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Anon 03/18/2023 (Sat) 13:13:41 ID:5cf492 No. 12804
I just rage quit my ITcoolie job of 2 years. Now what?
>>12804 Find a new one.
>>12805 Keyse? Every job in linkedin requires 3 years experience at least
>>12804 Become a E-rickshaw wala You will make more.
>>12804 Start your channel Ex-ITcoolie gol-gappe/chaiwaala/chanaa-bhature waala stand and rake in millions
>>12804 sabji ka thela in morning, momos ka thela in evening.
>>12808 How to start ?
ITcoolie positions are practically unfirable. I have seen chamars stay in the company and do nothing for years but still bot get fired. But on the other hand finding a job seems impossible. Why is it like this
>>12810 I guess you have at least some savings. Get your own thela, preferably 4 wheeler ace moded to support gas burner and other allied cooking essential equipment. Then start learning to cook, you can get comfortable with this within few months. Go to different spots in the city and start selling. You might have to lower your prices for the first few months. Regarding YouTube, you just need your email ID, but for more benefits you have to upload your govt. ID card. Wishing you all the best anon-kun!
>>12809 momos ke thele pe booty shorts bhi dikh jayenge !
>>12813 literally aaj dekha bhai bhungilore mein maja aagya >>12804 job chahiye yaar 2 saal hogye kek grad huye aur tum log chor dete
>>12814 My college girls literally wear bikini and post on insta
>>12815 kuch idhar bhi post kardia karo bina bataye dusre thread mein kek kaha ka kalej hai bhangilore?mumbai?
>>12816 Bhangilore.
>>12817 moj hai yaar hopefully you get high salary wagie job soon mai toh delivery boy ka dekhra kek