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Anon 10/14/2022 (Fri) 12:32:55 ID:b2db6d No. 6481
Yaaro Ive exhausted my pregnancy advanced attempt ,but there is a loophole. What if i give nios again. So my 12th passing year would change and i will have more attempt. Redpill me on this idea given i can get iit this time Pic unrelated
>>6481 You're not discovering something new chamars. Don't think people before you haven't thaught about this idea. It's simply not possible that's it.
>>6481 abey yaar stop wasting your time behind meme exams
>>6482 >>6482 See this and tell me im wrong
>>6483 Better to die than joining tier 3 college in a place where i dont even speak language of locals
>>6484 >>6485 Yaar this is going to be my 3rd and last attempt. How did you fucked up your last chance?
>>6481 I don't think you can take admission in NIOS after completing 12th from another board.
>>6486 By being a chamaar
>>6487 You can
>>6487 Bump yaaro btado
>>6490 Maa chuda chakke
>>6490 Shyd de sakte hai kyuki nta ki requirement toh bas 12th pass hai bhale hi tu kahi se bhi kar but morally sahi nai hai yar. By the time you have given 3 attempts you should accept your fate and just take what you're getting.
>>6492 How can i confirm this? Will u post this on reddit(saying someone asked as my account is banned) >By the time you have given 3 attempts you should accept your fate and just take what you're getting. Mere drop ke baad mujhe bohut bekaar jagah bhej diya yha. Main ab focus bhi nhi kr pata hoon ,isliye pooch raha hoon. Wbjee to doonga but chances of cse are bleak
>>6492 Bhai can uask my question on reddit plz
>>6481 >muh meme exam Nikal chamaar back to plebbit
>>6481 Literally offsite Gayneetard ban gaya hain site. Band karo isse abhi.
>>6496 Alag board containment area banao is randap ka.
>>6493 >>6494 Bohot kam logo ne try kiya hai so can't be sure. Kuch kehte hai aadhar se bhi linked hota hai, aur age ke hisaab se hota. Agar 3 attempt ho gaye uske baad aur nai. Try reading in quora
>>6496 Report it whenever you see these threads
>>6494 Fuck off out of here you son of a fagggot, kill yourself, I will rape your entire family if you ever post on InCh, you trannoid. I will make your fatger wear feminine dresses and will peg him to death if you ever come here again
>>6498 Quora pe 4 log bolre hain ye kr skte hain 2 ne mana kiya. Plz ask this on reddit yaar ,meherbaani hogi
>>6501 Pump plz help plz plz
>>6501 >quora and reddit user kys
>>6502 Your life is nothing, you serve zero purpose, you should kill yourself NOW, and give somebody else a piece of that oxygen in the ozone layer that's covered up so we can breathe inside of this blue trapped bubble. Like what are you even here for? To worship me? Kill yourself. and I mean that with a hundred percent, with a thousand percent.
>>6504 Kya aatma hatya hi ekmatra upaay hai. Help me yaaro im in pain
>>6481 I personally know a guy. He's from category. Failed thrice in 12th class. But didn't gave advanced during those years. Finally cleared mains by margin in 4th attempt of 12th, cheated in pregnancy advanced, studying in iit jammu cse. Bc kismat ka kch nhi pta. You have 2 pregnancy advanced attempt and that too for consecutive attempts. And pregnancy mains me 3 hote h. Consecutive wo bhi.
>>7420 Kys
>>6485 Idiot, you can work hard and be successful from any college. My sisters friend was in a new stupid college that no one heard of, she studied so hard that she became overqualified for jobs and now is raking in crores.
>>6488 UCs are literally so dumb