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Anon 08/26/2022 (Fri) 15:13:03 ID:b9b8a8 No. 3971
Anyone remember this suraj yadav bhangi who got AIR 5 in jee advanced and his tatti site was ddosd by some inchfag.he is working as a software engineer in samsung South Korea and what's funny is (BTW I am a nigger) is only earning 15lpa in ppp kek
>>4005 It's a bait that's what I am saying Graviton has 40 lakhs base in lundia and Morgan Stanley gives 25 base Nobody in right mind would leave those jobs for 15lpa This is a bait post by OP and you bhangis are already biased towards this guy si even if I tell anything you will not understand
>>4006 It's not a bait post you chamar
>>4006 It is not a bait post op
>>4007 >>4008 Show me a proof that he earns 15lpa in ppp Samsung Seoul is literally the headquarters I can't wrap my head around it Even dhairya sanadhya is working there. Search her up you will not be disappointed. She was AIR-29 and is super hot.
>>4009 Lodu go search his LinkedIn
>>4009 >>4009 Chutiye 10 saal ka baccha hai kya jaake suraj yadav LinkedIn search karle jewgle pe phir uski designation ki salary dekh lio in ppp
>>4011 Woh sab theek hai Dhairya sanadhya dekh yaar Too hot yaar
>>4012 >general article >no mention of Suraj Yadav Why do you fags always argue like this?
Retard, offers same milte hai sabko With the same package Ek company alag insaan ko alag Paisa nahi deti If it comes on campus they offer same package
>>4016 It is 2012 yaar and op is talking in terms of PPP. Where have you refuted him? I am not supporting op but you are arguing like a fag with a shaky ground and
>>4015 Admit it. You just somehow want to discredit this Suraj faggot. I understand he is social retard but he is not at the fault of his situation. His baap forced him into this jee cycle to improve their living standard. And I think he is doing pretty well. This post has no credibility. You are searching on jewgle. Jewgle pe McKinsey, Goldman ka salary dekh. Jo jewgle pe hota hai uss se almost double milta hai IITs me. Even the bank I am working at, I earn 66.67% more than the guys from NIT. I understand you despise the IIT system but there is no point in spreading misinformation.
>>4018 I am not supporting op or you,i just want you to post Suraj's LinkedIn.
>>4017 I understand PPP but tu Korea ne 82 lakhs kamata agar 2012 me toh uss time ka ppp he dekh le It is more than 1lpa
>>4019 Ruk, I will check
>>4020 15*
(128.46 KB 1080x624 Screenshot_20220827-144410__01.jpg)
(219.94 KB 1080x1391 Screenshot_20220827-144532__01.jpg)
>>4019 https://m.economictimes.com/jobs/iitians-bring-home-those-rs-one-crore-plus-offers-this-year-too-despite-the-pandemic/articleshow/79750496.cms I am not sure about breakage But this is recent one, 2020 What is conversion of 150000$ of Korea to India in PPP. All I know is that samsung korea used to get dream slot in my IIT. They only gave PPOs when I was a student and it only opened for CS, EE and ECE fags.
>>4023 Also I know Samsung India pays less They came to our campus and offered 50000 for internship kek They are infamous for mass recruiting
>>4023 1 INR = 17 KRW
>>4025 So it's 18.7 crore KRW
>>4026 Han toh ab ispar niklega PPP What is PPP of Korea - India? Like what is the cost of living in Korea? How much can he save
>>4026 That will be 11.3 LPA
>>4028 in ₹
>>4028 I am confused. He gets close to 80 lakhs inr in hand in rupees right? If he gets that much, how much would he need to survive there? How much can he send back at his home?
>>4028 How can it become this less Brootal
>>4030 >>4031 1 INR = 17 KRW as I already posted, South Korean won is weaker than INR.
>>4032 So he is getting cucked brootally?
>>4033 It's hard to believe yaar South Korea me itna kharch kaise ho jata hai ki woh 80 lakh pura uda dega It's too brootal if true We can ask him on LinkedIn
(196.13 KB 1080x977 Screenshot_20220827-152419__01.jpg)
>>4032 Abe bhangi that's not how ppp works See picrel This is cost of living in Seoul in won He earns 187,000,000 won in a year that is close to 15,000,000 per month. Cost of living is 5,230,265 without rent. Assume rent to be 1,000,000 won the. Also he is saving a lot. Even after taxes he is saving close to 3,000,000 won. That is close to 150,000 inr. That is just pure savings. Uspar bhi esops hoge and some tax saving instruments. You can check it here : https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/in/Seoul He is comfortably living there while you bhangis are seething like maniacs >Picrel
>>3971 The average salary of Seoul is 60M won and Suraj is earning 180M won. Tell me how is he fucked? You can check he is brutally mogging gooks there.
>>4035 so you're saying he slogged 6yrs for a mcq meme exam, destroying his physique, social skills and hobbies in the process, to go to work with gooks at gookland who are very racist especially towards bi(maru)pocs like him. and like you said he saves around ₹1.5lpm or ₹18-20lpa. has this faggot seriously the plot? a jee-stoodycel like him could've landed a min. ₹65lpa job at a coaching facility in lundian tier 1 cities and even with ricefag lifestyle he could've easily saved ₹40lpa. truly brootal.
>>4030 > 80 lakh INR in hand No, he is earning 18.7 crore KRW (before taxes and rent) which is equal to around 11.3 lakh INR
>>4035 > 187,000,000 Bhai 18.7 crore = 18,700,000
>>4016 Jaake jee ki padai kar chakke international package hai wo
>>4023 Abe lodu he is earning 5cr won in South korea. Convert into India ppp it's 15lpa
>>4041 Tier 4 kalej IQ on full display
>>4040 Lodu are you braindead? Go do search salary of software engineer in samsung, South Korea. It's 5.3cr
>>4045 in WON
True I found this PPP salary converter online https://www.chrislross.com/PPPConverter/
>>4047 According to this 5 cr KRW in SK is equivalent to 13 lakh INR in India
I am getting confused is he getting cucked or not
>>4049 He is getting giga cucked
>>4041 18.7 cr = 187 million, right? So 187,000,000
>>4045 Chutiye I gave you article which clearly states 18.7cr won
>>4049 No he is not He is earning easily more than average what gooks make. Don't fall for ppp meme. These bhangis just want to show how they are superior than this Suraj poodav
>>4044 Kek, good cope
>>4051 >>4052 >>4053 >>4054 Those articles are from news papers.
(418.81 KB 900x900 unnamed.png)
>>3971 This truly warms my cold heart But how sure are you anonji?
>>5308 This just shows what kind of education this country has . Probably sab ratliya par application mey yeah probably 0 hai .