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(139.57 KB 1080x1667 FIQZTF_UUAAoLnM.jpeg)
Anon 02/08/2023 (Wed) 12:15:26 ID:d9a6ef No. 10615
https://www.theodinproject.com/ Is this enough to get a job? t. 24 yo neet with no degrees
>>10616 It's never over. Rakulcel also got a comfy coding job from online tutorials. I will get one too
>>10618 >Help me as well yaar. Learn web developement with me yaar. Simplest form of coding and plenty of jobs >When? Sorry i confused you for someone else
>>10619 How long would it take to be "employable"? I'm mech btw. I have no idea about coding at all.
>>10620 I asked some smart people. They said 3 months is enough to get low level jobs, and getting promotions and salary raises from there is easy. But i am dumb af and not very disciplined so i think it will take about 6 months for me
>I have no idea about coding at all. Me neither. I just studied a tiny bit of html in school but other than that i know nothing about computer
>>10621 >>10619 Daily Web development thread to help berozgaar inchcels when?
>>10623 It's useless. Janny faggots will shift it to the dead science board where noone will see it and it will get no replies. But i will try to get some going at these times when mods are inactive
>>10624 Koi nhi yrr. Daily teminder daal does krenge ki "cone to x board if you wanna end your berojgaari"
>>10625 >I'm quite bad when it comes to discipline as well Then a daily thread to be regular in learning will be good for everyone >>10626 What about you yaar? You are also a neet? And how much coding do you know? Can you clear our doubts if needed?
>>10615 kek same yaar. I'm so shit at coding and have such little self esteem that I didn't even sit for campus placements and now I'm hunting for jobs and trying to code after failing to go anywhere with govt jobs and exams like CAT
>>10615 Are you poopjeet anon? First time seeing a 24 yo anon woth no degrees other than him and me here on inch Well I am doing the same web dev Do you NEETs want me to make web dev general?
>>10630 >web dev general How would you do it though? This sounds like learning a new language for me.
>>10630 >poopjeet If that's a namefag or a Groomcordfag then no. I haven't been on Groomcord since it got disconnected to the old inch irc and I've never namefagged on here >Do you NEETs want me to make web dev general? Sure make one. Where are you learning from >>10631 It is simple html yaar. Even a brainlet like me can understand it
>>10629 Too brootal yaar. You're also 24?
>>10632 >>10633 I have not seen another NEET here other than him(poopjeet hutanon) around same age with no degrees anyways whats your story pyaare and how long have you been here for?
>>10633 I'm gonna turn 23 in a month
>>10632 >Sure make one. Where are you learning from I autistically screetched everything to learn from but soon got tutorial hell. You can find resources anywhere but the problem is unless you make projects you will not learn much. I have spent last month going through some tutorials at fast pace just to get a brief overview on everything but now will build some projects. Doesn't matter where you learn from it is all the same just go through HTML CSS crash course 1 hr videos then watch a CSS Grid tutorial video you will be able to solve first few assignments of Odin Project. Then learn Javascript that is the main thing. I can tell you more but there must be many anons in industry who do real engineering who would recommend you different frameworks to learn from like in India Springchoot is very famous but NodeJS is tempting to learn world wide rn. Hope everyone gets comfy money by the end of this year.
>>10635 You can still sit in TCS digital and other WITCH coompanies exams pyaare.
>>10634 i did medical on impulse. my father wanted to get me into law i dropped out of bds at 3rd year. it was 5 year course i probably had to do masters after it which is 3 years not going to waste 8 years of my life to start a dumb clinic jaha bache aa ke randi rona karte hai i have been here since the start of inch 3.0 so around 4 and a half years >>10636 how long have you been learning yaar? what is your advice to not get stuck into tutorial hell?
>>10638 33 yo NEET anon is also here aaj kya horha ekdam NEET meetup inch pe after many days kek will reply gimme few mins
>>10618 Bro when did you passed out from your mtech ? Next kuch in March Accenture will start their off campus hiring They pay around 4.5 lpa and 6.5 lpa depending on your performance in the online assessment. Clear it. Accenture is quite comfy
>>10636 Isse with web dev is it will take 7-8 months. And most probably you will not stick with as it's quite boring. So if you are engineering BE or ME fag Then just give the aptitude exams of service chaap coompanies and take paid telegram help to clear it. Just see the interview videos and jewtube and prepare accordingly for each coompanies. This take around 2-3 months.
>>10641 No in their previous hiring they had eligibility for previous 3-4 batches
>>10642 Issue*
>>10641 >I really hate javashit and all these fancy sliding animations that I see in websites really piss me off. I think that's the main skill you'll get paid for. You can't avoid it
>>10645 Yeah it's really boring to learn all that bullshit
>>10640 uska criteria nahi clear karpaega
>>10643 ... too late. >>10645 My god, I hate javashit so much.
>>10648 But why? Animation is css. And even a simple chat forum can't work without javascript. Everytime you press a button and something in the screen changes like clicking on post number and having the reply box pop up or clicking on reply and submitting the post, javascript is responsible
>>10647 >>10649 Check Amcat and tcs nqt
>>10650 Yes but you can do all that without it. >Animation is css Oh, I didn't know. I just hate those websites that look idiotic and irritating to browse. I thought it was because of javascript. There are some examples in the odin project website. https://bepatrickdavid.com/ https://www.theodinproject.com/lessons/node-path-getting-hired-building-your-personal-website
>>10652 >Yes but you can do all that without it. How?
>>10638 >i dropped out of bds My cousin did BDS still hustling dunno when he will open his clinic he is 29 going to be 30 this year But yaar Dentist bahut paise kamata hai. Just do 10-20 appointments and make 20-30k a day. I could be wrong in assessing daily income of dentist but it is a lot. Correct me if I am wrong >how long have you been learning yaar? what is your advice to not get stuck into tutorial hell? Not much yaar started a month ago. I dont have any advice I need to make some projects first by seeing others then make some of my own interests that is it. I just watched tutorial at 2x speed of almost everything I need in last 15-20 days to get a brief overview so I know wtf I am doing and not be scared of some obscure things. >>10641 You dont need sliding animations all the time. That is too advanced for beginners just focus on learning basic stuff. Remember you can also choose to become UI/UX designer. That 2xrandi makes 50-100k rs by freelancing doing that you dont have to be even creative these days with AI tools which can generate creative designs for you but that stuff is going away from Web Dev more into Web Design. >>10643 No dude I applied every one of them but was not able to fit any criteria just few months after graduating maybe criteria has changed now other anons can apply but I have decided to skillmaxx this year and ascend or rope at the end of 2023. Whatever happens happens. >>10645 Watching brocode's video on JS helped me a lot I recommend it to other anons facing trouble with Javascript tho you need to code yourself too to get it. >>10652 nice will see >>10653 dont need to be advanced level skilled at all areas as a beginner just keep a learning mindset as you go through stuff You dont know the state of average codebhangi in Lundia
>>10654 first time I have typed this much on inch wtf
Most ITbhangis can't write a single line of code on their own. But they keep their jobs.
>>10656 Keeping is easy. Getting is hard
>>10657 This yaar
>>10654 Have you made any projects so far?
>>10659 Did the first 3-4 Odin Assignment Projects last month will make more now that I am almost done watching tutorials. I will still watch these tutorials to get help I just needed an overview of topics to see where to go and what to use. What about you pyaare? This thread became dead after my reply every NEET leaves inch at 6pm?
>>10660 nah i was just playing warm snow
>>10661 > warm snow want to play vidya but my lappy is 6 years old
>>10662 warm snow is low spec. It plays alright on my 2014 pc. It's like one of those indie games
(102.48 KB 1440x1912 01.png)
(57.38 KB 1019x585 image-1.png)
>>10660 >What about you pyaare? I have also done some Odin projects, but i have trouble structuring the stuff. i was trying to make pic related. but its very overwhelming. i didnt even understand where to start i have written just this much so far. its not even the full header of that page and ive already used so many divs and classes. i cant figure out how to structure the html, let alone style it
>>10664 left one took me a day to complete ffs but after completing I gained some confidence desu truth be told just make this on your own to get rough idea on all html css topics specially css grid and down the line you can choose using css frameworks and libraries to make stuff easier for you but keep coding pyaare
>>10666 (BTW I am a nigger) janny moved the thread he hate NEETs
>>10663 yaar interested in playing games requiring high end specs kek.
>>10664 anon dont make websites section by section make all sections first then complete section think about a top to bottom approach will makes thing easier and sophisticated or you can do as you decide >>10666 nice trips but dont be lazy rakul anon
>>10669 And how to decide if a section is supposed to be div or para? The page at Odin project said to do header first and then move down
>>10670 Think of div as area on web page you can place anything inside it para image or another few divs Alright do it as you please plenty of ways to do the same thing which ever seems comfortable
>>10654 wish anon answered my dentistry quesn kek about how much a dentist makes
>>10617 i give you best of luck, hope you will find your desirable job in 2023
I am also doing some nodejs work hope we get work soon
ye randi ka insta de chamar
>>10677 stem aakein saurce maangrha gotta respec the hustle
(32.41 KB 1365x583 header.png)
(32.41 KB 250x170 img div.png)
>>10664 its been hours and ive just made this. and i cant get the text in image placeholder div to be centered despite all settings being set at center. i have temper issues so i will sleep now before i punch the monitor and break it. overall today was a shit day. i lazed around for most of it and in the time that i did study i dont have much to show for it. hopefully tomorrow will be better and i can i finish this by then. its already been days that im stuck here with almost no progress
>>10680 anon learn the concepts of css grid ,flexbox and css box model and you will easily be able to make this in no time once you are comfortable with those concepts they help you align stuff on the web page with ease both will take less than hour to learn just watch some video on jewtube. I actually skipped flexbox because css grid works can align things in both axes while flexbox only can only align across one. If after going through above 3 concepts you are still facing problem then watch a video on youtube many have done uploaded odin solutions but actually understand it to git gud GN
>>10615 aajao vaapis mere web dev NEET frens
>>10615 KOI HAI??????????
(25.32 KB 750x400 images (5).jpeg)
>>10749 It's basically predefined CSS code that helps you create website faster
>>10750 Acha. Thanks!
>>10751 I did it! Yatta. My First Webpage Hello World!
>>10753 GitHub important hai yaar seekh lo Companies ko ye skill bhi chahiye
>>10754 I would recommend to learn you got first https://learngitbranching.js.org/
>>10755 *Git
>>10754 Yes anon but I have absolutely zero idea about any of this. I don't want to jump right into all this.
>>10757 Aree it's not difficult It's just a version control system It allows you to save your progress just like how you create savepoints in a videogame
>>10758 Anon, thanks but I'm already feeling extremely overwhelmed by all this I just keep distracting myself. I just want to focus on ONE particular thing right now - to learn HTML first.
>>10760 damn finally some traction on this god forsaken thread
>>10755 dhanyavaad pyaare
(38.89 KB 401x403 landing page.png)
>>10847 im still here did this finally. took way longer than i thought it would and nowhere close to perfect, theres like 10 things that i know are wrong with it that i have no idea how to fix. but still something better than nothing
>>10848 Congratz pyaare results of not giving up you will get there looks quite good already just change the font to the given ones and it will look same Badia pyaare moj kardi Amazing lets keep working πŸ’ͺ
>>10848 Janny should have not put this here in this dead board feel free to make new threads wish you could answer my above >>10654 dentist quesns here kek
(22.76 KB 1080x1171 Screenshot_20230213-032544-712.png)
>>10849 Kek I didn't notice the fonts were different until the very end and didn't bother changing. I was talking about stuff like margins and div placing In pic related there's a margin of some pixels around the header, which is also in the footer. Even though i i set the whole body's margin to be zero Probably messed up with padding somewhere but i can't figure out where And the text in grey image placeholder div is still not vertically centred. Gave up on that too. And the first sign up buttons placement for messed up when i added some padding. I was very burnt out during that so didn't even try to fix it And there's a few more little things which are wrong with it but i can't recall. >>10850 I am not a dentist anon.. It's just a fake story i made up to avoid sharing identifiable info Sorry about that
(49.55 KB 300x168 image_2023-02-13_081439295.png)
>>10852 >It's just a fake story i made up to avoid sharing identifiable info plz dont lie fren
(68.04 KB 1092x1037 5845cd230b2a3b54fdbaecf7.png)
If someone does make a new thread on /b/ please link it here I don't check that board as often
(55.27 KB 622x622 FnltwM-WQAErCHy.jfif)
>I don't check that board as often >only active board on inch Well I make some NEET threads but no traction dunno where to post kek
>>10857 That's because of spammer retards who slide any thread that's not their own. If you make threads when the retards are active, it will get pushed to page 5 in no time and 404'd in a day
(60.08 KB 246x205 image_2023-02-13_091700221.png)
>>10858 Alright then will keep posting here then
>>10615 Landu Incels like you, neck yourself. India must vote for Congress, to turn more Left-wing if we ever want to get Incels like you off our Samaj
>>10860 sikhjeet this is you and your daughter in 20 years
>>10861 She went to catholic school, that’s why.
>>10862 My coom just went inside your moms vagene expect chota pagchod chad step bhai soon and my sister cleaned the rest of the coom from my dick so I just sariyad her with smaller rod.
>>10853 So is OP NEET or even 24 Or that was a lie as well Sigh
>>10870 I am a neet and 24. The story is still largely true, just some other long useless course instead of bds
>>10871 Need to post wdg links should we make new thread or should I post here Looks like only 2-3 NEETs interested in web dev anyways lets see what happens
>>10872 Make on /b/ for activity but link it here so anons that are only following this thread don't get left out
>>10615 sup yaaro kitna hua web dev
(145.93 KB 1080x2064 Screenshot_20230213-194218-377.png)
>>10889 I am here. About halfway done
>>10892 It is nice. I am doing things thoroughly, with all excercises and projects Do not skip those lessons at all. Maybe fundamental is skippable but git and command line is very important.
>>10893 Even those questions and the articles that are linked below? Those felt like a lot to me.
>>10894 Which ones? Post a screenshot. And probably yes. I did everything except additional reading. For some i did additional reading too
>>10896 Those are just questions from the article. You should know the answers to it. If not reread the section where that topic is explained And additional resources are not compulsory. Do them if it interests you or if you want a better understanding of the topic with some extra material
>>10892 >Been busy with other stuff as well. Other important stuff which making chart for /ent/ polls of movies kek
>>10890 wow nice pyaare >>10893 >>10894 I mean if you dont like reading watch a JavaScript course will cover most of the fundamental part Only 3 of us doing WB DEV i suppose everyone dipped
>>10677 vaise de hi do (BTW I am a coomer) OP plz kek
>>10927 Malavika mohanan. Smellu beauty
Valentines day pe bhi khatarnaak coding kya
>>10928 Dhanyavaad
>>10615 I’m 19 y/o bhangineering student, should I learn this. Will it be beneficial for me?
>>10933 If you are interested then whats stopping you pyaare This is a NEET frenly thread tho
>>10933 Isn't it part of your curriculum? Learning it now will be good for cgpa even if you don't get a job in this field later
>>10935 This is not in first year, but I will surely do it once or twice a week. It will be beneficial for the future.
>>10615 any NEETs here suffer with terrible sleep schedule wish I had rakulcels sleep schedule wakes up every morning to rakulpost at the same time.
I am slacking really bad in Feb 15 days flew by with no real progress. Need to change ffs.
>>10939 What are you learning currently
>>10944 >CSS kek, absolute state of illiterate chamarjeets
>>10945 Pff... shoo.
>seething at someone for trying to learn something from scratch No need to be so angry
>>10944 You pay your own bills? How do you have money for that if you don't earn? Do you get pocket money
>>10950 it's a trash choice, I'd still respect him a bit if he tried to learn javascript, but CSS is just a no-no
>>10951 Of course I don't. I do household chores and my parents have no idea how any of these internet stuff works. >>10952 I'm barely starting yaar. I have absolutely no idea about any of this.
>>10952 Huh what do you mean? Isn't it important to learn all 3 He will get to js after css. That's how you progress through things
>>10953 >I have absolutely no idea about any of this. Neither does he. You'll still need basic css knowledge for js. How will you use javascript to change colour/any other style of an element on a click, if you don't even know how to colour/style the element in the first place?
>>10954 >>10955 I'm a C++ faggot, I do not like web devs. Typescript >>> JS though HTML and CSS will never be real programming languages, and JS is universally hated for a reason
(10.89 KB 304x166 download.jpg)
>>10944 if you will be employed, it will be a true win for inch.
>>10956 >HTML and CSS will never be real programming languages Who said it is? Quit seething >JS is universally hated for a reason When you clicked on the post number and reply button popped up, js was used. Without it, even a simple textboard can't function
>>10957 Sigh... I don't know, anon.
>>10940 >What are you learning currently 2 weeks have passed by Idk wtf am I doing with my time >>10944 >without looking at the instructions. Not even the creator of many frameworks remembers every syntax lol everyone jewgles to see them just see the docs at w3schools but yeah make sure to build stuff from odin or your own to gain confidence if you want me share resources I will >>10945 It takes 2-3 days for an absolute beginner to learn it anyways >>10952 Why will he begin to learn JS before learning basic HTML CSS ffs kek It is like saying a you would respect a beginner for learning React but not JS. How does one learn medium level shit without knowing background level stuff? >>10955 this >>10956 Typescript is based on JS ffs how will one learn advanced concept without knowing basic stuff no wonder engineering does not happen in Lundia coz guys learn basic stuff and discourage others and act uppity humble yourself >>10968 WAGMI >>10958 this I slept at 10AM woke up now. Gonna start doing Odin projects.
(13.75 KB 212x238 image_2023-02-15_192450665.png)
>>10973 picrel
>>10974 noted down stuff time to be accountable
>>10979 Show your code yaara
>>10981 Both html and css. Post it on GitHub and share link
>>10979 nice pyaare rakul didi bhi kitni dharmic hai
>>10982 But I don't have GitHub yet.
How do I make a list that is center aligned btw?
>>10985 https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_css_center-list.asp >>10984 You skipped the GitHub lessons? Those are important to do the exercises and assignments
>>10986 >You skipped the GitHub lessons? Those are important to do the exercises and assignments Github basics can be learnt by a 20 min video on jewtube tbh. Atleast rakulcel is trying keep up the good work frens. WAGMI.
>>10986 Yes yaar. There is too many command prompt instructions and I also need a proper email address. I wanna do it later. Look at the size of this page! https://www.theodinproject.com/lessons/foundations-git-basics
>>10988 https://youtu.be/mJ-qvsxPHpY just watch this github video afterwards. It is easy dont worry pyaare.
>>10989 Okay thanks!
Created a really shitty version of Rock Paper And Scissors https://2cc33k.csb.app Feel free to play yaaro Left side is only clickable as it chooses for user Will add more CSS to make it look presentable in near footure
>>10994 Only open on PC otherwise it will be brootal kek
>>10996 Watch html crash course video at 2x speed in 30 mins most of the useful topics will be complete
>>10996 If you want alternatives to Odin learning stuff I can send you video tutorial links but you will still have to complete Odin Projects to git gud. Just lemme know pyaaro.
>>10997 >>10998 I think I've covered the HTML basics that is present in foundation course but I feel like it's absolutely nothing. Next going to see CSS...
>>10999 Obviously it is nothing yaar you should complete html css basics in 2 hrs watching any video crash course Javascript will take some time that is where real stuff happens. Then frameworks. Just watch css crash course video then one video of css grid and css flexbox. Css box model should be taught in crash course videos. Will take 2-3 hrs at max. Then create the first 2 projects of Odin then hop on to JS. WaGmi
>>10615 itna sannata kyun hai bhai
>>11008 Wow that looks cool af. Do you have background in graphic design? When i make something colourful it looks like an eyesore
>>11009 This rakulcel got unhinged talent >>11008 >avoiding cooming and shitposting to do web dev That is all you need pyaare make all the days count in 2023 WAGMI Btw are you guys offline all day absolute no activity itt
>>11009 >>11011 Wait what? There's no graphic design going on here. Just shades of purple and teal. I stole the idea for colors from another dead website lol.
>>11012 aaj phirse kuch nahi kia yaar how to be accountable yaaro
>>11061 Sleeping and waking up on time helps
>>10615 Having existential crisis while doing this but also knowing that no engineering happens in India meme is somewhat true yaar
>>11094 kek fucking loser, imagine not being able to cope with fucking css and other meme languages
>>10973 Ah, so you're learning CSS? That's cute. It's like learning to paint your nails when you can't even draw a stick figure. I mean, sure, you can make a website look decent, but can you actually build something from scratch? Probably not. Enjoy your little CSS tricks while the real developers are out here building entire applications.
>>11097 I genuinely read real developers are out here balding kek
>>11094 kitna coom machata hai bhai but that just shows you still are healthy mera toh late 30s tak khada hona hi band hojaega OVER mirin boomer NEETs T levels
(56.88 KB 322x156 image_2023-02-19_075549798.png)
GM NEETs need to develop some social skills coz at the end after completing this I need to talk with other hoomans on video to get job. Hopefully completing this will give me confidence to do the above. Brootal out here for soycial autists like me yaaro but then again many projects to go.
(32.02 KB 476x393 1676772975818997.jpg)
>>11102 Time to slay these demons.
>>11102 how will you do that?
>>10615 I am vouching for WW3 to start and nukes to drop fuck this lundia shithole
>>11105 OP or rakulcel?
>>11104 idk years of just staying in my room has resulted in this need to go out and small talk with people
>>10615 Dead thread
>>10615 how is it going? any updoots
Don’t stop, just keep grinding.
>>11252 Time to gib TCS NQT kek
(16.01 KB 128x106 image_2023-02-20_084207210.png)
>>11255 dont worry pyaare anon gitin gud will remove self doubt and slowly we will slay our demons dont gib up btw how much html css you will do complete the first to Odin projects and watch this and learn up JavaScript https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dWL3wF_OMw DONT FIND THOUSAND EXCUSES TO QUIT JUST FIND ONE EXCUSE TO WIN >Someone gave the idea of starting a blog gud I am going to start making daily notes and scheduling to be accountable only problem is my sleep schedule but it should not matter much
>>10615 make a new thread yaar this is dead
>>11255 Sale bhadwe to seekh na yaha par ake bitch kyu kar Raha hai
>>11270 Confirmed rakulcel is soythie kek
(45.04 KB 565x543 images (5).jpeg)
>>11271 Adding it to the pasta. What else do we know about rakulcel? >dusky brown chocolaty southie >height below 6 feet >cute non functioning pencildick not even 5 inch long >underweight twink >good enough face to have been harassed in bus before >late 20s age, nobody will accuse you of being a groomer pedo for hitting on him >admitted he would love being a bottom and can never top >self inserts as girl in porn >crushes hard on mallucel, so even non fair skin anons have a chance with him >mechanical engineer
>>11305 Stop backtracking you weakmind. You can't larp as hetero now. You have clearly stated multiple times you are atleast bisexual and have shown interest in men >Majili (transl. A part of a journey) is a 2019 Indian Telugu-language romantic sports drama film So rakulcel is gulti. Adding it to the pasta!
>>11307 You don't love mallucel? >just seeing a movie is enough to figure out where someone is from? Only action movies have pan Indian appeal. Romcoms usually stay in the state borders and are watched by locals.
>>11309 >No, I just replied to him Kek you said you would date him if you could. You clearly wanted his D >Is he even around these days? Why? You miss him? And yes he is around. He just stopped namefagging
Today i will make something
>>11315 Too late i saw it
>>11316 Saw what? My god, guys do I have to read all these pointless tags? aside, footer, section, article, section, nav, figure, figcaption, address, meta, etc. There's just too many!
>>11317 Don't worry rakulcel, i will keep your secret
>>11317 >guys do I have to read all these pointless tags? aside, footer, section, article, section, nav, figure, figcaption, address, meta, etc. >There's just too many! Just scroll through them. Don't dwell on it too much
>>11319 Hmm... okay!
What's the difference between class and id?
>>11321 Id is unique to one. Class can be applied to multiple For example if there are 3 elements you want to be green, you give them all a class and then style that whole class to be green instead of individually styling them green Id just works for one. If there's a particular Element you want to be yellow, you give it an id and it style the id to be yellow
>>11322 Okay, so class is like a randi. Got it!
>>11323 daily reminder that you're worthless and will achieve nothing even if you try learning meme languages since there's no shortage of unskilled IT coolies anywhere. KYS
>>11317 Keep spending time on this useless shit which could have been spent learning JS kek
>>11324 Skillmaxxin is better than coommaxxib
>>11350 I told rakulcel many times he just wants to learn HTML CSS kek Could have learnt basics and switched to JS already after making first 2 Odin projects but he doesnt listen >>11321 just make this and all your HTML CSS basics will be covered this project will kick your butt as a beginner but it is needful kek >>10664 >>10664 >>10664 >>10664 this one
(195.95 KB 640x800 1676773464741213.jpg)
>>11324 You are worthless if you are unskilled. No shame in skillmaxxin. Killing yourself is gay.
>>10615 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys7itfNtjCs watch this just lie in the interview that you were preparing for CAT or Airforce or UPSC if they ask about gap years kek
(372.82 KB 680x559 image_2023-02-20_211030094.png)
>>11356 If all you want is running a blog, I'd recommend seeing paulgraham.com It's a minimalist design and the blogs are great too (blogging at its peak I must say).
>>11356 So you will not do Odin Projects which I told you to kek
>>11357 seems nice
(1.24 MB 1200x1271 image_2023-02-21_082041297.png)
GM fellow web dev NEET enthusiasts. How is it going? Does anyone need help?
>>11368 >got ready Damn do soythies wake up and dress in an attire to seize the day?
>>11369 Coomed as well.
>>11370 Rakulcel showing high T levels in late 20s nice
>>11371 >high T levels Lol I don't even have a proper beard going on my face and my arms look like noodles.
>>11372 Rakulcel chanelling his youth
>>11372 Are you really 28
>>11374 This rakulcel is larping
>>11374 Guys what is this? There are old boomer out there raping kids and molesting women on public transport and you're surprised that I can coom?
>>11376 Kek
>>11378 Wtf are you making Watch css box model tutorial that deals with this though if you just want to center it use flex
>>11379 Just trying to learn stuff lol. Got it. Looks like the body element by default has 8px margin. I changed it to 0px.
>>11380 Dont change padding it extends the page dimensions and makes it brootal
>>11382 Nice yaar learn css grid and flex box and complete that landing page πŸ‘ it is done
>>11383 Oh boy there's too much! T_T
>>11376 I am talking about not having a beard part I have a beard despite being 21
>>11384 just learn machine learning yaar ye web dev me kuch nahi rakha hai
>>11385 21!? What? You got my age completely wrongly. Wait, you have a fully grown beard by 21?
>>11388 >You got my age completely wrongly. then what is you real age? >Wait, you have a fully grown beard by 21? yes it not a big deal many guys in my college have a fully grown beard
>>11389 Late 20s.
(302.96 KB 1917x1031 Screenshot 2023-02-21 151419.jpg)
>>11391 well adding these to article tag make it kind of responsive you can apply the same styling to your banner margin: auto; width: 75%;
(122.33 KB 698x916 Screenshot 2023-02-21 152958.jpg)
>>11392 tried some more styles
>>11392 >>11393 Okay.... this looks amazing! Thanks. What does auto mean btw?
>>11391 Looks good with desktop mode on phone >>11394 https://www.w3schools.com/css/tryit.asp?filename=trycss_margin_auto Change the dimension of browser to see how it works responsively
>>11394 auto just gives same amount of margin from all the sides
>>11396 Hmm... got it. I noticed that the image has stretched itself to adjust to 75% width in >>11393. Any fix for that?
>>11395 Interesting!
>>11397 Use object-fit: contain; in the css of your image. It will keep its aspect ratio then https://www.w3schools.com/css/css3_object-fit.asp Read this to try other styles
>>11398 You can learn media queries to change css proerties according to device screen size.
(130.65 KB 1592x875 Screenshot 2023-02-21 155650.jpg)
>>11394 yeah this works maybe try to use a high quality image cause it still looks pixelated
>>11395 >>11400 >object-fit >learn media queries Brootal. I have no idea what these things even are. I'll look up these things, thanks guys.
>>11402 That's how you learn anon. Don't feel scared
>>11402 You learn about these while trying to find solutions to problems that arise when making projects. Thats the only way it will stick. Learn bare minimum theory and do more projects.
>>11403 >>11404 ... I see. Okay.
>>11404 Which also happens to be the best way to study for pregnancy exams
>>11406 Hai hai. ... Hmm... now I try to embed a video and I can't center it lmao. margin: auto isn't working. text-aligh: center isn't working. I wonder if the justify alignment is conflicting.
>>11407 Try wrapping it in a div and center the div using margin auto
>>11407 may be because video is a inline element try converting it in to a block https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17508729/how-do-you-center-a-video-using-css
>>11408 >>11409 Hmm... okay!
>>11409 This is perfect yaaro! Yes, looks like video is an inline element.
>>11411 Damn only rakulcel doing web dev other anons plz gib updootd too kitna hua pyaaro
(3.56 MB 640x480 1676909783772586.webm)
>>11415 Stick to one resource yaar flexbox and grid takes 1 hr each well if you give 2-3 hrs everyday it would have been completed long time ago look the thread is 2 weeks old be accountable ik its hard git gud focus on present rakulcel
>>11417 Man every one left or what it is just me and u rakulcel kek
>>11418 OH NO NO NO Lol maybe a proper thread instead of whatever that's going on here would work? Welp, whatever. Going to try learning flexbox tomorrow.
>>11419 >>11418 should we make a Groomcord or telegram group?
>>11428 yes i will join.
>>11428 are you OP?
>>11430 nope
>>11434 >>11435 how many guys are actually following this thread kek
why are youtube vids not embedding? it keeps saying youtube unable to connect. does it not work with vs code live server? >>11430 i am op
(123.25 KB 346x277 Screenshot 2023-02-22 020245.png)
nvm i got it. forgot to change "watch?v=" to "embed" in the video url
>>11532 did you use the special embed urls? original video https://youtu.be/Brc_Xf6H5q0 embed url https://www.youtube.com/embed/Brc_Xf6H5q0
>>11533 >>11534 2am web dev chads I kneel
>>11533 >chamar shayari wtf what site u makin? kek
>>11536 It's just a random vid for now. I am trying to make a youtube video clipper. Basically you enter a video url, enter start time, enter end time and then the script will append "start=3&end=33" or whatever numbers to the url, which will then play the clipped version
>>11537 have you heard of yt-dlp or youtube-dl?
>>11537 how do you have the same id since 14 fuckin days ?
>>11537 also your ip hasnt changed since 2 weeks are you paying for a static ip or have jio fiber?
>>11538 I'm just making it for practice and fun. And yes I've heard of yt dlp. I used to shitpost in that dumeel's groomcord server an year or so ago >>11539 >>11540 Jio fiber
https://ytcutter.com/ This is the goal basically
>>11541 >Jio fiber my condolences
>>11542 >>11543 nice desu
>>10615 I am making a telegram group desu
>>11552 >ΰ€¦ΰ₯‡ΰ€Έΰ₯€ vibes >All western Maro mujhe maro
>>11548 link?
>>11552 Try this yaar it's a kino website to learn flexbox With the help of a game https://flexboxfroggy.com/
>>11555 Try this >>11552 Rakulcel just learn what you can do while learning concepts and then make stuff Obviously one cant remember every syntax but making projects will ease you in. Learn CSS Grid too it helps you arrange stuff in both axes. GM to all web devs. LFG.
>>11559 >>11555 CSS Grid has a game too to learn https://cssgridgarden.com/
How is it going all anons? It has been 2 weeks so thought about asking for updates.
>>11572 niggha learns html and css and complains he has no idea about website has now the real game begins hop onto javascript
>>11572 Anything better than cooming
>>11571 ignored kek
>>11572 >I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO! kill yourself!
JavaScript devs are like the wild west of programming. They don't care about standards, conventions, or best practices. They just throw spaghetti code at the wall and hope it sticks. They think they know best and don't take advice from anyone. They think they can solve any problem with a few lines of code, but usually end up with a mess.
>>11586 >>11587 yo chad this is a NEET thread kek
>>11587 >JavaScript devs are like the wild west of programming. They don't care about standards, conventions, or best practices. Holy fucking based
>>11571 It's been good but I'm stuck. Apparently there's 174 types of youtube video links https://gist.github.com/rodrigoborgesdeoliveira/987683cfbfcc8d800192da1e73adc486 At first i thought i will just replace "watch=?" With "embed" and append "start=3&end=5"at the end but a lot of those 174 links don't have the "watch=?" In their Specially the youtu.be type links. How do i embed those in iframe?
>>11590 well they all end up redirecting to the "watch=?" one anyways so have to find out a way to redirect those links Is this a odin project?
>>11591 How to redirect it? >Is this a odin project No I'm just playing around and practicing with it
>>11592 >How to redirect it? look at the cooman things in every link of those 174 types all links have an id you need to find that id and paste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=${Video Id} I havent seen short videos maybe those can work like this too lemme check but main thing is too to take the video id and use it generally or for now only make a website in which general https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ like links work
>>11597 https://scrimba.com/learn/cssgrid learn in 1 hr here pyaare
(32.02 KB 476x393 1676772975818997.jpg)
>>11599 just ask me for video tutorial suggestions if you dont like to read from Odin but do complete Odin projects diligently WAGMI
>>11601 I never learnt flexbox which arranges items in one dimension kek because grid arranges items in both dimensions anyways. Stay Comfy. 2023 is ours.
>>11601 Stop using anime pics , randi ke pille
>>11602 lodin prozect just has flexbox in their css section, no grids. they shifted that to advance for much later
>>11604 yup use CSS Grid anyways easy to learn in 1 hr with link given above I am wondering how many ppl are itt? atleast 3 me , rakulcel and OP. Are you OP if not then there could be more.
What's the point in specifying two dots ../dsads.html instead of /sadsada.html or just one dot ./hasdasda.html?
>>11618 Two dots means going back one directory. But i dont know what one dot means in path. I think it means home? Or was that ~
>>11595 >for now only make a website in which general Yeah I'll just do that. No need to make it too complex
>>11619 yes two dots one directory level out and one dot is current directory
>>11605 looks like it is just 3 of us
>>11621 Acha! Got it!
>>11626 Give feedback! Any fuckups I've made? etc.
The flexbox part sucks really badly btw.
>>11626 >Hello! My name is... I'll just go with Menardi for now. I'm a man in my late 20s and you can find my verbal diarrhea in this site! I spend my time procrastinating, watching useless videos about psychopathology, especially BPD and narcissistic abuse (and sometimes gender dysphoria) to educate myself about but not actually do anything about it, as circumstances demand so, and binge watching stuff to temporarily forget about any sense of urgency and impending doom that life throws at me. this paragraph makes you sound like a tranny
Janny sirs please pin this thread
>>11627 >Any fuckups I've made? etc Absolutely cringe content in a decently made website
>>11626 Nice yaar but gay and tranny
>>11632 No kek we will keep it bumpin and pumpin how many guys are following this thread anyways?
>>11639 Only 3 Is there no bump limit here? On previous inch /a/ didn't have a bump limit and we took ichan thread to 600 or so posts. For some reason chamarizard seethed and autosaged the thread
>>11634 >>11632 >>11630 These 3 are you?>>11640
>>11641 I'm only the first one
>>11642 well then they are not me and rakulcel either looks like 5 guys are here kek but maybe only 3 of us doing rest are rakulcels fandom kek
>>11643 I'm not surprised. He carries himself like a queer and has a lot of gay simps
>>11644 were you the one making >>11548 telegram link? obviously this one isnt you making Groomcord servers kek>>11428 Dunno how many are here and will stay here till the end kek
>>11645 neither of them are me
>>11646 topkek lurkers came here and decided to make groups and left you made rock papers and scizzors and calculator?
>>10615 >two whole fucking weeks >stuck doing basic html/css I instantly can see why you're doing as poorly as you are. Either you're not giving this enough time, or you're wasting hours over absolute basics, under the impression that by the end of the course you will have 'mastered' all of this. Just learn how to apply stuff and move on, especially for shit like HTML//CSS which doesn't have any real concepts. Learning how to use git and basic bash commands would have taken an hour at best, but since you went into it under the impression that you have to learn it all like a school course, you ended up getting overwhelmed and avoiding it. You are going to learn absolutely nothing with that mindset. You don't have to be able to write a closed book exam on this shit. You will be learning new stuff almost every day, and there will come a time when you'll be learning new languages from scratch just by reading documentation. The attitude you're entering this with is a recipe for getting stuck in what someone else called 'tutorial hell.' Aise mat kar yaara, be a little more flexible.
>>11648 good advice yaar are you a lurker itt or you are a participator as well you sound experienced tho are you a web dev?
>>11626 Looking at the format of your site, I think hugo would be good for you. Its the best static site generator out there.
>>11653 Use Luke Smith's hugo template for a minimalist sort of site similar to the one you made. BTW, for getting jobs don't spend this much time on HTML and CSS, you should be learning React JS by this time.
>>11653 >>11654 Good advice thank you web devs for helpin out NEETs>>11648
>>11648 I've completely started to ignore Odin Project btw. I think I learnt more in w3schools and learn mozilla than whatever that was written in there.
>>11656 wow nice >>11657 to each his own pyaare
>>11658 What's nice? >to each his own pyaare Yeah, Odin Project surely does cover the basics but I feel "incomplete" and something is missing when I read it and do the things that is listed in there. Meanwhile w3schools feels complete and organized. It can't even explain properly. Imposter syndrome.
>>11659 only way to remove self doubt imposter syndrome is to make projects you will never learn everything but if you make projects you will learn how to jewgle stuff and get the proper resource to complete your project thats all you need to gain confidence and little bit of feeling incomplete is necessary to keep on learning everyday. GM let us have a good productive day.
>>11659 w3schools is kino too yaar I just watch tutorials and when I sit to make projects I just jewgle stuff from w3schools. Just dont ignore Odin Assignment Projects. Have you made any there are 2 for HTML and CSS section.
>>11656 >tranny gay gay wah wah write it normally and dont include any buzzwords see this website https://polarhive.ml/
>>11670 Check out polarhive.ml/about
>>11671 Do soythies have english names like Nathan?
>>11660 Yeah, I kind of feel more comfortable actually doing things than just taking notes and trying to remember and reading the courses. >>11661 I'll try work on these soon btw.
>>11673 > Redin-Kingsley >Nathan cool yaar you can get gori mem easily
>>11672 Nathan means lord in the language here, its not really 'english'.
>>11677 I'm also starting to feel that I'm getting too distracted in getting a website going on while I conveniently forget that I really need a fucking job as soon as possible.
>>11679 It's not funny.
>>11677 You need to learn a bit of JS before learning React JS but to each his own
>>11678 Hentai tranby blog is the priority yaar
>>11680 What
>>11685 very nice yaar
>>11685 ngmi
(6.27 KB 362x176 rock.png)
(98.19 KB 720x900 Fpp8jIMaIAEZxzj.jpeg)
>>11741 Pic rel randi ki tarah marunga tujhe bsdk tranny nikal ja yaha se
>>11742 Kek. Fine, I'll start being serious and not post shitty anime images.
>>11741 Neocities me asthethic ke chode website banate hai it's look no wher close to real website
Gm yaaro
>>11752 u doin web dev as just a side hobby to maintain a tranny blog or u will be doing any projects too?
>>11753 Why not both? I really need a productive hobby that isn't just passive consooming. This is also free which makes it nice. I'm making some serious changes so it's not going to look like a tranny blog anymore.
>>11754 Just make a pajeet website yaar and monetize it with ads No hobbies happens In india
>>11741 >How does this thing work Open console on pc
>>11757 I open it and type rock, and the dialog box pops up again.
>>11758 There are 5 rounds of it so it will pop 5 times
In vs code live server it showed results after every round. But in the GitHub hosting results aren't logged in console until all 5 rounds are done What's up with that? Why is it behaving differently there?
(12.22 KB 236x274 1608203294_12509.jpg)
this thread seems to be productive, janny do the needful.
>>11759 I see. It's weird. I only get a white screen.
>>11762 Because html is empty. It just works on pc only for now because you need to see console to get the result
>>11763 Oh... got it.
>>11764 How do you see console?
>>11766 >HOPEFULLY it doesn't look "gay" or "tranny" or "pubescent girl"? Still does
>>11767 God damn it why?
>>11768 Because of the anime girl and whatever song lyric that if
(229.65 KB 679x289 image_2023-02-24_125513491.png)
>>11766 why do you use light colors?
>>11769 I think those are going to stay. >>11771 My eyes started to water and hurt while I was arranging things.
>>11772 ... while using dark colors.
>>11772 light colors are more likely to hurt your eyes
>>11775 ... but how?
>>11786 Hey man if you want to learn web dev then it is cool dont bump up the thread attention whoring about your pedo blog.
>>11786 kys failurecel chamar
>>11787 wtf whats pedo about my site ive even made sure to tag it 18+ >>11789 kali yuga
Do you guys use wsl for the loonix stuff? I have to keep installing npm again and again or it just says 'bash/r: no such file or directory"
>>11794 I dont have to do this on my windows.
>>11795 You don't have to initialise it too again and again?
>>11796 No I dont have to install node again and again
>>11798 strange behaviour on my end then even when its working it somehow doesnt gives proper result npm says results dont watch for reverse string function but on console it gives just the right thing
const reverseString = function(s) { let res=""; for(let i=s.length-1;i>=0;i--){ res+=s[i]; } return res; }; Try this?
>>11801 Still doesn't work. Is this test environment thing that important or skippable? I'm reading about it for it for the first time
>>11799 What's wrong you want to reverse a string and it doing it
Trying to learn javascript and it's quite brutal. The only programming I've ever learnt is during high school and that's more than a decade ago. >>11763 I understand what console is now. I can see the results with inspect element. - you lose! rock beats scissors htmlpreview.github.io:44:17 you lose! paper beats rock htmlpreview.github.io:44:17 its a draw! htmlpreview.github.io:44:17 you lose! paper beats rock htmlpreview.github.io:44:17 you lose! scissors beats paper htmlpreview.github.io:44:17 you lost to the computer. scorecard: 0 - 4 htmlpreview.github.io:51:45 I didn't even win once.
>>11807 must be you
>>11808 >>11807 Yes, watashi.
>>11808 meds
>>11807 >Trying to learn javascript and it's quite brutal i am finding it easy, for now what dont you understand?
>>11807 Javascript is the easiest language atleast it's not C++
>>11843 Why isn't drum kit on the list? They made me do that
>>11844 Brootal send link
>>11846 This is tutorial assignment not project assignment desu
>>11843 Front end bhnagiea are low IQ 🀣🀣🀣🀣 This is school level projects kek
(76.49 KB 498x490 evil-pepe-evil.gif)
its time to delete this thread!!
>>11848 Show a project you made or your mom is randi
>>11851 I have made my own game engine from scratch Made several ML project Won 8 hackathon Did 3 internship What have you done NEET bhangie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
>>11843 That's a lot. >Feeling scared boyos aint gonna lie shiet I was feeling this way ever since we began and I still do. I won't exactly give up though. >>11852 Wow such talent much professional.
>>11853 Wow such professional but no talent 😜
>>11852 why do you come to an imageboard then?
>>11855 For lulz
>replying to b8 That faggot is posting here on a Monday at 12 pm. He too is a neet with crab mentality or a school/college/dropfag
>>11852 and no proof kek means your mom is randi
>>11857 looks like only 2 people are doing this rakulcel is only maintaining her blog how long do you think it will take to complete?
>>11860 I'm still interested. I'm just worried that I feel as if I'm putting all my eggs in this basket which I have no professional qualification in and I can't afford to waste a couple of more months NEETing. >her blog My blog looks somewhat okay for now. Now I have to only focus on content for a while, and also learn JS.
>>11861 >her did not even refute this rakulcel was a tranny all along
>>11861 > I can't afford to waste a couple of more months NEETing. What other plans do you have? You were pampering yourself yesterday now you dont have time?
>>11862 Wtf that's why I even specifically quoted >her to point at it. >>11863 Begging my relatives, government exams, classifieds and other jobs that rarely show up. >_<
>>11864 Nice yaar I am done with meme xams tho
>>11857 >That faggot is posting here on a Monday at 12 pm. He too is a neet with crab mentality or a school/college/dropfag Projection I don't work 24x7
>>11859 What proof? Why would I doxx myself
>>11852 I have done your mom >>11869 Chamar game engine banaya aur itna nahi pata kek Teri maa ki settings toh mai change karta hun kek
>>11880 Kya nahi pata? I am not going to post my projects for you bhangies
(84.27 KB 229x220 image_2023-02-27_193437579.png)
>>11852 >I have made my own game engine from scratch Yeah Unreal Engine Poo edition made by poopjeets kek
>>11881 Cop chamar atleast I made something
>>11886 >>11884 Only thing you made is your randi maa to choke on my dick kek
>>11885 Crab mentality niigger hating on others
>>11887 Oye why you delete your previous message from randi free vpn
>>11889 >>11888 tera baap hun bsdk jab chahein jaha chahein vaha delete kark vapas reply karunga chutia larper
>>11890 You are a suar who tried to samefag from a vpn then deleted the reply 🀣🀣🀣🀣
>>11891 I am a stemchad who made your mom his pig.
(23.79 KB 442x694 images (8).jpeg)
>>1189 >Stemchad Only accomplishment is samefagging on a chappal forum
>>11893 game engine banaya hai chotu ne kek
>>11807 >I understand what console is now. I can see the results with inspect element. https://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/wadokh/rock-paper-scissors/blob/main/index.html try now i added buttons in its place
>>11935 Very nice. - I had a bad day and almost thought of deleting my blog lol. Ended up sleeping to cope with stress. Did absolutely nothing.
>>11937 21 days have passed rakulchad how many projects done?
(176.59 KB 1080x1019 Screenshot_20230301-062630-242.png)
https://www.theodinproject.com/lessons/foundations-etch-a-sketch Wtf is pic related supposed to mean? >>11940 He made a movie review!
>>11940 It all feels hopeless. I can't focus properly when I get lectured every day to get a job by parents. I have some chores to do IRL as well so not today either. It's also shocking to discover that I might have Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. What's the point in any of this?
>>11943 I made a shittier version in which there is a grid and if you hover over the cells it darkens it see the project links at the bottom as well to get a better idea spent all night making a retarded calculator I will skip some projects now and try to do some others simultaneously
>>11944 well fuck then only 2 guys doing this shit kek 400 replies ffs
>>11946 Count me too I am here to troll
>>11946 Hey, I'm still in. I just need some time to feel motivated again, and finish an anime I'm watching right now. At the very least, I could use the excuse of learning web development to explain why I was jobless for years.
>>11947 I was counting non trollers >>11948 2 months of 2023 already over yaar you need to be discipline not motivated you will never be motivated consistently anyways do what you want rakulchad but I hope you work hard and get rich and comfy by the end of the year
>>11949 >2 months of 2023 Anon, I can't remember a single significant progress in my life since covid. 2 months feels like nothing. I need a purpose first, motivation or discipline at this point comes later. Anyway, I'm feeling sad and it'll take some time for me to feel better. I don't wanna ruin this thread.
>>11955 there are only 3 anons posting on this thread kek
>>11955 You are not a man but a manchild. You should literally be working day night to get out of neetdom at this age but you are sad and binge watching tranime whole day like a 12 year old.
>>11957 >You should literally be working day night to get out of neetdom at this age ... and how exactly do I get out of neetdom? Learning web development?
>>11957 Sad but ultimately true >>11992 >... and how exactly do I get out of neetdom?Learning an employable skill? Sundar pichai himself could tell you that if you do a simple task and take a small step you'll get a job at google, and you will find an excuse to not do it
>>11993 I really wouldn't trust someone like Sundar Pichai and I surely don't trust google.
>>11994 Anyway, deep down I know that I should be getting a job RIGHT NOW, and not by learning an employable skill from scratch with no knowledge. Let me just manchild a bit to forget about my worries.
(6.29 KB 519x586 bros.png)
>>12053 No one is here.
>>12076 brootal. all the chads left to celebrate holi it seems
>>12078 I am grinding leetcodetoda
(377.40 KB 501x600 image_2023-03-06_125101236.png)
Long time no see how is it going?
>>12150 kek; is picrel a genuine response?
>>12152 Yeah but for salary questions they're not supposed to ask that but chamar company hr always lose their shit when you don't it's hilarious
>>10657 Itbhangi companies literally pick anyone up
strangely comfy thread
>>10615 I am learning fullstack development it will only take me one month to learn the basics you guys better fear me cause I am high iq get ready to be fucked. I will update everyday what I learned in this fucking thread it will be enough suiefuel for you guys to commit the needful
>>12158 good luck i guess
(9.72 KB 502x262 product.png)
why is this spitting out a NaN yaar >>12158 >I will update everyday what I learned in this fucking thread >gave up in one day br000tal over for high iqcels
>>12205 I am still here I was busy solving leetcode that's why I forgot to update
>>12205 const multiply = function() { let product = 1; console.log(arguments) console.log(arguments.length) arr = arguments[0]; console.log(arr) for(let index = 0; index < arr.length; index++){ product *= arr[index]; } return product; } console.log(multiply([2, 4])) this would work
Arguments is an objects not an array you need to extract array from it
(76.24 KB 629x275 image_2023-03-08_102546286.png)
>>12209 >eren too hot name yaar coomed
>>12207 I refactored the code . . const multiply = function () { let product = 1; arguments[0].forEach(element => product *= element); return product; }; console.log(multiply([2, 4]));
(28.27 KB 621x379 sumproduct.png)
>>12209 fuck i missed we were passing an array. i thought it was just multiply(4,2) i wrote a sum function for array parameters earlier. will just copy that >>12206 so you lied about not knowing basics and that youll learn it in a month
rand ke pillo stop this thread
>>12213 >so you lied about not knowing basics and that youll learn it in a month I have only read the entirety of javascript.info nothing else that's why I have strong fundamentals
>>12215 Brootal mogging. I have barely read 5 articles from there
>>12215 Eren is so sexy 😍 πŸ˜‹ 😩
>>12227 >>12216 fuck you niigers padhai pe dhyan do
>>12228 Yum πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹
Anyone still alive? I think I'm finally back from the dead, but I still feel dead inside.
>>12248 booty shorts mein holi khelti ye pajeetas too hot coomed
>>10615 >1 month done OP I have few quesns how has been your progress? how long do you think it will take you to get moneymaking skilled level? how hard this shit is? do you feel skilled yet?
(141.37 KB 1080x1140 Screenshot_20230309-192608.png)
>>12255 >how has been your progress? Quite slow. I had a gobmint exam today so i was doing exam prep and codemonkeymaxxing side by side >how long do you think it will take you to get moneymaking skilled level? I'm not sure. I'm not from tech field. But i could probably be an intern right now if i bullshit through a dozen interviews hard enough >how hard this shit is? I am at pic related. So far it's not been hard, just brain consuming at some stages >do you feel skilled yet? Not really. My css sucks, js is okayish. But i hate styling so everything i make looks like shit
>>12256 nice going yaara >I had a gobmint exam today wow multitasking neet
(89.52 KB 897x1095 funi27.jpeg)
So I had a doubt for CSS. There's two different elements on the same line, but I want the second element to go below the first if you reduce the width of the browser window(or on mobile view). How to do that?
>>12378 You can use CSS media queries or yoi can use CSS Grid auto fit feature aswell https://youtu.be/EiNiSFIPIQE Watch this
This thread is dead Hope every NEET made it
>>10615 koi hai?
>>12725 I'm stuck at the niggeer calculator. Everytime i get close to finishing it a new problem arises in it. Yesterday i got mad and went back to the 4-5 days old save where it was working but with some malfunctions. But i lost 4 days of progress because of that
>>12726 leave it you dont have to make fully functional lol just basics are working its fine
>>10615 I was sexually attracted to rakul preet poster where is she yaaro I feel alone
>>12790 He has become raashi poster now
>>12788 https://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/wadokh/calculator/blob/main/index.html i did it finally. it was a 4-5 line(at max) fix and i knew it from the start that it will just take little tweaking so i didnt want to leave. but it took me so long because im brainlet nigher i still havent styled it but fuck css, i will move forward
>>12793 Nice work anon lel
(349.30 KB 1080x971 Screenshot_20230319-143910.png)
Lodin project bros.. Which way is the right way? Ruby or node?
>>12823 Obviously node
>>12824 What do you think about this? Is this true >Node: There is no standard way of doing things. You are going to have to decide the structure of projects yourself, for better or worse. >Rails: You don’t have to make decisions on the structure of your projects. This helps when moving into projects built by others.
>>12825 Node : you become employed Ruby : you keep searching for jobs
>>12826 Brootal Over for rubycels
>>12823 wow yaar 2 more months and you will be odin gigachad
>>12823 nice work thanks for motivating me I will resume now as well was too busy grasstouching these days yaar