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(175.74 KB 1080x864 IMG_20230221_210335.jpg)
Anon 02/21/2023 (Tue) 15:44:19 ID:ff3f40 No. 11437 [Reply] [Last]
please somebody help me escape this how ppl make software products from scratch? picrel how to be like these guys? what im missing? IITian friends? even how this inch is made? and other products? any tips? don't spoonfeed me just hint me what's the right path to it? i've posted it on /stem/ as well as there are more ppl here im posting it here too, you can answer it here or there doesn't matter just answer me buddies what do these guys doing different?
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>>11529 >>11529 >You are literally an MLE I don't do that much coding at my job, as it an edtech ,I also have to take online sessions
>>11440 >bro i appreciate your reply but that's a path will lead u to definitely a great job, but im not looking for it i am saying to excel at systems engineering like full system from scratch Do you know any Rust? Learn Rust, you'll be bound to learn a lot of low level programming. https://lwn.net/Kernel/ Read into this, get familiar with how the kernel level works. Also, inch is the worst fucking place to be asking this shit. Are you in college? If your college has a decent library, there should be a section with books on this shit. Explore it whenever time permits.
>>11612 >know any rust? nope ive started learning fsharp(any views on that, where it'll lead me) but cool if fucksharp doesn't work i'll explore that rusty hole >inch is the worst fucking place to be asking this shit saaar where do i go then? here the new posts appears on the top, it's a blessing other jew platforms sort by popularity >college? no, even when i was in my bhangiloo college didn't allow higher academia or completely different concept books than curriculum kek
>>11437 bhangi ke bacche google everything
>>11737 >it's a blessing other jew platforms sort by popularity Shut the fuck up. We're not trying to get news or frame political opinions here, we're trying to gain technical knowledge. Mainstream platforms are good enough for stuff that's on the beginner side of a learning curve. Just jewgle whatever the fuck you want to learn with "reddit" at the end. Once you get moving you'll figure out what you want yourself. If you want a platform that is less mainstream, just use 4chan's /g/. In any case, inch is just retarded, especially for things that are motivated by passion/autism and not employment. >F# slightly odd choice, just do rust

(97.19 KB 1167x800 Screenshot 2023-02-25 151446.jpg)
xoxo 02/25/2023 (Sat) 09:46:03 ID:a3d9fc No. 11811 [Reply]
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>>11820 cope + seethe + dilate
>>11821 Absolute state of newfags yaar

(41.70 KB 362x362 1454943950824.png)
Anon 02/11/2023 (Sat) 14:18:04 ID:ddb7a6 No. 10784 [Reply]
Mujhe chatgpt use karna hai lekin globohomo ko apna phone number diye bina. Upaay?
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>>10784 apne papa ka dedo maine bhi yahi kiya papa se phone karke bas otp poochna pada
>>10784 It only asks for gmail.
>>10787 Hat bhangi bsdk har board pe bheekh mangta firta hai. I have a few sites for it but fuck all redditchamars and nufags
>>10792 asks for phone verification

(7.70 KB 221x228 1563774744.jpg)
Anon 02/15/2023 (Wed) 10:05:37 ID:37fe47 No. 10942 [Reply]
Ci/cd pipeline kaise banate hain bhai kuch samajh nahi aara help kardo
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(23.40 KB 460x460 40965179.jpg)
>>10942 Actual DevOps developer anon here. It all depends on which cloud platform you're using, what tool you're using to build a pipeline, etc. My idea of making a pipeline always starts from visualizing the workflow of how the steps of achieving what we want. For instance, lets say we want to host a website, whose source code is at GitHub. Now, we want to fetch that code (either via wget or by git clone) onto our linux/bundows VM (hosted on AWS or whatever cloud). Next step can be either running a webserver service like nginx or apache/httpd and editing the .conf file for the webserver to point the source code path to the instance's IP address. Furthermore, you need to restart the webserver service to finally see the website on the URL mentioned in our YAML file. Once you have visualized the steps, you write the pipeline using CI/CD tools. For starters, I recommend Jenkins. Easy to install, understand and makes life a 100x easier and has tons of functionality too. Pipeline banao and maje karo.
>>11110 Based, I'll also be getting placements from my linux institute soon, hopefully it'll be in devops role. Also can you link a guide?
>>11112 oye tu wahi redhat wala banda hai? jisne institute me admission lene ke liye thread banaya tha I remember you
(8.72 KB 318x159 download.png)
>>11112 >Linux institute why do you need to goto an institute to learn Linux? its not rocket science tbf. >guides Yet again, in my case I just tried to learn by using the tools. Agar tum kisi application ko use karre ho, then use it to its full potential and try every single feature out. I just took refrences from freecodecamp videos and a friend's acloudguru account to learn devops.
>>11117 >freecodecamp >acloudguru normie spotted dosto

(33.37 KB 363x542 IMG_20230224_133300_880.jpg)
Book sharing thread Anon 02/24/2023 (Fri) 08:05:55 ID:39087e No. 11775 [Reply]
Share the stem books which you like to read ( not related to academics ) but based on any discipline like astroscience, cosmology or any other in general which is must read for stem enthusiasts
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>>11775 Pirated this book >>11778 Pirated this book Thanks for sharing yaaro
The VSI series is pretty good for beginners.
>>11781 Link?
>>11783 /sa/ me post kar na lodu
>>11781 Welcome yaar anon

(80.28 KB 1000x1024 feelsgoodman.jpg)
bhangis btfo'd dropper 02/23/2023 (Thu) 17:18:40 ID:ead0b8 No. 11694 [Reply]
 pregnancy bhangis btfod so i wasted most of my drop year and have been only scoring 60 marks in mocks only till january until i started the "ad hoc" strategy wherein you give solve paper everyday and learn the necessary concepts from it. i have been scoring as much as 120-130 and soon going to hit 150+ before april attempt. see ya bhangis
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Good now back to leddit.
what pregnancy bhangi? what is this new slang gattarchod
>>11734 Churanvid filtered j‎‎e‎e to pregnancy
>>11694 mere 200 marks aye the mains mai by self study I am high iq
>>11694 Jan me kya percentile aayi anon

Anon 02/22/2023 (Wed) 15:50:44 ID:ca4d4d No. 11627 [Reply]
What is this gfg solving for India hackathon and are you participating in it?
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>>11631 they don't have BITS or any of the IITs except for hyd and madras so i don't think i care about this
i am in the group with 2 of the toppers of my class and our class representative, i dont know how but yeah.
>>11681 jeet ke aana yaaro
>>11690 will try, thanks.
>>11627 meme competitiion

Interactive Double Pendulum Playground theabbie 02/24/2023 (Fri) 01:51:45 ID:29f56f No. 11734 [Reply]
>>11734 Oye abbeie codemastercpp ke server me wapis ja mujhe to ban kar Diya tha

(175.74 KB 1080x864 IMG_20230221_210335.jpg)
Anon 02/21/2023 (Tue) 15:40:20 ID:094f69 No. 11427 [Reply]
please somebody help me escape this how ppl make software products from scratch? picrel how to be like these guys? what im missing? IITian friends? even how this inch is made? and other products? any tips? don't spoonfeed me just hint me what's the right path to it? maybe i'll post it on /b/ as well as there are more ppl there?
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(361.00 KB 1070x601 image_2023-02-21_223829365.png)
>>11427 >asking these quesns as a 60 lpa software developer >real engineering never happens in Lundia were WHAT THE FUCK BROOTAL YAAR
>>11431 >by knowing about softwares and maths i didn't ask this in my post but nvm i think kuch gadbad hui h reply aur thread me >timely feedback can't agree more, and other factors also start depleting because of the self doubt on whether im going right way or not? >using their respective languages i always have a hard tym figuring out this as non-mainstream products/tech is difficult to find >by the time you're 2 or 3 chapters in you'll be knowning about your surroundings this one was good > if you need resources definitely, pls share >we can get connected on some sort of instant messaging platforms sure tell me where you feel comfortable >if i ever comeback here i also don't use this forum often, but i'll check upon this thread daily for like somedays if you comeback reply on this thread
>>11431 Mujhe zaraa bash scripting seekhne ke resources de
>>11530 alright how you people doing? i got a temporary instagram account which i had created for some purposes which i would be deleting in few days, so message me there, i'll provide my matrix link on it, so that we can have persistence in the future id is: 73stingacc no profile, no post nothing, account is few weeks old, alt: https://instagram.com/73stingacc?igshid=ZDdkNTZiNTM= >>11531 these are some go to resources: https://linux.die.net/Bash-Beginners-Guide/ (book start from here and stick to it if you don't like it, then linux journey see below) https://linux.die.net/abs-guide/ (advanced bash scripting, only read it after the earlier one) https://linuxjourney.com/ (hand holding but good) https://tldp.org/ (gnu/linux in general but not limited to it)

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>>11625 damn late hogya, check dms @73stingacc

Telugu Anon 02/23/2023 (Thu) 02:11:32 ID:381377 No. 11659 [Reply]
pregnancy walo Kalse board exam hai, how are you preparing for it?
(72.79 KB 275x184 image_2023-02-23_074904442.png)
>>11659 telugu anon speaking hindi bhai rulaega kya
Oneshots and pyqs wonly.
>>11662 Kannadnìga spoke better hindi than bimarus
>>11664 nice yaar
>>11659 Chuduvu kora inter nibba mowa