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(139.57 KB 1080x1667 FIQZTF_UUAAoLnM.jpeg)
Anon 02/08/2023 (Wed) 12:15:26 ID:d9a6ef No. 10615
https://www.theodinproject.com/ Is this enough to get a job? t. 24 yo neet with no degrees
>>11957 >You should literally be working day night to get out of neetdom at this age ... and how exactly do I get out of neetdom? Learning web development?
>>11957 Sad but ultimately true >>11992 >... and how exactly do I get out of neetdom?Learning an employable skill? Sundar pichai himself could tell you that if you do a simple task and take a small step you'll get a job at google, and you will find an excuse to not do it
>>11993 I really wouldn't trust someone like Sundar Pichai and I surely don't trust google.
>>11994 Anyway, deep down I know that I should be getting a job RIGHT NOW, and not by learning an employable skill from scratch with no knowledge. Let me just manchild a bit to forget about my worries.
(6.29 KB 519x586 bros.png)
>>12053 No one is here.
>>12076 brootal. all the chads left to celebrate holi it seems
>>12078 I am grinding leetcodetoda
(377.40 KB 501x600 image_2023-03-06_125101236.png)
Long time no see how is it going?
>>12150 kek; is picrel a genuine response?
>>12152 Yeah but for salary questions they're not supposed to ask that but chamar company hr always lose their shit when you don't it's hilarious
>>10657 Itbhangi companies literally pick anyone up
strangely comfy thread
>>10615 I am learning fullstack development it will only take me one month to learn the basics you guys better fear me cause I am high iq get ready to be fucked. I will update everyday what I learned in this fucking thread it will be enough suiefuel for you guys to commit the needful
>>12158 good luck i guess
(9.72 KB 502x262 product.png)
why is this spitting out a NaN yaar >>12158 >I will update everyday what I learned in this fucking thread >gave up in one day br000tal over for high iqcels
>>12205 I am still here I was busy solving leetcode that's why I forgot to update
>>12205 const multiply = function() { let product = 1; console.log(arguments) console.log(arguments.length) arr = arguments[0]; console.log(arr) for(let index = 0; index < arr.length; index++){ product *= arr[index]; } return product; } console.log(multiply([2, 4])) this would work
Arguments is an objects not an array you need to extract array from it
(76.24 KB 629x275 image_2023-03-08_102546286.png)
>>12209 >eren too hot name yaar coomed
>>12207 I refactored the code . . const multiply = function () { let product = 1; arguments[0].forEach(element => product *= element); return product; }; console.log(multiply([2, 4]));
(28.27 KB 621x379 sumproduct.png)
>>12209 fuck i missed we were passing an array. i thought it was just multiply(4,2) i wrote a sum function for array parameters earlier. will just copy that >>12206 so you lied about not knowing basics and that youll learn it in a month
rand ke pillo stop this thread
>>12213 >so you lied about not knowing basics and that youll learn it in a month I have only read the entirety of javascript.info nothing else that's why I have strong fundamentals
>>12215 Brootal mogging. I have barely read 5 articles from there
>>12215 Eren is so sexy 😍 πŸ˜‹ 😩
>>12227 >>12216 fuck you niigers padhai pe dhyan do
>>12228 Yum πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹
Anyone still alive? I think I'm finally back from the dead, but I still feel dead inside.
>>12248 booty shorts mein holi khelti ye pajeetas too hot coomed
>>10615 >1 month done OP I have few quesns how has been your progress? how long do you think it will take you to get moneymaking skilled level? how hard this shit is? do you feel skilled yet?
(141.37 KB 1080x1140 Screenshot_20230309-192608.png)
>>12255 >how has been your progress? Quite slow. I had a gobmint exam today so i was doing exam prep and codemonkeymaxxing side by side >how long do you think it will take you to get moneymaking skilled level? I'm not sure. I'm not from tech field. But i could probably be an intern right now if i bullshit through a dozen interviews hard enough >how hard this shit is? I am at pic related. So far it's not been hard, just brain consuming at some stages >do you feel skilled yet? Not really. My css sucks, js is okayish. But i hate styling so everything i make looks like shit
>>12256 nice going yaara >I had a gobmint exam today wow multitasking neet
(89.52 KB 897x1095 funi27.jpeg)
So I had a doubt for CSS. There's two different elements on the same line, but I want the second element to go below the first if you reduce the width of the browser window(or on mobile view). How to do that?
>>12378 You can use CSS media queries or yoi can use CSS Grid auto fit feature aswell https://youtu.be/EiNiSFIPIQE Watch this
This thread is dead Hope every NEET made it
>>10615 koi hai?
>>12725 I'm stuck at the niggeer calculator. Everytime i get close to finishing it a new problem arises in it. Yesterday i got mad and went back to the 4-5 days old save where it was working but with some malfunctions. But i lost 4 days of progress because of that
>>12726 leave it you dont have to make fully functional lol just basics are working its fine
>>10615 I was sexually attracted to rakul preet poster where is she yaaro I feel alone
>>12790 He has become raashi poster now
>>12788 https://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/wadokh/calculator/blob/main/index.html i did it finally. it was a 4-5 line(at max) fix and i knew it from the start that it will just take little tweaking so i didnt want to leave. but it took me so long because im brainlet nigher i still havent styled it but fuck css, i will move forward
>>12793 Nice work anon lel
(349.30 KB 1080x971 Screenshot_20230319-143910.png)
Lodin project bros.. Which way is the right way? Ruby or node?
>>12823 Obviously node
>>12824 What do you think about this? Is this true >Node: There is no standard way of doing things. You are going to have to decide the structure of projects yourself, for better or worse. >Rails: You don’t have to make decisions on the structure of your projects. This helps when moving into projects built by others.
>>12825 Node : you become employed Ruby : you keep searching for jobs
>>12826 Brootal Over for rubycels
>>12823 wow yaar 2 more months and you will be odin gigachad
>>12823 nice work thanks for motivating me I will resume now as well was too busy grasstouching these days yaar