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Roadmap dedo yaaro 3rd Yeer CSE 3Tier Colez 09/23/2022 (Fri) 00:56:35 ID:15c2a5 No. 5387
Been 1 month into 3rd year I didn't exactly waste my first 2 years of college I did discovered alot of subjects like Computer Architecture, Assembly Language, C etc. and read thoroughly on them. The coding I did were mostly passion projects nothing to boast just few basic shell scripts using gnu coreutils. I am done with them and really quite satisfied though I really need something to train my brain. I never followed any cringe muthtuber who get into some FAANG company from rote-learning Leetcode problems and then make this their entire career on how to get into FAANG by selling courses on them. But now I'm starting to think I really am wasting my time and need something to whack my brain. Need something challenging like I'm for sure better than the codebhangis at my college just have never tried it... or better atleast get to know where I stand... I would say this one incident right... like some of my batchmates where discussing this problem for DP they were explaining each other the question. I made them two solutions for the thing and they were both correct without learning anything about DP but I couldnt explain them how in technical terms. That's where I knew I would be screwed in like an interview type setting >Never did anything CP related So in order to prepare I relearned C and did Basic DSA. but now I'm confused between C++ and Java because >OOPs I dont know but the Data Abstraction of OOPs scares me rather than making things simple. So please suggest me how to bite the bullet, solid resources that make me confident in it. . I want to lean more towards C++ because of STL but if it may come I could use Java aswell at these dire times . Also brief advice on starting out on platforms like CodeChef, Codeforces or Leetcode because I have never touched any of them. There will be like 2 weeks of holidays during october from college so I want to utilize all I've got. . Anything that could help will be appreciated thank you yaaron :)) I miss old /g/
>>5387 >tier 3 you know the rest anon
>>5387 Roadmap ke chode why don't you just start doing things >Muh roadmap >How to muh >But do I need to muh before muh >But I don't know muh how to muh Just open any site and start doing things Either you know things so you move to next problem Or you don't know them and study the sub problems Rinse repeat
>>5387 Learn C++ and start grinding codeforces. ps :- you need to be good at lot of Maths subjects.
Bhai rehne de, tier 3 me ye sab karke koi fayeda nahi hai, tier 1 bhangis grind DSA on leetcode only because the product based companies that come to their colleges conduct tech rounds. I don't know if you know but codeforces, atcoder is very different from leetcode/hackerrank etc, the later websites are for interview preparation, codeforces is for competitive programming, and the syllabus of competitive programming is way vast, be it algorithm, concepts like threading or related mathematics, all focus is on C++, because it is a fast language, the skills you need for codeforces are quite different than that of basic interview DSA. One thing you can still try is Gsoc, open source contribution looks very good on your resume.
>>5395 Are you retarded? Leetcode medium level is common now even in witch interviews. Kabhi interview diya hai chakke? Yaha Blackpilling mat kar faltu ki. If not today he have to do leetcode after some time if he wants to level up
>>5397 Bhai tu illiterate hai kya? Did you even read what I wrote? I wrote that he shouldn't opt for codeforces because it is for competitive programming not for interview preparation, for codeforces you need to learn a lot of difficult concepts in mathematics and C++ programming like concurrency - None of these things get taught at any tier 3 kalej, not even in most tier 1 kalejes. And as for muh service bhangi companies, no you don't need to grind leetcode because they do mass recruitment, their main requirements are english speaking skills and decent academic record, there are no tech rounds conducted by these companies, because the jobs at these companies are basically data entry and maintenance roles on some sort of enterprise software (Oracle, SAP, etc) for which they train you after recruitment. I am not doing "Black pilling", this is just your reality tier 3/4 chamar.
>>5402 Bruh you are retarded I have seen you seething about tier 3 colleges since a long time did some tier 3 grad raped your mother?
>>5527 > OoggaBoggaYoMama Yep your are illiterate
>>5392 2nd Tier consider karte h but mene 3rd Tier likha so I get more actual answers in replies than "which college anon?"
>>5393 thike bhai leetcoding chalu krta hu fir. I really thought codeforces would be good for me