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(40.27 KB 400x400 IMG_20220914_222411_295.jpg)
Anon 09/14/2022 (Wed) 16:55:42 ID:7d7630 No. 4906 [Reply]
Suggest some good Free VPN I will make a Proton mail and then with that Mail i will create a Reddit account which i will use to do the NEEDFUL. I am already planning to use TOR Browser (Android), so to be more secure i want to use a VPN but Paisa nahi hai paid VPN ke liye. I have planned to use Proton VPN before.
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>>4906 Protonmail is compromised
>>4906 >VPN proton mail keeps track of the ip the mail id has been created with which will be the ip of the free vpn now the free vpn will keep track of your ip 1 good thing is if you use a popular free vpn like turbo chinky it will have many ips which will waste fed's time but thats not a absolute protection i would sugest create protonmail while on proton vpn, they dont keep logs in vpn
>>4908 Yes they do They will share info with US agencies Not pajeet agencies
>>4916 No pull up? Your spine will be bend
>>4906 you just need a random mail for reddit they never verify it unlike other sites ,no need to make protonvpn which is backed by cia

Anon 09/14/2022 (Wed) 17:13:53 ID:2c0818 No. 4889 [Reply]
Let's say i use my Neighbour's WiFi to do some Shit on the internet so, who will get Caught me or him? Straight Question: Do phones also have a Unique ID/IP or Its only WiFi that can get you caught.
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>>4901 The router saves all mac address. It also logs how much traffic has been attached to it.
>>4899 >And you mac address will show and they will freakout -_- by default the hostname of a device and its mac address is sent to the router when you try to connect to it
(29.77 KB 840x97 %57.png)
(8.13 KB 506x80 %58.png)
>>4903 pic rel
>>4904 on phone you can do this
>>4898 one power cycle and the router forgets the mac or like 24 hours after you disconnect >>4901 >>4902 🔔 Go away jeefags

(53.46 KB 637x671 kutta.jpg)
Anon 09/14/2022 (Wed) 14:49:47 ID:8c1bb6 No. 4880 [Reply]
does switching to ubuntu or linux will increase my laptops battery life? Using nitro 7 series laptop.
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>>4880 >Ubuntu or linux Ubuntu is linux, retard. >Laptop Ngmi.
>>4880 Install the lightest ununtu package, and completely delete all the useless gay shit they have recently added.
>>4880 AHAHAHHAA short answer no As it turns out they haven't implemented battery power savings so your cpu always runs at max clock speeds out of the box To fix this you can use https://github.com/AdnanHodzic/auto-cpufreq After that you will have to install powertop from your distro's repository and run it with calibrate flag with sudo permissions
It will reduce your battery life >>4882 >>Laptop >Ngmi. This
>>4880 No, in fact battery performance is worse under Linux, especially when using standard desktop environments.

Anon 09/13/2022 (Tue) 08:52:55 ID:b47f4e No. 4841 [Reply]
>rejected by HR roastie such is the life of socially autist codebhangis
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>>4842 God hate them WITCH companies so much its unreal but literally every startup(here) only offers webdev jobs for freshers. SBCs and their consequences have been a disaster for the indian subcontinent. >>4845 thanks. I dont really care what a roastie thinks. i still find if funny how far a little bit of confidence and a sweet tongue can take you in life >>4858 i cant
>>4841 HR is low life scum. Engineer asking out HR is the modern day version of Vaishnav asking out a shudra. You spit on HR. Nothing else.
>>4864 Never seen a retard this based kek >>4863 What job do you want then? It suddenly dawned upon me that i want to work with control systems for vehicles. It's not easy to get into that field unless campus placement but I'll still try. Bit of a specialization. The layman - or even an engineering student - doesn't know half the terms in that field. Most of those standards and books about them are written by autistic German schizos. If i don't make it, I'll just accept my fate as a codebhangi/assembly line faggot, whichever way that goes.
>>4866 i dont know man. probably some low level stuff. but i dont think im competent enough for that. >control systems for vehicles thats really nice. i wish you good luck for your journey!! >>4864 problematic!!!
>>4879 You too, you too, wish u good luck for getting a good job to wageslave at :)

(548.64 KB 839x768 Pepe eyecross.png)
CMI and ISI Anon 08/15/2022 (Mon) 17:42:11 ID:daa0a5 No. 3294 [Reply]
Few months ago i didnt even know what these colleges are now i am seeing them everywhere on inch so give me a quick rundown on them
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>>3426 Brootal.
>>3426 >35k ngga if you can't even shell out that much money then unironically rope and reroll. average college fees for ug in lundia is like atleast 1.5lpa
>>3539 education should be free.
>>3541 > education should be free Everything should be free, teacher and professors should work for free too.
>>3294 Top math colleges of lundia

(633.59 KB 1538x2048 1660901152210240.jpg)
Anon 09/12/2022 (Mon) 11:46:12 ID:6088f2 No. 4820 [Reply]
How to get job in datacenter where there's minimal human interaction? What skills/certs do I need? Is NOC Engineer the role?
>>4820 bumping for intorust
>>4822 Very confusing yaar

(113.49 KB 1080x1350 42bf89838648f99f85169442631461d8.jpg)
Anon 09/12/2022 (Mon) 03:49:26 ID:6b6131 No. 4742 [Reply]
IE Irodov's numerical problems in Physics are the most complex and trickiest of its type-- much harder than Resnick and Halliday --for he combines multiple concepts of Physics..
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>>4742 Idk man I found Irodov easy in my jeefagging days. Pathfinder is a better book
>>4742 Do Krotov lodu
>>4742 I design high end switched mode power supplies with 500 microsecond over current protection with <15mV peak to peak ripple and voltage reference of <0.05% (temperature calibrated in software). The power stage FETs are <11mΩ Rds, topology is flyback, and can handle hundreds of watts. Software supports variable duty cycle (obviously), cycle skipping CCM and DCM and has analog temperature cutoffs I probably mog all jeefags in electricity chapter, get rekt.
>>4777 jeebhangis btfo forever and ever
>>4777 Nice yaar I am happy that you are doing what you like

anon you can't copeff 09/13/2022 (Tue) 10:05:06 ID:dfc2d1 No. 4846 [Reply]
>IIT patna , jammu placement stats from their official website How do you guys keep yourself in such delusions that only cse fags are earning. Most of these placements are from non tech(banking, consultancy). Even a tier 3 IIT core branch bhangis mogs most of you cse fags.
>>4846 So inch lied to me again?? Mera iit bhubaneswar wala dost toh mast package lega !! Why do you do this anons
>>4846 Its better to start business unironically . do good in college and learn ,may get into some job for experience but focus on business. I am jealous at current generation when i see the possibility in the market

(91.57 KB 465x600 1bf.png)
Anon 09/13/2022 (Tue) 09:13:55 ID:fca1ae No. 4849 [Reply]
>why yes i am an IITpregnancy aspirant how could you tell
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>>4851 No jee is life
>>4852 No kys
>>4853 Based fellow jeechad
>>4855 >Based fellow jeechad
>>4856 >Every inch chamaar

/wg/ Kinosuke##IA112v 09/12/2022 (Mon) 05:50:05 ID:5f8591 No. 4751 [Reply]
Post your favourite mobile pape anons
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if you use anything other than religious wp or black wp youre a faggot
>>4759 >I have no taste
>>4759 Only black wallpaper to preserve battery.
>>4764 mere lund pe chaat masala daal ke chus le fir bhangi ki aulaad itna dusro ko taste ke baare mai sikha raha hai toh tujhe toh tasty lund chusne mai bada maza aata hoga
(706.33 KB 3456x4608 IMG20220908213241.jpg)