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Anon 09/20/2022 (Tue) 22:18:50 ID:2ee093 No. 5200
I want to work in medical science but want my job to be computer related. What degree can I pursue to get benefits of working in non-IT company while doing IT work?
>>5200 Biomedical is an option.
>>5203 >Biomedical Engineering Don't think I'm smart enough to innovate
MS in health informatics vs MS in health information management. Which is better /g/uys?
Arranging 4 lakhs and getting admission here seems like a good option than getting 40 lakh loan for MS abroad. Thoughts?
>>5200 bio(med)engineering --> ms abroad in nice kalej (doesnt matter if youre into research or corpo, you have to gtfo) because jeetland only cares about fagmanwitchery and meme exams, and actual stem careers are thrown under the rug.
>>5200 >>5335 also a solid resume complete with projects and resarch/extra coursework/experience will help you a fuckton. treat all kinds of med engineering as an elite field.
>>5335 >>5337 >ms abroad in nice kalej In which field? Also is your advice unchanged after I tell you that I have a BCA and very average %?
>>5339 >bcafag >now wants to join healthcare industry what the fuck happened anyways i think youll be getting things like bioinformatics and healthcare systems engineering/maintenance etc after bca. sorry cant help you much with options i dont know much about the general bca syllabus and am a ug myself dont be demotivated tho. must medengineer jobs are actually core fields (like ece) that found its application in a hospital. you should start getting well versed in biology though. gl
>>5348 >what the fuck happened Need a job that won't vanish after automation hits IT, also a job that isn't dependent on what some pigskin client needs, working directly for hospital seems great as a job security and doing meaningful work that helps patients. >anyways i think youll be getting things like bioinformatics and healthcare systems engineering/maintenance etc after bca That's all i need pyaarey since my coding skills aren't exceptional Will ask baap to arrange money for phoren
>>5385 you could also try shooting for scholarships (i hear GATE has them too?) or get a student loan or even a sponsorship by some study abroad company that sees profits on investing in you.