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What are some cool roadmaps for Tier 3/4 cse fags? Anon 11/24/2022 (Thu) 12:58:10 ID:d1d1ed No. 7444
So my mother passed away in 2020 in the first wave of covid and i have to look after my family. I can't study that much for pregnancy and I'm from a tier 4 city which dosent have good college so to support my family for household chores (cooking food , washing clothes etc ) i decided to join a random nearby local college. Now suggest some roadmaps (competitive programming/GitHub/data analytics/quant/freelancing/web development etc so that I can get into a good job not witch .
Was going to shitpost but I read your whole post then decided not to. So yeah take a bumpu from me
>>7445 back to reddit chamar >>7444 use https://github.com/ossu/computer-science , perfect at least one language, and learn some scripting. start networking on linkedin and try to get a good internship. don't waste time on this forum, you need to up your skills and start building contacts
>networking on linkedin Hey man , I don't have friends and most of the students in my tier 4 college don't use linkedin. Also no one have heard about my college and there are very less people from my college who's good at cp , web development etc. Suggest some ways by which I can stay anonymous ( not mentioning college name etc ) so that one can build a good profile to get recommendations for a good job at companies like Stanley Morgan , Goldsman Sach etc .Also thanks for helping their !
>>7444 Good riddance
>>7447 Are chamar connecting means connecting with different people who can be beneficial for you in future this includes anyone not just your college mates
>>7447 develop your skills, build public projects, contribute to open source and put them in your profile. Then start messaging recruiters on linkedin