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Anon 09/17/2022 (Sat) 07:01:03 ID:b3233b No. 435
How many pages you read per day? Do you read pdf/epub or physical copy? How many hours you spend per day reading books? What type of books you read? What change do you feel after you started to read books? Answer in this order >Inb4 serious answers only trollers btfo
>>435 1. Depends, but usually 200+ 2. Both, I have a kindle on which I read pirated books. The rare, non mainstream ones are either borrowed from libraries or bought in hardcopy. 3. Most genres except shitty motivational books and children books. I read books with good storylines. 4.I feel extremely eloquent, and a sense of accomplishment that you get after watching a 10/10 web show(since most books by my preferred authors are kino and offer great storylines, a truly enthralling experience). And yeah, my vocabulary has improved by leaps and bounds.
>>435 Post your own answers too,OP. This board is dead.
60-80 pages easily, and sometimes 150+ if I'm hooked to the book. Have been reading epub versions lately as I am a poorfag but I do borrow hardcopies from friends 2-3 hours for study related books and 4-5 hours for others (incl nooozepapers) I waste less time on imageboards and twatter now, and act a little uppity irl in front of my friends.
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unrelated to the post but can anyone tell if picrel is a good read? I have a physical copy of it.
>>442 Dunno, never read it. Ask about it on pl3bbit or goodreads.
>>440 Op here 😸 20-30 pages >t. Slow reader I use epub on phone and pdf for pc 1.5 to 2 hours per day
Took about a week to finish Tamas by Bhishma Saini in Hindi (just finished) Its around 300 pages so about 40 pages a day in Hindi
>>444 >No kindle >No hardcopies Is it an enjoyable experience? I'm sure I'd hate that predicament.
>>442 kino bookcover
>>446 Paper is always more satisfying
>>448 no money 😞
>>435 How many pages you read per day? 50-200, depends on how much time I can wrestle out.I make notes while reading, so while my reading speed is high, the process is slower. Do you read pdf/epub or physical copy? Physical but reading more and more epub. Some books I have only on pdf, searching for a good e reader for it, my kindle is too old and slow. How many hours you spend per day reading books? 30 mins - 2 hours. What type of books you read? Usually non fiction. For fiction I usually read Manga. What change do you feel after you started to read books? New ideas make me think and look at the world differently. They also let me deep dive into ideas and points of views very different from my own.
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>>445 Based. Do you recommend reading it ?
>>449 Join a big library, and borrow books from likeminded people. And scout melas/markets for people selling 2nd stuff. I once found a guy selling 2nd hand books at rs40/KG kek, 3 of them turned out to be absolutely kino.
>>453 Good advice, I got through my bachelors using only used books and library. Got them real real cheap.
>>451 kek, what gave it away?
>>453 good advice anon
>>457 Why else does a reading person go to twitter.