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ITT Post your /stem/ creations Anon 09/22/2022 (Thu) 09:11:52 ID:9dd9ef No. 5343
I want this board to be better. I know most of you are codebhangis already and 99% are STEMchamars, so post something that you have made/designed I will start >made a web scrapper for erotic stories on literotica and sexstories websites >scrapper stored all stories in an sqlite database >created a UI in Qt5 to view database and read sexy stories Wrote everything in python Pic rel, reading hypnosis related stories and cooming right now
(601.87 KB 1920x1055 Screenshot_2022-09-22_14-45-40.png)
>>5343 Forgot to say, added search features so I can search for stories that have my exact specific fetishes and kinks Also I scrapped almost 1.6GB (ASCII only) of incest sex stories. Here's a a screenshot. Hypnosis database is only 200MB Chalo yaar post karo apne creations
>>5343 >>5344 based retard
(1.95 MB 4241x3192 assembled front_1.jpg)
(245.51 KB 1080x1440 assembled back_1.jpg)
Since no one is posting I'll post again Made this shipping information tracking prototype device for a client. It has a microphone, can connect via GPS, and can detect movement and strong magnetic fields. Some expensive items especially industrial ones can't be accepted if they were subjected to a lot of shaking or magnetic fields before while shipping before delivery It was only a prototype
>>5352 >Since no one is posting I'll post again does writing a bash script count?
>>5356 Sure does anon! Post it Anything goes since its a stem board, all chemistry, mechanical designs etc.
>>5357 i dont think it's worth posting. Plus i have it hardcoded for my system only It is quite simple(only gnu coreutils are being used) All the script does is create differential backups in .tar format automatically I set up a cronjob to run it daily at 9 pm
(745.12 KB 1918x967 new_board.png)
>>5343 Bump Pic 1 - Wrote firmware for an electric bicycle battery management system for a company. Also made this dashboard software to show all the different details and shit. (currently displaying junk info) Pic 2 - Designed an automotive data logger for a client. In hindsight this would've never passed any kind of certification because the design was so shit kek not my fault client only had 30 days to get him "something" >>5360 kek I had made a very similar thing but I had it manually activate and not via cron. And also mine didn't compare the backups, just made a large tarball. Your script sounds much better than mine. Just post it yaara, it may be useful
>>5344 can you send the database please. I fap while reading sex stories.
>>5343 Bhai mere projects to django or flask se related hai tumlog mazak to nahi banaoge 🥺
(162.76 KB 1912x1017 Screenshot_2022-09-22_18-27-55.png)
>>5364 Here's the hypnosis related sex stories. https://files.catbox.moe/69vyge.7z >>5365 >Bhai mere projects to django or flask se related hai tumlog mazak to nahi banaoge 🥺 Never pyaare anon In fact, I have actually made a flask version of my sex story reader (so that I can use my phone to read them on browser) Sab post karo, everything goes!
(324.01 KB 335x506 60c.png)
I kneel > know most of you are codebhangis already and 99% are STEMchamars, so post something that you have made/designed You're wrong They're all pregnancy(BTW I am a nigger)s they don't know shit >>5352 Wow do you freelance or are you employed? From what i gather automotive electronics are not everyone's cup of tea, the design philosophy is much different than what the average codebhangi knows. Standards are set by autistic germa(BTW I am a nigger)s (autosar, CAN BUS etc) >>5343 I'd like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as scrapping, is, in fact, called scraping, and not scrapping.
>>5372 >Wow do you freelance or are you employed? Was freelancing before but now I have a jobe >From what i gather automotive electronics are not everyone's cup of tea, the design philosophy is much different than what the average codebhangi knows. Standards are set by autistic germa(BTW I am a (BTW I am a nigger))s (autosar, CAN BUS etc) Yeah automotive stuff is pretty autistic, my >>5362 design would have NEVER in a 100 years passed. It would be sold in those corner car shops where they sell chinese music systems lmao. Automotive hardware is hard but automotive cooode is absolutely brootal
(47.26 KB 1920x1080 35.png)
(85.27 KB 1920x1080 38.png)
(171.77 KB 1920x1080 61.png)
>>5343 Posting more because nobody else is I made a wallpaper generator in 12th class here are a few cool looking wallpapers it made
(539.87 KB 1440x1360 motion.jpg)
>>5396 Bumpu Here's a motion controlled game controller I made on a Sunday. Played nfs underground with it for a single day then never used it
>>5343 >>5344 please sir upload it to github or some shit and the database to a torrent or forum and link it 🙏
>>5399 >please sir upload it to github or some shit and the database to a torrent or forum and link it 🙏 I will give you something even better. This is the scraper script, it'll scrap the literotica sex stories pages and save them to a csv file. You just need to give it the category you would like to download from here https://www.literotica.com/stories/ (copy paste the category as argument 1, starting page number as argument 2 and ending page number as argument 3) >https://pastebin.com/gnT27733 This is the reader UI >https://pastebin.com/YvegQU2a
>>5400 O fuck, sorry man you will also need to create this file in the same directory callled user_agents.py https://pastebin.com/vrSPYxWN
>>5401 >>5400 >>5399 You will need to install the following python packages pandas bs4 lxml requests pyqt5
ye kaunsa program hai? also which OS is this?
>>5426 What do you mean?
>>5519 the program youre using in picrel. the OS youre running in picrel. tell me
>>5551 The program is a python script that I made to read sex stories The OS is Xubuntu 22.04
(9.04 KB 686x963 img (10).png)
>>5551 >program it's called an app, unpadh lodu
(106.82 KB 1102x690 voltage_step_down.jpg)
>>5343 >3 days since thread start >nobody else has posted anything Wtf are you all jeebhangis? I thought cooder coolies were there too Anyway, this is a MC34063 based voltage step down board I made.
>>5780 There are 40 people on this website, and most of them are underage jeetards and unemployed coomers.
>>5781 Wtf I thought this board mostly had cooders and techbhangis because of the coding related sticky post
(92.64 KB 581x500 6i5j3o.jpg)
>>5782 you can walk in that thread and see how it went (spoiler alert: it was a shit idea) t. stickyposter
>>5871 Check that you have all the packages needed
(122.20 KB 1280x646 23452452345234.jpeg)
(82.12 KB 1280x646 13423452352.jpeg)
(68.91 KB 1280x646 45346356453.jpeg)
>>5343 Bumpu Mera thread aise nahi maar sakta Created a simple voltage booster circuit with software controlled feedback loop using a microcontroller Slow as fuck control loop working at 100Hz, variable duty PWM is 100KHz 1st pic is 5V supply driving a 8V to 10V 1W LED 2nd pic is when LED is suddenly removed. 4% duty cycle is enough to account for leakage current by capacitor. 3rd pic is circuit running without load
>>5978 Also note massive voltage spike in pic 2 That happens when you have very slow feedback loop and no current measurement
i changed out the burnt up tail lamp bulb, number plate bulbs, and interior bulb in my car yesterday does that count kek
>>5980 Yes bro it 100% does, post anything! All repairs count
>>5982 I don't think it counts yaar. it's like getting sloppy seconds from the engineers who designed the things. still here are some things I've done (i like working on cars. we have 2) >installed a dashcam in the good car >installed ambient lighting in the good car (but i messed up and the LED strips didn't work well, probably my shitty soldering skills) >changed out stripped studs from the good car >added a harness for 90/100 watt bulbs to good car >wiper mechanism on old car had siezed, hammered away at it for 2 hours and freed it up >added hidden kill switch to the bike >bike BA20D bulb was super shitty so i did some jugaad and installed a 55/60 watt H4 bulb instead (headlamp is still shitty and i narrowly avoided crashing into a cyclist a week ago. I hate this bike and will get rid of it first thing after I get a job) All of these i did without modifying the stock harness in any way. I could revert these changes in 2 hours and no one would be able to tell. also i change my own oil Future plans >add a hidden kill switch and a hidden ignition switch to the old car so it becomes keyless
>>5983 Nahi bro everything counts! Very nice that you can work on your car. What is the kill switch for?
>>5984 makes things harder for thieves but i soon realised no one wants this piece of shit so I don't arm the switch (it's useless if unarmed) I don't even lock the handle. the bike is always waiting for me when I get back to it the learning experience is what counts though. the biggest thing i learned is just how hard it is to procure these little pieces of shit. the other thing i learned is never to say 'wire hai ghar pe' you ALWAYS buy new wire for a new project
(4.13 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20220928_134139393.jpg)
>>5343 i made dumbbells out of grinder stones
>>5986 Ewwwww Gareeeebbbb!!!
>>5983 id recorded the ambient lights but it seems the video is lost and gone forever. sent it to a friend over WhatsApp but it seems WhatsApp didn't back it up for some reason :(
>>5987 Eeww baap ke Paisa
>>5986 Literally asking for death You can get alright dumbell set for < 1k Also what kind of beast you are that a single dumbell is that heavy?
>>5986 do dumbell chest presses with those kek >>5990 i have a set of those and i never do dumbbell chest presses with those kek
(78.49 KB 700x692 1657973638836.jpg)
>>5980 >>5983 >>5985 YAAAAAAAAARGH I just appeared for a test for a company, they asked retardedly simple questions from 2nd year, still got BTFOd like shit (spent the entire 2nd year at home because muh corona) Maybe i am destined to be working alongside some muzzies in an accessory shop, doing coupler to coupler bullshit to install neon LEDs on some bhangi's dZire Tour, or changing oil in some shady garage, until death.
(542.65 KB 1263x1506 52752.jpg)