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Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 02:04:18 ID:1dc8ad No. 5389
Is japan a good option for career if you like video games and have an interest in japanese language? The western game development is monopolized by a few companies where execs take all the money and employees are overloaded with crunchtime and horrible conditions(ea, blizzard, etc.). And departments will be filled with woke ideology and restrictions on what you're allowed to believe and do, even when your a 'poc' in the west. Meanwhile japan has a big video games industry and do not hire based of diversity quotas, plus better people. Is working in japan a good option?
>>5389 The only problem is that the Japanese society won't accept you if you don't look like them, if you qre from northeast it might be the best decision to.
>>5390 no they like indo peeps just not bihari majdoor. >>5389 go there and stabilize their population
>>5389 >working in japan >as a migrant >AND an art creator at that anon...