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(73.08 KB 720x222 IMG_20220923_205827.jpg)
Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 15:37:03 ID:4a98c0 No. 5535 [Reply]
Yaaron, wtf is statistics in class 12? Is it just economics or is it a totally different subject? My brother wants to do BCA and has taken CS in commerce but no maths. He will get 10% quota for CS but I'm not sure about the stats quota? I can't even find its CBSE subject code anywhere so I assume that it must be just economics. Am I wrong?
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>>5538 Listen Stop this it bs I completed my bcom from a tier 3 local kalej And now I am pursuing my mba from iim lucknow I would still earn more than these itbhangis
>>5539 >stem Maa chadao faggot
(59.65 KB 462x405 IMG_20220923_211556.jpg)
>>5539 Bhai wo mujhe bhi pata hai yar par ye bas class 11 mein thhi. Jab mera result aaya thha tab usme bas economics hi likha thha. Ab ye nahin pata ki BCA mein admission ke time ye log statistics ka koi alag subject na maang lein kyunki marksheet pe economics hi likha hoga.
>>5540 IIM ka paisa nahin hai yaara 😔
>>5543 Even I don't have I took a students loan

Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 12:16:36 ID:1b4118 No. 5607 [Reply]
my cousin who works in construction is telling me to take civil engineering instead of electrical. he tells me he had contacts that would get me jobs and shit and how construction is kore satisfying than meme degrees which do not have amy scope in Lundia. What do you think inch bros? Is he scamming me? guy is straight as a pole and is always serious
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>>5643 Kys underage faggot mostly infrastructure projects are being give to Indian firms and engineer and labour both is indian
(203.63 KB 720x959 IMG_20220923_202924.jpg)
>>5607 Take anything but cse.
>>5644 No surprises there. Mechanical engineers know just the right amount about electrical, thermodynamic and fabrication to do that. Most HVAC work is pretty standard though, nothing really that requires too much of thinking or design etc. >>5643 Surely they're hiring Indian majdoors and site supervisors at least right anon? I can't imagine them flying in majdoors from abroad
>>5644 In india there is no HVAC lmao, only in corporate/government offices they hire on contract technicians, In US people have centralised heating in their houses.
>>5647 They don't hire anyone, government releases multiple tenders for same project, related to different things, local contractors who get these contracts provide labour and materials, sometimes some on-site workers will be foreign, for example in case of Statue of Unity construction. It all depends on the contract and tender - what is it about. In building Mukesh Ambani's House, foreign Engineers and onsite technicians had to come to india to work.

(14.22 KB 414x233 images (10).jpeg)
Anon 08/26/2022 (Fri) 15:13:03 ID:b9b8a8 No. 3971 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone remember this suraj yadav bhangi who got AIR 5 in jee advanced and his tatti site was ddosd by some inchfag.he is working as a software engineer in samsung South Korea and what's funny is (BTW I am a nigger) is only earning 15lpa in ppp kek
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>>4049 No he is not He is earning easily more than average what gooks make. Don't fall for ppp meme. These bhangis just want to show how they are superior than this Suraj poodav
>>4044 Kek, good cope
>>4051 >>4052 >>4053 >>4054 Those articles are from news papers.
(418.81 KB 900x900 unnamed.png)
>>3971 This truly warms my cold heart But how sure are you anonji?
>>5308 This just shows what kind of education this country has . Probably sab ratliya par application mey yeah probably 0 hai .

(58.53 KB 720x958 FbErYu6VsAUCrF0.jpeg)
Anon 09/20/2022 (Tue) 22:18:50 ID:2ee093 No. 5200 [Reply]
I want to work in medical science but want my job to be computer related. What degree can I pursue to get benefits of working in non-IT company while doing IT work?
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>>5200 >>5335 also a solid resume complete with projects and resarch/extra coursework/experience will help you a fuckton. treat all kinds of med engineering as an elite field.
>>5335 >>5337 >ms abroad in nice kalej In which field? Also is your advice unchanged after I tell you that I have a BCA and very average %?
>>5339 >bcafag >now wants to join healthcare industry what the fuck happened anyways i think youll be getting things like bioinformatics and healthcare systems engineering/maintenance etc after bca. sorry cant help you much with options i dont know much about the general bca syllabus and am a ug myself dont be demotivated tho. must medengineer jobs are actually core fields (like ece) that found its application in a hospital. you should start getting well versed in biology though. gl
>>5348 >what the fuck happened Need a job that won't vanish after automation hits IT, also a job that isn't dependent on what some pigskin client needs, working directly for hospital seems great as a job security and doing meaningful work that helps patients. >anyways i think youll be getting things like bioinformatics and healthcare systems engineering/maintenance etc after bca That's all i need pyaarey since my coding skills aren't exceptional Will ask baap to arrange money for phoren
>>5385 you could also try shooting for scholarships (i hear GATE has them too?) or get a student loan or even a sponsorship by some study abroad company that sees profits on investing in you.

(1.36 MB 1500x1049 1616172814670 (1).png)
Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 02:04:18 ID:1dc8ad No. 5389 [Reply]
Is japan a good option for career if you like video games and have an interest in japanese language? The western game development is monopolized by a few companies where execs take all the money and employees are overloaded with crunchtime and horrible conditions(ea, blizzard, etc.). And departments will be filled with woke ideology and restrictions on what you're allowed to believe and do, even when your a 'poc' in the west. Meanwhile japan has a big video games industry and do not hire based of diversity quotas, plus better people. Is working in japan a good option?
>>5389 The only problem is that the Japanese society won't accept you if you don't look like them, if you qre from northeast it might be the best decision to.
>>5390 no they like indo peeps just not bihari majdoor. >>5389 go there and stabilize their population
>>5389 >working in japan >as a migrant >AND an art creator at that anon...

(73.35 KB 512x512 IMG-20220921-WA0021.jpg)
How do i become hacker? Mod_69 09/21/2022 (Wed) 19:08:45 ID:3b110e No. 5313 [Reply]
Matlb , tracking house by picture , hacking ,hacking sites ,whatsapp,wifi,etc. I found these thing really fascinating
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(30.77 KB 675x345 sss.png)
>exploit 2 vulnerable VM's daily >stop eating sugar
>>5376 You will never reach me fucker
(33.57 KB 650x458 gujjew.jpg)
>>5380 got you!
>>5381 No way!;
>>5340 tere gharwalo ke paav ke talve ki khaal slice karke nikal dunga. fir talvo par namak lagaunga aur bakri se chatwaunga unhe. fir unke saare nakhoon dheere dheere pliers se ukhadunga. aur namak-bakri wala karyakram dubara karunga unke saath. fir unko adrenaline ka dose pe chadhaunga aur seedha khada karke unki gaand mai sariya ghused dunga. wo sariya unki gand mai ghuskar unke zaban se bahar niklega. uss sariya ko crane se baandh kar mai din ki dhoop mai sukhne rakh dunga. shaam ko niche utar kar mai unki chaati faad kar blood eagle bana dunga. fir mai uss body pe honey lagakar unhe latakne rakh dunga taaki saare keede aur pakshi unka swaad le sake. dusre din unka sar kalam karke mai unke sharir ko apni gaadi se baandh kar poore shahar mai gedi marunga. road trip ke baad mai unke chaar tukde karunga aur unpe peshab karke unko naale mai fek dunga

(162.74 KB 796x1088 mybrokenredminote4.jpeg)
Anon 09/17/2022 (Sat) 12:05:51 ID:13c774 No. 5022 [Reply]
Suppose I'm in a anti-gov or banned organization in India. Now, I need a mobile cell phone to communicate which is untraceable by police and anyone else. Even our organization can't afford expensive stuffs due to no funds. What phone should I buy?
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(52.73 KB 600x800 1594343431136.jpg)
>>5034 >mostly in some secluded alley or muslim area, where every shop is of second hand phones with shady shopkeepers. Go back to /b/ullshit somewhere else
>>5036 shat up blaady
>>5022 Burner phones or just ask some random pajeet to make a call from their phone.
>>5032 hello ajit doval surrr big fan surrr
>>5023 thanks >>5024 good old days >>5030 yes >>5031 exactly what I'm planning to do. >>5032 you can find such markets in shady areas of big cities.

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(9.10 KB 291x173 images.jfif)
anon 09/21/2022 (Wed) 17:08:53 ID:1f935f No. 5305 [Reply]
> Wipro fires 300 employees for moonlighting > wipro provides minimum wage > How do you survive wagie?
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>>5308 Anon how to rise . I'm already a fucked engineering student.
>>5309 You can't, I already said. It's a ruthless and brutal world.
Back to plebbit shitskin chamar.
By upskilling or by roping
>>5305 You look around and see what skills are in demand in your company. You learn those skills, then you tell your manager you can do x job as well now. Your value in company increases, they increase your salary so that you don't leave. It's literally nothing special, it's how companies have worked from the beginning I swear to gods lundian codebgangis are THE most childish people around. 0 maturity bhenchod

Not posting on /stem/ 'cause its fucking dead. Anon 09/20/2022 (Tue) 15:09:28 ID:7f5fc1 No. 5162 [Reply]
Where can i find good lectures that completely NCERT based for biology?
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>>5162 Mere samay kaal me Nptel ka prayog hua karta tha .parantu ab uski vishwasniyata par mujhe sandeh h
>>5162 Fuck you underage chamaar chakke bhosadpille
Ncert padhle would be better
>>5168 Kuch kuch line ncert ka upar se chala jaata hai
>>5162 noarmally i would call you a faggot and tell you to leave but you have a nice gif look up ozone classes

pajeet 08/28/2022 (Sun) 10:05:52 ID:742bf0 No. 4105 [Reply]
Hi I am bania pajeet from lundia, I love shitting on the street and cheating on cuckchef and pajeetcode. https://leetcode.com/discuss/general-discussion/2493808/cheater-detected-weekly-contest-308 https://www.linkedin.com/in/prakhar-aggarwal-5353ba1a3/
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>>4178 Can't two solutions be same?
>>4105 why are poojeets so dishonest
>>4105 gone
Kek shitskin looks so ugly I bet he stoodied his whole 2 years to get into nsut