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What does inch think of IGNOU? Anon 09/21/2022 (Wed) 21:37:52 ID:e47882 No. 5488
>>5488 Just another poop in the sewage that is lundian education system.
>>5489 Yaar mujhe bhi cheating karke pass hona hai jaise ye video me bolraha hai paise dekar cheating karwaayega, ye scammer hai ya legit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPARpURJ1u8
(149.14 KB 835x457 untitled1.png)
Mujhe to banda legit lagraha hai dosto
>>5491 mujhe to sus lag ra hai
(46.11 KB 1269x658 untitled2.png)
>>5492 kyu yaar? Btw I saw the car in video was having HR 13 number plate, googled and it seems bahadurgarh,haryana. On google maps compared and the closest exam center seems sonipat, there are 2, tough guess now
>>5493 just use earplug yaar
>>5494 elaborate pyaarey
>>5495 earplug inside kaam, like really deep and your friend outside with q paper, baaki ka pata hi hai
>>5496 *kaan
>>5496 Two big problems with this, 1. No matter how deep, it'll still be visible even if I paint it with the color of my skin tone 2. >your friend outside >friend The only alternative I can think is to phone call my mother and ask hear to read answers from textbook
Update: Watched some ignou exam vlogs and in the haryanvi ones they often mention about cheating.
>What does inch think of IGNOU? Unironically based >almost free education >no need to attend meaningless class >flexibility with regards to attending exam >equivalent to regular degree and accepted worldwide >can gain work experience at the same time which is most valued while others waste time to forever remain "freshers" Only con i can think of is the cringe name
>>5501 Wo sab chod yaar, cheating karne ka upaay bata. Maine to ye bhi suna hai ke paise de kar number badhwa sakte hain jahaan correction hoti hai.
>>5501 Bata na
>>5491 I believe now that the video is viral, he probably got arrested or atleast stopped doing it. The thing is you need to just know people for this. They can't openly announce online about their service for obvious reasons.
Also try to fucking study on your own looser. Only worthless chamaars break the rules.
>>5504 My hopes of getting a degree are shattered now >>5505 Stop moralfagging pyaarey, if i cheat in exam i am cheating myself and not causing any harm to others, how is that bad?
>>5506 Beta when you cheat you are falsefully increasing your marks. It would be injustice for other students who studied hard. As ex. A student studied but got only 60% you didnt studied but got 61% you took his seat or whatever. (Not to say i dont or wont cheat but it is wrong from a moral perspective)
>>5501 Honesyly I-G-N-O-U sounds ok but ignou sounds like an ice cave igloo or some cringe shit.
>>5498 Woah dude you beleive your mother would help you cheat. Really?
>>5506 Ok toh meri baat sunn kai tareeke hote hai cheat krne ke. Maine kiya hai, pakda bhi gya hu bachpan me but ab nhi. Yaha sahi se nhi bata sakta. Ek kaam kr koi insta pe fake id ya kuch bhi send krde iss email pe [email protected] waha pe baat krte hai
>>5510 sent you a mail with link to my burner insta >>5509 no but i can convince her saying how her son will end up a failure if she dosent do this >>5507 well im not stopping them from cheating either pyaarey
>>5511 Use signal or matrix retard, not chamargram, a literal spyware waiting to sell your data.
>>5512 he preferred insta, also i have nothing linked to my burner insta that can connect me to my identity except for IP logs, i also sent him email via guerilla mail so idk why you think that im in trouble
>>5513 All your messages on chamargram will be accessible to the government if you get caught, and will be used against you. Using a secure mediuk of communication about illegal stuff is a basic precaution for futureproofing.
>>5514 not everyone is the son of SRK yaar
>>5514 >>>/stem/ pe apni maa ko nanga karwa lawde schizo
HOLYSHIT CHECK THIS OUT https://youtu.be/2kDrJd0nhTs
>>5516 he's not wrong they(meta) will comply with the government
>>5488 Bas naam ki degree/qualification chahiye, open schooling is the way. >>5490 NIOS and IGNOU dono mai aisa hota. Just give them money, exam mai cctv band and they recite answers to you.
>>5861 This seems very dangerous
(391.53 KB 1080x1920 Screenshot_20220927-164114.jpg)
It's over handubros
>>5928 >Just give them money Are you retarded? The only reason IGNOU is considered legally valid is the strict exams unlike other bimaru jhola chaap private unis who take bribes, the video OP posted is a rare case and even the youtuber has reported to the ministry, >>5861 is the only was to pass IGNOU exams.
>>5981 Chup chamar! I did my 10+2 from nios and like a good boy got to the center to submit my assignments, they laughed at me. When I went there next time, the principal told me to bring my baap with me for a little talk. That was the moment I secured my 12th. After exams he offered me a discount for ignou degree in same manner. IMO it depends from center to center, but generally that's how gobermint works. This is how you get ITI certs too.
>>5994 Larp confirmed
>>5994 OP here Tell me the name of your IGNOU exam centre pyaarey
>>6013 He was larping
>>5861 Lmao i wonder if people use this at IAS type exams and get government job