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WhiteOBChad#sDQeKB 08/20/2022 (Sat) 06:47:37 ID:95e419 No. 57
Congratulations yaar( /lit/ poster anon)you achieved what I tried to do with /bio/ on last inch hope this board doesn't endup like /man/ even tho I don't have much interest in books as some of you since i already have alot of med syllabus but sometimes I will post good content here so that this board doesn't endup like /stem/.
>>57 I'm kinda trying to establish some sort of canon for /sa/. Obviously not a massive list which has to organically come about after a thousand people shill Infinite Jest or those Greek statue books, but at least a tentative list of books that people like here. It's always more fun to establish what people like so the board has some kind of culture, and more established contrarians. That was kinda the goal with with my /hin/ general, but let's wait till this board gains some traction. I'll make a more specific thread for the second edition perhaps, based on some theme of books. I can't care too much about English at the moment because one can simply browse 4chan for that. The only English books that are separately worth discussing is Indian poltiical/historical works that are more widespread in English, and have no real Western alternative. Good luck for your biology (or whatever it is) board. Just make do with a general or something since most people here (myself included) didn't study biology after the 10th. I doubt there's much of an audience for a field that you can't enjoy that much as a hobbyist, unlike literature. But try to garner a community on /stem/ and see where it goes from there.
>>57 thnku yaar, upar wale anon ne bhi bohot support Kiya, Maine toh bas wo thread post kar di thi /b/ pe, mujhe ni pta tha itna jyada interaction milega
>>68 Thanks anon, hope you succeed in making this board sane enough unlike /pol/ or /b/ without less toxicity. I am really looking forward what you gonna bring up at this board and sure I will try my best to gain as much knowledge as I can from anons like you about any certain topics since I feel left behind when people talk about our history, culture and art Since I wasn't brought up in a extremely religious environment. I will try my best to post more interesting topics on /bio/ as I can and contribute(as you did) to make this place better for less toxic anons like us. >>73 My pleasure pyaare anon, hope both of you will provide good content on /sa/.
>>73 lmao ab interact kar na bhosadiwale >>79 Literature boards filter out lots of scum anyway, they're slow for a reason. I just hope the arts faggots participate because I am an engineering student so it's not like I've studied this shit except as a hobbyist. I can simply contribute the shit I've read and maybe organise shit (which is why I feel like /stem/ is so trash, fifteen different high schoolers make fresh threads on laptop recommendations every morning). So anyway, let's see how this goes. Maybe we do need English generals to get some traction since it seems like Hindi literature isn't that popular among zoomers, at least as of yet.
>>84 busy hu yaar thoda
>>68 The autists on 4chan's /lit/ board don't actually read books though. I've gotten more replies here in like a day or 2 than like 3 years on that pointless board.
>>162 They did back in the day, though. It's still a good board as a board tourist/lurker, but they've saturated the discussions with pseudointellectual yapping and don't participate in the simple joy of discussing books anymore. It's not even a very dynamic artform, so unlike /mu/ they don't have a million things a week to keep the ball rolling. Present day /lit/ just has an established canon, nothing more and nothing less. I just use it as an autist's Goodreads at this point