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(88.24 KB 1199x628 IMG_20220622_162903_567.jpg)
loser IT fag working at faang, very unhappy..kya karu sad 09/10/2022 (Sat) 18:42:13 ID:0b77a6 No. 4712 [Reply]
> tier 3 itfag '20 passout > placed in witch > stay there for 2 yrs > leetcodemaxx > get in faang (not amazon) > remote work ends fuckers call us to office > socially retarded > living in this shithole called Bangalore > no friends > work isn't that exciting > waste so much time on travel & other shit > fkn costly rent > feel like I'll never be able to save enough to live life comfortably > got scammed by a broker this month lost 18k > I feel alone, sad, depressed > not making enough money (30 lpa tc/yr pre tax), the uneducated landlords are earning way more :( > what should I do to earn more? Remote job?
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>>4712 Don't be so humble. You know, I started out exactly where you are, and... to be honest, you know, my heart is still there. So I see you're running Gnome. You know, I'm actually on KDE myself. I know this desktop environment is supposed to be better but... you know what they say. Old habits... they die hard.
>>4947 Yeah, I know what you're thinking. I'm an executive. I mean... why am I even running Linux? Again... old habits. It's gonna be fun working with you. I should join the rest of the group. Bonsoir, Anon!
>>4947 >>4948 gpt3 post?
>>4947 >>4948 Kek this is a Mr robot reference
>>4938 Abe chamar underagefaggot. He is earning it in wage. Even someone earning 10 crore in IT is a wagie

Guidance Anon 09/16/2022 (Fri) 19:28:26 ID:372fc1 No. 5010 [Reply]
Yaar ye ISI me itni placement kaise ho rhi hai? ISI tier 1 hai kya? Mujhe ISI and CMI ke baare me batao yaar koi.
>>5010 Back to pl3bbit chamar. And stop looking for placements and focus on actual skills, fucking pajeet.
>>5010 >ISI tier 1 hai kya? Unironically ISI and CMI are elite tier 1 on par with CSE at old IITs and better than private tier 1s BITS and IIIT H.

(31.64 KB 600x600 28xp-pepefrog-superJumbo.jpg)
Anon 09/16/2022 (Fri) 14:23:12 ID:bba576 No. 4986 [Reply]
Got selected for tcs digital. How to crack the interview? 7lpa will change my life
(2.24 MB 350x250 b1p053n1p0m81.mp4)
>>4986 >jerk off >Interviewbit- all CS topics+ OOPS, DSA, ur preferred language >Some mostly asked sample program practice >profit(??)
>>4986 talked to a couple of friends who had their interviews today They ask actual retard tier questions One guy was asked to write a code for printing his name and age (hard-coded) Another was asked 'what program do you know?' and the guy wrote a program to add two scanned variables and print the sum im a huge retard. if I'd called over a bunch of retards to help me with my test I'd also have been placed. But nooo, unsure, indecisive, rwtarded, fuck shit baster birch

(107.08 KB 551x600 1663153760918603.jpg)
Linux from Scratch Anon 09/14/2022 (Wed) 11:11:27 ID:bb7273 No. 4877 [Reply]
I'm planning on reading this book from tomorrow. Has anyone here read it? Any tips/suggestions?
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>>4972 Im doing it to make my own linux iso with my preferred set of tools and shit
>>4983 how will you build the iso? shell scripts?
>>4984 and what parent distro will you base it off?
>>4984 >>4985 he's just an underage bhangi who doesn't know shit.
>>4987 oh :(

(27.34 KB 640x480 images (54).jpeg)
(75.82 KB 690x691 images (55).jpeg)
Anon 09/15/2022 (Thu) 09:26:44 ID:702e78 No. 4950 [Reply]
Which Camera Module Placement looks good? I prefer 1st one.
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(56.48 KB 498x334 pepe-cringe.gif)
>>4966 >ignores all other points >freedom to fiddle around with it why tf would you want to do that
>>4967 Average technical sagar fan
Nothing but cope from poor fags that can't afford an iphone
>>4953 Kys
>>4951 ok mr tim apple. ye tumhara libnation nahi hai. aur na hum itoddler hai. pls bahar jaake apni maa chudaye

(21.04 KB 502x611 images (58).jpeg)
buying a mobile Anon 08/22/2022 (Mon) 05:46:32 ID:4bf75a No. 3685 [Reply]
i want following specs in a phone :- 1. Battery >= 5000 mAh 2. Processor = Snapdragon (because idk if there's any other processor better than this one) 3. Camera = idk if theres a quality difference between a triple camera and quad camera. a mediocre to best camera feature phone will do. 4. Budget <= 25k All i saw on Flipkart and Amazon are Samsung, Redmi, Vivo and Oppo. and also motorola but idk if theyre relevant anymore because i barely see anyone use it. I heard bad things about Samsung so im not sure about it anymore. Now why am i writing this here instead of telling all those specs to the retailer. Because i doubt they understand that level of detail in a mobile. They simply go with the brand. btw picunrel
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>>3767 Miui me add ate hai bohut
>>3768 *Ads
>>3685 Bro use 91mobiles site its pretty good
>>3685 Bro I'm using g71 and believe me the only downside is it doesn't have 4k support...but performance is top notch man!!
>>3685 buy an iphone

Coaching in Partial Drop KEK 09/15/2022 (Thu) 15:21:53 ID:f75b4d No. 4970 [Reply]
>be me, fuck up all the entrances >still want tier 1 >parents told me to gtfo to a tier 3 chamar clg >parents say join college and also join coaching dropper course what do I do anons my life is a fuckin mess
>>4970 sick beat bro anyone got the sace>
>>4970 Bhai tier-3 bhangism accept karle, drop me time waste mat kar.

Anon 09/15/2022 (Thu) 18:47:09 ID:9a0523 No. 4975 [Reply]
Is the alphabet the most ingenious creation of white europeans? It all mogs all scripts in its abilites. Unlike logosyllabic or abuguida writing, it so simplistic, that you dont need to modify characters or write complicated strokes making it easy to type on a computer. Unlike syllabic writing like kana, a letter can be used for a wide variety of sounds not just restricted to one syllable. Capitalization, bolding, italics convey the nuances of languages like sarcasm, yelling, and other things while other scripts have a hard time doing this. Other scripts that try this sort of writing system have way to many characters like 50-100 and this one has only 26 making it easy to fit on a keyboard.
>>4975 I agree that alphabets are superior to abugidas, for some of the same reasons you listed (e.g. computational use). But it was created by Phoenicians (who used an abjad with several vowels rendered, bordering a true alphabet), not by "white Europeans".

(55.46 KB 1000x1000 IMG-20220915-WA0001.jpg)
Anon 09/15/2022 (Thu) 05:29:46 ID:7206f3 No. 4931 [Reply]
Happy Berozgaar Day to all Engineers!
(24.93 KB 620x450 1023 (1).jpg)
>>4931 Mere maa baap idhar mereko "motivation" de rahe ki ye log bade engineer ban sakte aur tum neet kyu ho
>>4932 >>4932 >Aap ke time se engineering colleges chal rahe hai >Aap bhi kabhi meri tarah jawaan the >Yeh sab log aap ke time pe hi/aap se pehle engineering kar rahe the >Fir aapki photo kyu kisi laboratory ki deewar par nahi chipki hui? >Kalpana Chawla kyu? Mummy kyu space nahi gayi? >Papa, aap 11th boards me grace marks se paas hue the, phir bhi mere 89 pe bigad gaye? >Kya ukhaad liya aap dono ne zindagi me? >Ye chutiya naukri jaha 30 saal se gaand ghise jaa rahe hai. Aur kuch nahi. >Chup kyu ho gaye? >Kahiye? >Ab to competition bhi badh gaya hai. tab to supply se jyada demand thi. >Lekin aap dono ne bacche paida karne ke alawa aur kuch nahi kiya. >Agli baar mujhe sunane se pehle inn cheezon ke baare me sochiye aur phir apna moo kholiye. >start walking away >"bloody basterds...."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>4943 -_-
(24.93 KB 620x450 1023 (1).jpg)
>>4943 >"Humare time me fees ₹10 tha aur wo bhi humse bhara nahi ja raha tha. Khali chawal aur achar khate the. Ab tumhara laakho ka fees bharke college me padhaya hai, roz accha accha khate ho fir bhi itne nalayak ho. Agar mera baap mere liye itna sab karta to aaj mai bill gate hota" Can't win this yaar. Over for me.
>>4949 >sab bahane hai. struggle kar lete thoda. education loans hote hai. aap jo engineers dikha rahe hai unme se koi bhi crorepati nahi tha. aap bas aalsi hai.

(100.98 KB 1080x2340 Screenshot_20220915-124750.png)
Anon 09/15/2022 (Thu) 07:18:42 ID:b90aac No. 4933 [Reply]
What APP is this?
>>4933 Some android process
>>4933 I had found something like this too, turned out it was mobile Hotspot
settings, retard
>>4945 teri maa ki chut tera baap retard