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JEE is sheer insanity Anon 01/07/2023 (Sat) 06:51:13 ID:11ecc5 No. 9244
I am a second year stoooodent stoodying group theory in my tier 2 NIT for my own knowledge and codefagging and many pregnancy advanced matrix/determinant/algebra questions involved good amounts of group theory and could have been solved in seconds using group theory I wonder how this applies to other problems such as coordinate geometry problems, i talked to my math prof he says that pregnancy coordinate geo problems are solved fast by kids who know projective geometry, they directly interprete a conic as slicing a cone using projection of circles on inclined planes and shiet. Apparently even hard pregnancy advanced physics mechanics questions become joke to kids who have been taught langrangian hamiltonian mechanics in their coachings, they use these advanced tricks/formulas without understanding them deeply This is how pregnancy is designed. An average self stoody cuck/small coachingcel stoodying from cengage, dc pandey,hc verma,physics galaxy well never come close to the insight these fags at expensive coaching star batches are being taught
>>9244 do you know how difficult it is to get into those star batches? Only the top 15-20 students are selected there with a very tough test t. studied in the top non-star batch of the biggest institute in kota
>>9246 I was in P2 batch of Vibrant Academy, we had two star batches P1 and P2 in class 11
>>9246 Why don't they teach these tricks to all students enrolled in the institute?
>>9247 usse star nahi bolte chamar, ek secret batch hota hai jiski existence ka tujhe pata bhi nahi hoga. it's called jaz in resonance
>>9249 they don't have enough iq for it, most students are chamars who can't properly solve vector problems.
>>9250 Mai resonance me nahi tha, Vibrant me houses hote the, G,N,E and R all these houses had 5 batches each, based on tests and stuff, students from top 2 batches of all these houses were selected in P1 and P2, mujhe saare subject ke directors padhate the.
>>9251 > heckin tricks These advanced topics aren't tricks chamar, they are proper theory, need patience and lot of reading, mcq bhangis won't like it. >>9251 True
>>9252 star batches me directors nahi padhate, idhar resonance me ek jaz batch hai, fir tch (for top students jo 9th se padh rhe, i was in this and isme hod padhate the) and then the normal ja1-ja40 batches Hote the. The jaz batch got special teachers for each chapter, hame sirf hod padhate the. they learnt a lot more than us
>>9251 There are very few people in lundia that have knowledge of Advanced Mathematics and Physics, almost negligible amount of people are Qualified and Experienced Engineers, Applied/Experimental Scientists etc. Most of these people are moving abroad.
>>9251 i don't think that the kids who are being taught hamiltonian or lagragian mechanics also fully grasp the underlying philosophy of these concepts. it's mostly a mug-and-go type of a deal - the success of which lies on the individual's pattern recognition capacity. other than that, it's hard to say that people actually 'understand' these concepts on a deeper level, as anon pointed out here >>9244
>>9255 yeah, even in my "top" batch , most students were brainlets who struggled to get 200/360 in normal advanced tests, and none of those bhangis could solve the pathfinder, except a couple
>>9254 Vibrant me aisa kuch nahi tha, there were simply two Top batches P1-P2 in 11th, Y1-Y2 in 12th, hume directors and HODs padhate the, pic rel were my teachers.
>>9256 yeah, but that's the point, jeé is not a subjective exam and you can get away with just mugging up random tricks without understanding the concepts, our inorganic teacher did just that and taught us a lot of unknown tricks, which later helped me score full in chem. Olympiads aur serious exams me ye sab nahi chalta of courae
>>9257 Mere batch me 3-4 Olympiad National level select hue the, one guy who is still my friend is in US now.
>>9258 those top batches mean nothing then, same cheezein padha rhe but at a faster pace with slightly better teachers. The real top batches are the star ones, which only comprise of people who have already cleared at least 1 olympiad and will get top 200 ranks. Udhar kafi alag syllabus follow hota hai. Allen, reso, bansal and narayana/chaitanya always get their ranks through this batch. Aajkal narayana ke top batch me se at least 4 bache top 10 me hote t. knower
>>9261 Bhai humare coaching me resonance ka system nahi tha, P1 and P2 hi special batches the, top batch house ke top walo ko kehte the.
>>9261 Y1 se AIR 5 aaya tha Suraj Yadav
>>9262 >>9263 acha. tumhara syllabus alag hota tha kya normal batches se? Aur olympiads ki bhi taiyari karate the?
>>9264 Haa, mere batch se 3-4 IMO select hue the
>>9253 >These advanced topics aren't tricks chamar, they are proper theory, need patience and lot of reading, mcq bhangis won't like it. Yes you can, my prof told me how elected 20-30 formulas in math physics from group theory, langrangian hamiltonian mechamics and projective geometry is enough to kill entire pregnancy adv paper math and phys portion
>>9265 IMOTC you mean, 3-4 from one coaching in IMO is very big deal
>>9267 ha IMO me kabhi bhi ek coaching se nahi jati team, except allen for a few years t. IMOTC camp qualifier
>>9267 Ha yaar wahi, galti se mistake ho gayi kek
>>9270 abe chamar jeé me kaam aate hai, dhang se post padh
>>9270 >can someone explain No
>>9268 Achha, tu ab kya karrha, IIT me hai ya IISc me
>>9270 Only use is cracking pregnancy 
>>9266 > 20-30 formulas Tell me yaar, will use them in april attempt, i have high enough iq
bampu i want answers
>>9276 >>9277 It is not that easy lodu Dont try to learn new stuff right now
>>9278 just tell me yaar just googled hamiltonian mechanics, looks great will assrape jeé
>>9278 >>9266 bhai please bata de nahi toh rope karne ki naubaat aa jayegi. please yaar baas bata de formulas
>>9280 >>9281 Abe lodu mujhe khud bhi nahi pata, i gave pregnancy long ago, now i will have to ask my profs or myself research pregnancy paper to find which concepts /questions/formulas will help you in solving pregnancy matrix determinant and conic questions, iske baad to physics me aur kaam karna hoga tumlogo ko madad karne me
>>9276 >i have muh high iq agar iq hota to khud thread padhke samajh gaya hota sare formulae
>>9274 IIT, i am the top 1000 rank guy who was seething about reservation
>>9284 You support reservations?
>>9283 found some good papers on hamiltonian mechanics it's over for newtonian mechanics jeécels
>>9286 mujhe bhi bhej de bhai, if i grind i will at least get to a tier 2 kalej electrical engineering. please bhai pls
I didn't made it as big as an IITian but I am in a good place now. I remember during jeeprep I was never able to study any of those faggy mind numbing subjects.
>>9286 >>9286 Post it for jeefaga
>>9288 The subjects weren't mind numbing it was just a lot of information to digest in very small amount of time
>>9285 Abe yaar i was seething about it since i didn't get csr in an old iit due to it
>>9291 Should have gone to cmi yaar they have a good cs program
>>9286 please post them here yaar or else i will have to rope
>>9288 >but I am in a good place now Greentext your story yaar. Were you in an NIT or something?
Never began
>>9286 >Found some papers on Hamiltonian mech Hey afro descent degenerate, u don't even know what calculus of variations is and u're pretending to have mastered classical mechanics. Jfl, it never began for entrancecels.
(70.35 KB 616x1024 1577822833068.jpg)
you underage prep bhangis might like this uncle ted who was a genius level mathematician in his heyday regarded mathematics as absolutely useless if you kill yourself tonight i won't blame you
>>9300 I wonder why did he when it got used up by him to make stuff
>>9300 Uncle ted was a subhuman he wanted to become a tranny at one point and was extremely brainbleached by mk ultra cia psyops
>>9305 N yet. He achieved more than you