks to each other. Holy kek. She didn't even try and make an excuse, just straight up said she wont remember my name. SO FUCKING BASED. I'm going to use this from now on. Also, she has a bf. He's maybe an inch taller but I'm better looking and more fit. Maybe in time she will be mine, but done with women for awhile.
>>833 It depends entirely on your field and your aims. A masters is helpful in specific cases. Outside of these its now. On the Khsatiriya point. Good leaders especially in India are extremely rare. Its not for lack of potential, but other reasons. For someone to lead, they need to be free from financial and other tensions. How many times is that the case ? >>837 I agree. My visible autismo attracted lot of like minded people to me and inspired many young ones to leave the ways of the normie. >>848 There is no sense in trying to make sense of what women think. They can be extremely random and their reasoning is on a different plane than men. Women notice lot of things that men don't. Details like nail colour, hair, skin etc. Based on these details, they form an intuition that is invisible to us men. Many a times this intuition is completely wrong too. The point is, to us men, this is invisible and beyond limits. And we shouldn't care honestly. Jackoff. Get a body pillow etc. Most of all, focus on developing yourself. People will come and go, but you have to live with yourself at the end of the day.
Finally got some vacation days approved. I have a beautiful apartment with nice view, but no time to enjoy it.Just hit the bed and sleep daily. But in two ish weeks, ill be relatively free. Now just tying up loose ends.
Haven't forgotten about the Rajiv Malhotra book. I just reach home too tired to do anything but eat and sleep.
>>850 Nice, how is your vacation going? >>849 Thanks for the sage advice Germanon. Behind on school work, weirdly ended up getting involved with a social group immediately after my posts. Now I just want to be alone. Making really slow progress in my book. Just wanna read it for a day straight but kept putting my work off until I have a massive pile to do. Also, planning to spend my summer abroad. SEA is my area of study, but I can also go to Quebec or Japan through my university. Japan will actually pay me, but the language barrier is probably a bit more rough than in SEA and the time spent is only two months. Where do you guys recc?
>>875 > Nice, how is your vacation going? Sleep, sex and good food, getting the basics right. I schedule my time in chunks. But reading and writing for personal reasons, there is no compromise on it. Keeps me sane with so much going on. Clarity is very important. Japan is better, do your best, but these days you can get around easily using translate with offline packs. Basic Japanese is easy enough to pickup.
>>878 That's good to hear yar. I just came home from Uni to find out I owe the govt 3k. Wipes out most of my earnings from being a GA. It's for some stupid bureaucratic bullshit as well.
>>886 Tax ? Education loan ? How the fuck ? 3k is a lot
>>887 The way the Canadian govt manages education is fucking dumb. Essentially I overdrew from a special account used to store money saved up for education which the govt pays a third of. It's really dumb because if I had remembered to pay tuition in two installments I would owe them nothing.
I’m doing alright, doing a shit ton of reading but not enjoying the darker days and most of all really dislike the coldness outside. Especially when I go to sleep I don’t like the coldness in general, but I’m probably being a pussy to be honest. Carrying on my exercise routine feels really good, I’m so glad I did it. It’s worth every second spent on it. I’ve started learning Punjabi as well. I already know Hindi so it’s been pretty easy so far as they share like 65% of vocabulary. Mainly just verb conjugation and postpositions that are different (kya vs ki, hum vs asim). Script is very similar too, but just getting speaking down first. I decided to learn it because I like challenging myself, I love learning and it gives me something better to do than spending all my time on an image board. I was adopted by a Punjabi family when I was 12 so my adopted parents are like a free 24/7 access tutor lmao. Thinking about starting a new sport or hobby along those lines so going to start looking into what is available. Work is alright also. >>888 That happens a lot here as well, it’s quite ridiculous. I’m sure you’ll pay it off soon enough though but it’s fucking annoying to find out at first. I myself do feel quite pissed off about uni in general. I had ideas that it would be this amazing place where everyone gives a shit about what they’re learning about but most of the time it’s just advanced boarding school in many ways. The main benefit most get is learning to live by themselves, but they don’t even do that and just order take out every day, never wash their clothes except once a semester at home and live unhealthily. As with everything it depends, there’s a good amount of people who aren’t like that and also those who appreciate their subject. I suppose my naivety was more at fault here than society as a whole, but uni can be quite the joke. It’s what you expose yourself to though isn’t it? You’ll see the shitty parts if you focus on them, I just feel that the good parts were oversold in a very disingenuous manner.
>>888 Navigating senseless bureaucracy is the norm of modernity. >>897 Great advice I got ages ago, eat dark chocolate. > Punjabi Nice. There is legit good Punjabi literature out there, for that alone it is worth learning. > I just feel that the good parts were oversold in a very disingenuous manner. That is EU for you.
>>897 I know yar. I'm tired of this rat race, the government taxing me at 33% was the final straw. I want to get out of this country, it's rapidly becoming a shit hole. Feel sorry for pajeets immigrating here to see their family disintegrated, their money expropriated and their culture dissolved. When I called the revenue agency the woman had a thick African accent and I could barely understand her. Same thing when I had to go to the hospital with the nurse practitioner.
(182.44 KB 800x576 Krishna_tells_Gita_to_Arjuna.jpg)
Posting twice in a row. Things have been really rough here lately. I think I'm going to take a break from InCh for awhile. For the last two years I've been really lost in life and need some time to figure out the answers I need. You've all been really kind, I hope one day I will get to meet you all. I have your email Germanon, maybe we can meet someday when I'm abroad. Om Shanti and best of luck to everyone here. Thanks for everything.
>>907 I feel you , I am taxed 40% as well. Started the new admin job and still supporting the research work for few months, but not sure if I will return. The team i had hired is doing their part nicely, just that I want freedom to work on my own stuff and not really be a manager for a team. New job allows me to drift off or bullshit in between, read what I want etc. Its mindless admin work. >>908 Personal tip, reserve a time in the day for InCh, 20 mins , daily, fixed time. If you have ideas, save them in a notepad file and reply with them during these 20 mins. I can understand needing sometime, like apartments need cleaning and computers need maintenance, the brain too needs time to cleanse. You can use man to dump your thoughts anonymously.
PSA for all the booknerds ITT a data hoarder mirrored 18000 rare and high quality books from the most elite private book tracker and dumped them onto a public ftp server. they got doxxed and had to take the site down for good, but the directory still exists, albeit a bit unorganised. here are some indexers for it, will be very useful to find rare, obscure, expensive and retail quality books: https://www.eyedex.org/ https://github.com/Xosrov/EyeDex the unindexable directory can be found at the-eye.eu . happy reading
>>913 Thank you anon. Ill check this at home. I hope I can find buckminsterfuüllers and Mandelbrots works, they are out of print now and even ordering the 120€ versions yields nothing now.
>>913 Man this is good stuff. For books its meh. But lot of rare finds here.
>>913 I love going through peoples curated FTP servers and collections. Some of the best music and books I have discovered this way.
>>914 I'll keep an eye out for them. can you link to some info about them? would make it easier to find them >>915 it's an unorganised mess, but it contains retail quality, rare books if you can locate them in the dump.
>>916 i can dump random open directories/ftp servers if you want me to. also, hit me up if you've any book requests, I'll find them if they exist on the internet.
>>918 I will on requests. Even cool ftp music servers would be nice. I used to have a list of them before but lost it while transitioning between machines.
>>919 to be honest, for music, you should join redacted or orpheus(both of them are pvt torrent trackers). They have more than 1 million flacs, a lot of rare music and an awesome,active forum full of people passionate about music, where you get all sorts of recommendations. they're not hard to join, i can guide you in the process. ftp music servers aren't that great, you're better off using soulseek to find your music.
>>914 also, was this the author whose works you were looking for? https://users.math.yale.edu/mandelbrot/printedbooks.html i can get some of them for you here are some open ftps: https://bin.disroot.org/?4eaf7b3ef7a78c7c#FyRgv6PnwFwnS4RHp4TprHYcjwv9XR1yJjLaLqnLiAga
Blogpost Its cold here, well well below 0. There is no gas for heating so my office is freezing. I think ill work from home next time. This is not sustainable. Either that or ill eat more to compensate. Its going to be a long long winter too from the looks of it. Germany is fucked. >>921 >>920 At some point id have loved to, I was on red cd for a short while. I have a 200 Gb ish music collection, I buy the rest when I need. Yeah, lot of audio is out of circulation though. Soulseek is not that good anymore now, atleast for me. But I could try harder, the issue is again time. >>921 Yep thats him though I got the books. Thanks for the FTP list anon. >>937 How is your job situation ?
>>942 let me know if you need an invite to it again, it requires a couple of months of work to build buffer and then you're gucci for life >no heating system in sub zero temps sounds like a recipe for disaster. even 10C in an unheated room in delhi feels fucking colder than negative temps in a heated cabin in Himachal. get them to install a centralized heating system dude, you can't function without it in those temps. soulseek is alright for older music, the hierarchy would be: pvt trackers>ftp+emule+soulseek>Usenet>Spotify if you're interested in non obscure music that's available on deezer, there are 2 websites that rip lossless flacs from it directly: https://slavart.gamesdrive.net/ free-mp3-download.net i still prefer RED though, due to its community, meticulous organisation and vast collection.
>>943 I miss the community aspect the most tbh from torrent communities. I learnt a lot from the community. Same with what.cd Music wise I am pretty satisfied though.Enough to consoom for a lifetime and more.
>>385 The cold is starting to get to me. Though I still have better heating than most. A lot of other co workers are suffering too. At this rate I will be boiling water a lot more just to increase the room temperature. On the positive side, in my new position the receptionist is a hot metalhead and coffee nerd, so I have someone to talk to in breaks.
>>978 dumping more ftp sources here: https://gitlab.com/Rust1667/search-od-index (works best on linux) also, the best way to get access to a lot of rare books is to get membership to your local online library. I'm sure you can find some on overdrive and libby in germany, nothing of the sort exists in india.
>>385 bump
>>983 Whats your background anon ?
>>1039 I'd rather not get into details here, but i have a background in cybersec.
>>1040 hacker spotted yaro maro sale ko
>>1040 Its a very weird approach in the script to include all the files on the ftp servers. Is it your script ?
>>1050 nah, it's a random script i found online. pretty poor code but it's free
I've returned sirs. Things are a bit better in life but I still feel I need to figure out what the hell I'm doing in life. I'm going to follow Germanons advice - I'll post pretty infrequently but they will be long and insightful on things I like. First one will be in quite awhile and probably be a discussion on Mishima - obviously going on /sa/ Hope you guys are doing well.
>>1203 If you made the posts about illegal businesses, you should read who painted my money white. It will explain a lot to you.
>>1211 Had another big health issue. Almost died this time. No more alcohol for me, no more fried food etc. My own bad habits are coming back to haunt me. Its not cold here atm, temps around 10. But Europe is about to see a massive and deadly winter, as is India. The storm over USA should move on. People making fun of USA for freezing will be ones freezing soon, if they data so far is correct. Germans are rebelling in very large numbers, there are protests regularly against German governments suicidal moves , both economic and in Ukraine. No media coverage naturally. Meanwhile we are flooded with Ukranain women, anons here will coom to any living hole, but it is really sad to see so many broken women, who just lost the men in their lives. Ukraine is country 404. All expensive NATO weaponry useless against basic strategy.
>>1211 Job wise, I am very confused as well. Told by my well wishers to stay in research, but I have no clue but research is corrupt and not very rewarding. Changing my field is one option, which lot of people do. The other is just to not go back.
>>1203 That's what I try to do too anon. Best wishes and sending lots of love your way bhaijaan
>>385 Began college in November. Its the same rat race as pregnancy the only difference is that they want to achieve *insert number* *insert commodity* *insert exam/corporation name* after 4 years. Nobody is interested in actually studying the syllabus, everyone just wants to pass the college exams. Somehow all seniors we talk to have a 8 CGPA I tried joining a book club but nobody is interested in that, or any club or society that wont look good in a resume.
>>1219 Sad. Nothings changed. Go with book club. Rat race leads to rat life. Investing in yourself keads to freedom
(1.65 MB 720x900 baby cow.webm)
>>1219 >>1220 I might be able to help. I noticed the same thing as well, so I just started intensive self study to compensate for a very boring syllabus. Look at old authors/historians, the required reading would melt most students now. In particular I read the collection of essays by Gaddis, some anecdotes on Ion Antonescu's uncle regarding the syllabus he taught at Romanian universities, comments made about Deng Xiaopings memory, and the recommended reading for some ivy league schools. They're all extremely broad with gargantuan booklists, but I think that it's necessary to create brilliant students. With the dawn of AI and the large role it will likely play in essay writing in the next five or so years, in class discussion and a really thorough understanding of history (through a more theoretical and analysis approach versus the very lazy research focus now) will become the staple of successful history programs in my opinion. I've decided to construct an extremely difficult Cold War course for my use in the future. Dozens of books and likely hundreds of articles, and possibly a novel length section of notes to accompany them. I really hope I end up getting a teaching position for that course, but Western academia is in a really bad state right now. Will make a long post in the future discussing it.
>>1221 Happy New Year to all /sahitya fags. >>1222 I did something similar, but for science to make up for my shitty engineering curiculam. Did not help with CGPA at all, but in everything else it was amazing.
>>1263 I want to do this too, just to understand the concepts I know I wont get anywhere with it, but I want to. Wont help in CGPA either, I used to wonder how do reservation enjoyers compete with upper cast cucks in college, now I realised its just like your bloody board exams.
>>1265 I hate lc fags yaar. Im not high caste myself. But lc fags never go beyond being victims in govt collages. They dont participate in tech fests or placements. Only in being victims.
>>1217 Tell me more anon, I am in first year of engineering split between a job and going into research Want to know better about both fields
>>1281 Real advice, do what comes easier to you. Research path - Bsc/Btech -> Msc -> PhD/Research job as technician. You make publications, or make tools for scientists who publish. Work is slow and deliberate. Pay scale depends on where you work and how many publications you have. Job route can be anything. Bachelors then job. Or do a masters and get a specialized job. Or don't graduate, develop independent skills and get a job. Or do internships and convert those into a job. Either way, you need to invest in practical and scientific skills in an area of your interest. Don't rely on mass placements.
I am finally settled into a new position. The work is pure 9-5 so I get enough sleep and rest. Work is not light, but compared to my previous role its a joke. Had 2 days of dates with gf outside the city in a dairy farm with fresh cheese and milk, after a long time and we enjoyed ourselves a lot and the fresh air helped a lot. some senior researchers suggested, I change my focus area and get back into research, I am thinking about that, but overall I am sick of the field and the pretensions that come with it. Thinking to do a thread on self education on stem, but the replies on this website have been consistently getting bad. Luckily SA has been good.
>>1318 that's cool anon, are you satisfied with your research? are you working on discovering something new, or just writing thesis papers expanding on previously known topics? >the replies on this website are constantly getting bad yeah, but don't let that deter you. just use the 'filter by id' option to block out all the redditors. I will appreciate that thread, looking forward to it
>>1323 There is no simple answer to it, my work was very satisfying. I minimized teaching duties, I hate interacting with most students. But despite that, there is lot of other work which disturbs me from the main work. Additionally, there are lot of other pressures that are entirely un necessary. > are you working on discovering something new, or just writing thesis papers expanding on previously known topics? I was working on some bleeding edge technology, now I am thinking to write papers that are basically the applications of these advances. > I will appreciate that thread, looking forward to it I am still thinking what direction to give it.
>>1363 Germanon, I'm asking you since you seem to have a lot more experience than most of us here (I think the site skews to a younger demographic) but anyone can comment. Are Indian women living abroad randis? Honestly, in all my experience they haven't been and are probably the most conservative group regarding sex that I've interacted with, and this seems to be backed up by a study I found online (will link if of interest to any of you guys) However, it seems to be a recurring meme that pajeetas sleep around etc. I've literally never seen this, but I grew up in a Catholic neighbourhood and there were only two other Indians at my High School (both Goan so they borderline don't count) and my uni is in a small town with basically no Indians. The only real interaction I had with Indian girls was through my ex, although she was pretty conservative initially and I think put on a bit of an act so that I would be interested in her. What do you guys think?
>>1384 it doesn't matter mate, every demographic has all kinds of people, you should not care about randos that don't matter to you. and generalizing an entire group of people is not a wise thing to do
>>1384 Its not a simple answer 1. Pajeetas who came here to study There are actually smart women, who actually leave because they deserve better education. These kind are no nonsense. 2. Pajeetas who came here to "study" Though a minority, these ones are the most visible and contribute to the cliche about pajeeta's being randi's. Best to stay away from them in general. They always bring more drama than is necessary and the benefits of sleeping with them are overrated at best. 3. 2nd, 3rd gen desi diaspora Usually conservatives, they fool around with whites if they have identity issues. Common in sikh and bengali diaspora. Catholic diaspora is filled with extremes, either very conservative girls or the ones who have multiple abortions before they hit 27. >it doesn't matter mate, every demographic has all kinds of people, you should not care about randos that don't matter to you This is very wise advice honestly. In dating/marriage, you need to be right once, you need not care if the demographic is good or bad otherwise. So its better to focus on the individual and if they fit your personality. Additionally - Sex usually sucks if you have no emotional connect with a person. Apart from girls with psychological issues, most others (including the nymphs) know this and prefer to bond with a partner instead of having sex like supermarket microwave meals.
Another general tip 1. People by default larp liberalism because it is the dominant social meme. But by default people are conservative, in order to preserve the benefits and social status they are born into. 2. In general, people will always choose more freedom and more mobility, even if they do nothing with it, they want the option to be able to do something if they want.
>>1390 Germanon, is the girl you're with desi or a gori? Seriously thinking I'll just date goris from now on tbh.
>>1395 Im dating a non Indian. Reason i dont specify more is that it makes me very doxxable. My gf is far from normal gori though and a huge source of sanity and support. But my appraoch to dating was quiet clear from day 1, that helpef me avoid lot of bullshit. Go on lot of dates. Make them something engaging, not basic conversation. You will judge her vetter using reactions to situations as opposed to conversations where both of you try to look good. Keep a list of non negotiables. Any girl who fails on these is rejected.
>>1396 My ex has fucked me up so bad yar. I think I'll just date a gori, desi girls nowadays carry so much baggage and spend four months of the year in india. Oh well.
>>1483 Wont be posting much here. Will start another whats on your mind thread on 8ch
>>1484 is it any good ?
>>1501 hi puranvid.
(26.76 KB 622x611 uwu.jpg)
>>1504 hi baby
>>1506 Please Pull the Plug (PPP) already pyare.
>>1507 I think it's been blacklisted, I literally can't find it anymore.
>>1523 thank you anon
>>1501 Not infested with teenagers. So yes i like it so far. The users are good and posts so far are sensible and well thought. This site has become a repition of same tropes, i find it annoying now.
>>1527 I don't like 8chan since there is porn on the board. I agree that the post quality here is a lot worse than on the prievious InCh. I miss the Kanglus, since they made threads more interesting. Tired of seeing the same kanging and incel threads everyday.
>>1528 you can hide the porn threads by clicking on the small arrow and selecting "hide post"
>>1529 It's too late. I saw something fucking revolting (the one with the marbles) My god.
>>1532 no offense but you should learn to ignore and filter threads that you do not like. Also, do not let unrelated threads distract you from the other informative threads on the board. Looking forward to see you there
>>1533 Itna kya dalaali kar raha hai 8ch ki... smfh
>>1533 you are glowing sirs
>>1540 bit rich coming from an indiachan.io poster
(135.52 KB 371x353 intresting.png)
>>1541 you gave the exact same reply to someone on /b/ too why are you shilling 8c on here so much ?
Sahitya could totally be off inch and somewhere else if the 10-12 users could move there.
>>1554 Nahi ho payega. Totally not possible. Our community could have thrived on /lit/ but those bastards have IP banned every single Indian...
>>1555 it's so easy to bypass 4cuck bans. >>1554 true, 8ch is the best option right now, I don't think any other boards have significant indian presence
>>1556 > it's so easy to bypass 4cuck bans How? Pls tell
>>1557 how about you grow a braincell and start figuring things out by yourself? Fucking nufag
>>1558 have tried basically everything from paid to free VPN, Tor browsers too, nothing works.