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(41.10 KB 800x440 trnti.jpg)
Anon 09/06/2022 (Tue) 04:45:40 ID:af0275 No. 4505 [Reply]
moved to bhangilore torrents are blocked by ISP seeds and peers show up but no transmission how to evade?
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>>4512 Lmao you're a retarded chamar, the protocol can't be blocked, your port is closed in all probability. Get your torrent port forwarded. And use a goddamn vpn.
>>4663>>4663 >using qbit ?????? see the screenshot again
>>4523 They can easily do it if the router is of their company
buy a 5 dollar 600gb seedbox from seedbox.io you cheap fk
>>4505 Bhangi my college literally has a china level firewall but still they can't block torrents

(4.25 KB 192x144 download (19).jpeg)
AKS primality test appreciation thread Anon 08/23/2022 (Tue) 17:33:48 ID:cbf83f No. 3745 [Reply]
I kneel
>>3745 appreciated
>>3745 based

(272.18 KB 918x464 1658206605360409.png)
IITs btfo Anon 09/12/2022 (Mon) 11:57:13 ID:761ef6 No. 4779 [Reply]
one of my peers is straight up going for CS at a tier 3 university instead of "meme engineering" branches at muh IITs and muh NITs.
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>>4779 I to did the same I chose chamar tier bhangilore college last year instead of takimh some meme branch at 966× branch in advanced My mains went pretty bad as teachers told droppers to give only last mains and focus on advanced
>>4782 based. meme branches at iits are soul crushing
>>4783 Totally useless at this point, Gobermint should get rid of them not only because literally no demand but because unlike foreign universities where lot of research happens in areas like Applied Physics, Electronics, Industrial Automation, Infrastructural development etc, literally nothing happens in these IIT meme branches.
>>4784 >implying any research happens in IITs
>>4825 Yeah that's my point, at least CS/Math-Computing/AI-Data related branches lead to great placements. Rest all is time pass quota filling.

(40.75 KB 600x424 racist_meme.png)
Anon 09/11/2022 (Sun) 11:49:02 ID:2a355c No. 4720 [Reply]
Daily reminder a working engineer with 10 years of experience in his field would still fail if he went to give GATE exam while a chamar straight out of kalej will pass GATE if he studies useless shit 15 hours a day. This proves GATE is a shitty exam with no real life implications and only academician chamars should give that exam, not people who _actually_ want to work in their lives
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>>4761 Sariya lele k2e
>>4763 Larper hu yaar asli wala toh shayad namefagging band kar diya kek
>>4761 Personally felt the syllabus was easier than jee but there's lot less seats.
>>4720 play stupid games, win stupid prizes
>>4761 Govt jobs are going to lose their shine very soon. Even now they are losing their relevance and power Based Bhajpa is showing saale sarkari chamars their real value

kaoorhhdnmssjajbeksl+)/;+$) ##M51zqR 09/12/2022 (Mon) 04:58:20 ID:d61ab5 No. 4746 [Reply]
job jee it coolie codebhangi codemonkey Bangalore c hennai cyberabad hyderabad wageslaveary depression suicide (BTW I am a nigger) python c c++ Java durgasoft nagoor babu richard stallman linux torvalds foss floss tux microsoft windows dos boot sector hacking courses redhat whitehar blackhat pinkhat bluehat install gentoo i use arch btw (BTW I am a coomer) MATLAB xkcd tier 1234 hello sir your computer has virus pls do not redeem
>>4746 Kek
>>4747 how is this even funny? i dont get it
>>4748 ngmi
Loonix fagman package placement dsa cp leetcode lodeforces hackerranl

(672.31 KB 2048x1633 CMI_Placements.png)
MATH CHADS CAN'T STOP WINNING Anon 08/27/2022 (Sat) 15:29:58 ID:c56e9b No. 4065 [Reply]
> the average salaries at one of the country's premier Maths institutions – the Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) - are up almost 40% this year. > with analysis and insights based on data emerging as the competitive advantage for companies across sectors, students with relevant skills are a big draw for companies.
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>>4733 Because pyare anon I love all inchanons. You guys are pretty much the closest to what I can call friends in my life
>>4734 Gigabased anon
>>4734 Sam here. I'm a well-off NRI but you anonymous imageboard incel NEETs are closer "friends" than most of my IRL friends because at least we have similar philosophies and you guys aren't boring.
>>4738 *Same
>>4738 Lol, I feel the same

(428.73 KB 2404x1260 fe30f22.jpg)
Anon 09/08/2022 (Thu) 09:45:59 ID:899b82 No. 4673 [Reply]
Which site do you guys use to check a link is malicious or an IP GRABBER
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>>4707 no no milord uncle says vpn is asanskari >>4706 inch is mainstream
>>4708 >inch >mainstream in your dreams if it ever becomes mainstream, it will turn into the monstrosity that is the finnish imageboard ylilauta
>>4709 keep telling yourself that keep telling yourself that inch isn't total dogshit as of date if jee(BTW I am a nigger)s are here in such large numbers you should stop pretending to be part of some seekrit club.
>>4711 ok.

(2.01 MB 1080x8016 Screenshot_20220908-195354.jpg)
Anon 09/08/2022 (Thu) 14:24:45 ID:6b18bd No. 4679 [Reply]
Worth it?
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>>4679 ask on quora/reddit ded bored
>>4679 >Australian Year 11 Why are pigskins retarded?
>>4679 Nahi Start with COMPTIA certification To clear that you will get resources on youtube itself.
>>4694 How will that get him abroad you retard
>>4697 He can get these certifications, join a company here in pajeetland. Using the experience he can work for a firm that has its headquarters outside. He can easily go outside pajeetland in two-three years

(159.34 KB 856x1438 sam_pushpa_10122021_m9.webp)
Anon 09/07/2022 (Wed) 07:10:14 ID:65e64b No. 4537 [Reply]
guys vit cse or bits mech ?
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>>4537 Take Bits mech, try to get into good consulting firm(like big 4, MBB, At kearney, lek etc) then work for 4 or 5 years. Apply for MBA in USA or UK . Then enjoy your life
>>4549 This is exactly what I told this retard
>>4579 You will get linux sysadmin job, but the pay will be very less, I suggest getting into Data space, try DBA or Data analyst.
>>4658 oh why are the salaries related to networking so low in india? i had never checked them before >suggest getting into Data space, try DBA or Data analyst i will look into it today
>>4537 BITS Mech., not even a question. t. NITian

(9.54 KB 217x232 download (1).jpeg)
June Huh appreciation thread Anon 08/25/2022 (Thu) 08:16:48 ID:d7746f No. 3782 [Reply]
>high school dropout >joined college to become a poet >shifted to math and won fields medal >has a happy family and is happy Gigachad gook btfoing pajeers eternally https://youtu.be/yO8lQWb6TZ4
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>>3876 it would have been soul crushing
>>3878 He would be working as a coder in FAANG in absolute best possible scenario
>>3881 Nobody can go beyond cooooding here
>>3881 He would have roped. You need to have a low IQ or high degee of conformity to succeed in these companies and interviews.
Pajeets will keep seething gooks will keep winning