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Bros Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 09:50:12 ID:9b8908 No. 5435
Your opinions ?
>>5435 Wallah I don't care about kaffir tutuion
>>5435 Koi is meme exam coaching system ko band karado yaar. Imagine studying "Mtech" in lundia. Absolute state.
>>5437 Rope karna behtar hai
>>5436 >Kek
>>5438 Unironically yes but it requires a lot of courage, which most of us dont have. Just think about it, how much of a scam everything is, everyone knows no Industrial Tech R&D happens in lundia but we still have this big system which is solely existing for running the coaching industry.
>>5440 More R&D happens about cracking these meme exams in these institutes than any research in lundian meme industry
>>5440 Doesn't matter coz already science niqqers are loq iq fags We commerce chads will do a great amount of research in the field of economics, finance and business
>>5442 Economic researchers are worldwide known for being always wrong.
>>5443 still better than socially inept enginiqqers. I love engineering and engineers, just not the indian version.
IITs really are only about Jay.EE nothing else. No reputed University in the world is known for it's entrance exam or "packages".
>>5435 i don't have an opinion
>>5447 PW is providing Employment for unemployed non CS bhangi IITians and NITians it produced, they will now teach Engineering syllabus to tier-3/4 BTech bhangis who want IIT tag. It's literally a pyramid scheme. It's really funny when you think that Alakh Pandey himself never went to any IIT/NIT, he did his graduation in tier-4 dehati state kalej.
>>5441 Even the BTech curriculum is obsolete, the funniest part is that for the first year you don't even study any engineering. In CS curriculum there is very less practical training on any modern technologies. The companies that hire at IITs are mostly for non tech administrative roles, it is actually Jay.EE which makes the IITians attractive to these companies, because it is proof of discipline and "griniding".
>>5453 >because it is proof of discipline and "griniding". Lmao your whole life depends on this one meme exam. Absolute fucking state. I will just rope yaar.
>>5441 Kek
>>5456 As much as Tier-3/4 bhangis like to seethe ad cope, it is reality, maybe it wasn't as bad 10-20 years ago, but in present day and age, unless you are from top IITs/NITs you literally have no chance at 10lpa+ life.
>>5458 mera tier 69 college fren is earning 17 lpa with 1 YOE ffs shut up
>>5452 Lmao
>>5460 yeah sure bro
>>5460 >Muh friend This is like that one friend girls claim who dates a shorter guy.
>>5464 >>5463 Sahi bola hai. Even in my dehati tier 3 kolej the highest package was 12 lpa.
>>5466 >>5465 >>5464 >>5463 yup he leetcodemaxxed and gave juspay hackathons on hackerearth and was selected naa maan na ho toh naa maano keep coping
>>5467 vese vo ek saal TCS Digitalfag tha 7lpa but now he joined the new company kek
>>5435 Reported to be shifted to /stem/
>>5458 Then how I am earning 14lpa?
>>5466 Yaha IT mein boom arha hai aur ye chamar pajeets misinformation spread kar rhe hai. It's easy now to earn 15lpa+ for even a tier 3 graduate after 1 yoe
>>5525 By day dreaming
>>5529 Good cope brainlet