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Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 13:55:13 ID:47cb11 No. 5428
is it true no "engineering" happens in india?
>>5428 Yes, if you want I can explain the whole thing to you in detail.
>>5429 pls do.
>>5428 "Engineering" in modern sense was invented with Machines and this happened during the first industrial revolution, starting in UK, From then on all the advances in physics, mathematics, Electrical and then Computer Engineering happened in some selected countries across the world - UK, US, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, South Korea and recently China. All the major technologies and foundational knowledge was invented and developed from scratch at selected institutions and companies.
>>5431 Let's take few examples. 1. Railways It was invented in UK, George and Robert stevenson are the Father-Son duo who laid the foundation of modern Railways, Later development happened in pre WW2 Germany (first metro and mono rail) and post WW2 Japan (shinkansen on 1965). 2. Cars Italy, Germany and US, later Jason and South korea. Benz Company in Germany started it. 3. Communications After the invention of telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, literally all the development in communications (even in software, C++ was invented at Bell labs) since was done by Bell labs and AT&T and few other companies based in US and Europe, ex :- Nokia. 3. Computers The development started with Electro Mechanical Analytical Machines, Germans pioneered the research before and during the WW2, Konrad Zuse invented Z3 in 1941, first electro mechanical programmable computer, it got destroyed by Americans during WW2, later re developled as the ENIAC in late 40s, by 1950 Transistor was invented by William Shockley, again at Bell labs, he got noble prize for it, and established what would later become famous as silicon Valley.
The reality is that India is not a industrialised country we don't have technical know-how in many technological areas, our little knowledge of engineering and industry is rooted in the primitive unsuccessful industrialisation we went through during 60s-90s. No modern Technology has been Invented in India that is being used by people in the world, Almost every HI-Tech stuff such as Cars, Railways and communications, even civil construction is result of foreign Tech consultancy, there are legacy MNCs which have patented IP in critical technologies, only they can manufacture and develop these products. This is true for things like advance civil engineering, Computer Chips, Railways related technology etc, Defence tech etc, basically we depend on these foreign companies to build stuff for us Gobermint babus have become crorepatis bybtaking bribes from such companies in return for tender going to them.
One clear thing here is that 1. No Engineering happens in india, we buy technology from foreign Firms. 2. The people graduating and teaching Engineering here are all faking it, they are teaching obsolete rote stuff that is totally useless.
>>5518 >1. No Engineering happens in india, we buy technology from foreign Firms. False. We design a lot of tech, only manufacturing is minimal. >2. The people graduating and teaching Engineering here are all faking it, they are teaching obsolete rote stuff that is totally useless. This is true. Our education system and industries have the largest disconnect ever. Internet has raised the disconnect everywhere in the world but nowhere it is as large as India
>>5520 >We design a lot of tech, Too broad a statement so can't say much >only manufacturing is minima Manufacturing is definitely more than designing I will post source if you want (when I get on my pc)
>>5520 > we design What?
>>5520 Designing is core part of Engineering, retard. Let me give you an example - Chip design, SoC design, PCB design, GPU architecture etc all co under "Designing", none of this shit happens in India, Foreign Companies like Nvidia, Intel and Qualcomm have Patented IP on designs related to these technologies. Go check linkedin of Qualcomm - US Engineers, they are all researchers with published papers in Physics, Computer Engineering etc. Now go see linkedin of Qualcomm india engineers, you won't find any such acumen, the reason for that is the fact that they are not engineers, they don't design anything, they only do QA and Testing work.
>>5521 >Manufacturing is definitely more than designing >I will post source if you want (when I get on my pc) No bro we definitely don't manufacture more than we design. All our manufacturing is either steel related or other similarly mid tier tech. We don't manufacture anything else to my knowledge >>5523 Yaar i literally work in electronics manufacturing industry. I know how much designing work we do and it's massive. AMD, NVIDIA, Intel have offices in India where VLSI engineers design silicon layouts. Besides the big names we also design a lot of silicon for Quectel, Snapdragon, and TI to just name a few. Also microchip. We do design a lot of PCBs as well (in fact, guess what i was doing yesterday!). It's an absolute self defeating cope that we don't design anything. If anything we suck at manufacturing >>5522 A lot of electronics, software, software, industrial equipment, automobiles. Our designs are "services" that we export to mostly foreign clients
>>5521 (BTW I am a coomer) bitte