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Need help Anon 11/02/2022 (Wed) 18:54:08 ID:7627c2 No. 7091
I dropped my laptop on the floor, now the upper edge of the screen has bleeding. My warranty expired a few days ago before this.I also have an option to extend warranty within 30 days. Is screen replacement the only option..? If I join the extended warranty and take the laptop to service centre will they repair it for free..? Can anyone tell me what should I do?
it's over anon
>>7091 its ok yaar 99% lcds have light bleed problem only thing is you can ignore it wont get worse dont worry and if it gets worse yk what you have to do just chill its very normal to have light bleed on LCD
Kitna poorana hai tera laptop?
>>7094 1 year. Warranty expired a few days ago.
>>7093 Lap Costs around 80k. Service centre told me they can replace the screen for 16k. Or 8k for cheaper ones.
>>7096 retard why would you want to have the screen replaced for THAT?
>>7093 Abey chamar itna light bleed kisi laptop mein nahi hota aajkal. His lappy got broken after falling like your head broke after your mom birthed you
>>7096 Bhai yaar 80000 is a lot. Should have brought an LED laptop. Renew your warrenty yr
>>7100 Renewing costs 16k pyaare. A decent led lap Costs more than 80k >>7097 It hurts anon
>>7091 Over