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/code/ - programming thread 06/16/2022 (Thu) 07:29:43 ID:05ad6e No. 1113 [Reply]
THE containment thread for all cooder coolie anons to circlejerk about all your FAGMAN fantasies here. use this thread to solve your newfag programming doubts, or show off whatever youre doing with your code at the moment. >Basic resources https://www.classcentral.com/report/free-developer-it-certifications https://freecodecamp.org All OCW stuff from Ivy League https://geeksforgeeks.com >CP & Practice https://leetcode.com https://www.topcoder.com/ https://www.hackerrank.com/ https://www.codechef.com/ --- More links related to specific domains will be put in the thread soon. Drop your recommendations as well.
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>>3564 It’s so hard to land a job. All jobs listed are over 200 applicants. There are 200000 swe jobs on indeed and only about 16000 for data engineer, a lil bit more for data analysts which I can’t do bc of ‘tism, and data scientist positions which I’m not qualified for as a master student. I think they made up this major just to fuck me up at this point. What do

(227.89 KB 1183x1454 ccc.jpg)
Anon 08/19/2022 (Fri) 19:18:05 ID:b1bfe2 No. 3616 [Reply]
where to get this book at low price sirs? Everywhere it is 4k+ sirs. >download pdf i am more of a book person sirs
>>3616 print it yourself
>>3616 based book i am currently reading it.
>>3617 Unfathomably based.

(88.75 KB 1400x933 1_TriVn-OMmn-niO4fwGAE8A.jpeg)
(5.15 KB 225x225 bait.jpg)
(9.76 KB 259x194 bait2.jpg)
Anon 08/19/2022 (Fri) 18:51:52 ID:5d05a6 No. 3611 [Reply]
Android developers nigg​​a​s of inch how much ram you really need to make android apps the official website says I need to have 8GB or more ram but I will use my phone for debugging currently I am using my a dell laptop with 8GB ram with amd ryzen 5th processor is it possible to make android apps on this configuration
> dell laptop with 8GB ram with amd ryzen 5th processor is it possible to make android apps on this configuration its possible. i made one on my old i3 4th gen + 4GB DDR3 win10 luptup, but the experience was horrible. barely usable at times. 8GB will get the job done, but i'll recommend 16GB or more. dont use windows.
>>3611 16gb of dual channel 3200mhz ddr4 ram will be enough for all types of app development. For game development you will need 32.

(18.48 KB 442x693 images (3) (1).jpeg)
Upaay batao Anon 08/18/2022 (Thu) 23:33:13 ID:46f3d6 No. 3565 [Reply]
Ek aisa anonymous imageboard kaise banaayein jo fully democratic ho? Jahaan domain ownership se leekar jannying sab voting pe chaley? Kya blockchain iska upaay hai? Konsi skills chahiyein isey implement karnay?
>>3565 XMR is end of state/bank run financial system
>>3565 Voting ka kuch hota hai blockchain me I read some whitepaper few weeks back
>>3570 >>3571 4cuck ka shill choda spotted dosto
>>3565 teri maa ka ownership bhi democratic hai kya?

Anon 08/14/2022 (Sun) 18:18:31 ID:0c3ed7 No. 3219 [Reply]
I find it embarassing to tell strangers that IGNOU se BCA kar raha hoon. What will I do when recruiter asks me?
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>>3326 I'm an employed Brahman lmfao. I'm trying to help out an unemployed chamaar in fact.
>>3219 >IGNOU Meme university >bca Meme degree >What will I do when recruiter asks me? Don't worry, you won't face such situation. If you're planning to get job based on kaalej degree, just kys. Or learn marketable skills on your own and gain experience.
>>3328 >just lie and get blacklisted bro >>3331 >just stay unemployed bro old inch/g/ was better and OP hang yourself
>>3377 Bamman ki maa behen chodo
>>3555 Checked

(182.20 KB 1080x2340 Screenshot_20220819-143658.png)
made a custom rom myself Anon 08/19/2022 (Fri) 10:00:07 ID:4df1b7 No. 3591 [Reply]
I made a custom rom aosp 12 myself for my old phone Samsung M20 it was difficult and time consuming the compiling took about 20-30 hours on my computer and installations was really complicated because of Samsung bullshit encryption thing but after installing there were ni apps literally nothing but phone message clock and basic bullshit didn't even have browser What should i di next on this device suggestions? Akso bring back /g/
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>>3597 are you fucking retard? basic shell scripting
>>3597 Actual retard look into AOSP everything is already "coded" only thing you need to do is compile the os for your specific device and have few binaries for drivers ehich are propriety
>>3598 Didn't install gapps just magisk gonna use device fir developing my own android apps because ehy not >>3596 I really don't know it might just have none tbh you can find custom roms easily fr free on the internet but you'll have full control over yourr device
>>3591 very cool how much ram does your system have?
Yaar why is no one sharing a manual/article to make own android based OS?

(19.71 KB 554x554 images (1) (5).jpeg)
(18.41 KB 501x612 images (1) (6).jpeg)
Anon 08/11/2022 (Thu) 10:03:57 ID:230f0c No. 2807 [Reply] [Last]
>slog in jee coaching of 3rd world nation for years >get top JEE rank >stoody engineering B.Tech from nation's top engineering institutions, made to be nation's harvard, stanford , MIT, Princeton and shiet >supposed to do new research and revolutionise nation's industry >supposed to do engineering as they were intended >go back to teaching 11 12th grader kids PCM coachings to propagate jee industry in a self serving and rotating cycle Why are they like this? What is Inch's opinion on them? What is the use of all these labs and funding if they are going to be HS science teachers in the end
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>>3510 Bump yaaro
>>3510 Bump
Absolute state of IITians
>>3603 Topkek
>>2942 >Fuck this shit!! such is the genetic quality of pajeets. Zyklon B is the only solution to lundians

Anon 08/19/2022 (Fri) 15:09:00 ID:ab2802 No. 3590 [Reply]
How did it remain extremally popular and relevant decades later even though it has so many descendant languages that came from it that are easier to use and faster? All other old languages went extinct. Does it really still have noticeable advantages over its grandchildren like python?
>>3590 Time critical applications can't and systems stuff can't function on bloat.
>>3590 Its the mother of all modern languages and is still sensible because almost OS which people use today are built on it. C++ is still used widely in game dev and other performance intensive programs and you can't learn C++ without actually learning C. This is actually slightly faster than even C++ because of it doesnt have the abstractions that C++ has but its practical use it pretty much non existent as of now except in BIOS/bootloader/compilers. It is like a basic building block. Python's interpreter is written in C.

Pure Math thread Anon 08/18/2022 (Thu) 05:29:45 ID:888739 No. 3512 [Reply]
Discuss regarding whatever you are doing in pure maths right now. Even if you are studying real analysis, group theory, rings, finite fields, topology, operator theory etc.
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good books for euclidean geometry? I want to learn it from scratch and master it at the level of olympiads? Btw, do mathematicians do research in this area?
>>3572 Search sphere packing problem Iss baar fields medal Mila usme
>>3574 She won because woman and Ukrainian. If she truly deserved it she would have won in 2018 the year she got snubbed
>>3574 Pretty sure it wasn't euclidean geometry
>>3584 It isn't. But the Problem itself started Euclidean geometry.

(31.66 KB 1157x568 Screenshot 2022-08-19 153910.png)
netbeans user 08/19/2022 (Fri) 10:11:48 ID:b92c5d No. 3575 [Reply]
>using netbeans >installed wildfly web server >tested running the project on server >created a jsp file >tried running it >doesn't work.....just nothing happens
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>>3575 Why are you using NetBeans in 2022 ?
>>3578 this
>>3578 cause my kallej suggests that but I still have the IntelliJ one.
>>3580 >cause my kallej suggests College ki ma ki chut yaar NetBeans suck ass Even vscode is better than it
>>3581 baat toh sahi hai. PHP ke liye vscode hee use karta hu.