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Local Library Thread Anon 09/13/2022 (Tue) 19:43:10 ID:e119df No. 397
What's your favorite nearby library? It seems like public libraries in India are a complete state. I usually go to the Asiatic Society library which has roughly everything you could ask for, but it isn't the kind where you can borrow. Also doesn't have much that's in other languages. The other libraries usually end up being college libraries or reading rooms with zero selection. What's the situation in your city?
>>397 I have my personal library at my house, and a shit ton of books on my kindle. All ebooks are pirated and the hardcopies are rare books that are not available for piracy. I have a local library, it is big but caters mostly to scientific journal enthusiasts. t.City of lakes
>>398 That's primarily what I do expect that there are hundreds of books you simply won't find a good scan/mobi of. Other times there are books that cost thousands of rupees and you can't own a physical copy either. You'd be surprised to learn how many obscure books you'd find at one of these places.
>>402 Nah, I have a friend who has a Bibliotik account. Pretty much every book is available there, and the quality is top notch. The only downside is that I freeload off him.
you guys have city libraries, that's nice...
>>406 You don't need one, just buy a kindle, get into a couple of pvt trackers and pirate every book in existence. A seedbox costs 800rs/month.
>>405 Next time I head there I'll name a hundred titles you can't find anywhere else. You'd be surprised at how much literature there exists beyond the mainstream.
>>408 Ik mate. I guess you haven't discovered the power of pvt trackers like BIB yet. They fulfill any request within 24hrs. The problem is that it's impossible to get into unless you have a friend in there.