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How to get money Anon 01/15/2023 (Sun) 14:16:02 ID:194341 No. 9624
I want a credit card and some money to buy a server and host my server and website on it. I am getting $20 free credits on vultr but my parents say its a scam and focus on what is being taught in my muh tier 2 college where I am just being taught chemistry and civil engineering in a CSE degree. What do?
>>9624 What to do to earn shekels on my own? My parents just say everything is scam while being caught in scams themselves.
>>9624 get a free vps, use ctrl+f in >>>/r/4 and search for "vps". Also, you can get free hosting through many services, if you're runnint a static website. eg: github pages, neocities, cloudflare etc. just tie them with your domain and you'll have a working website
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>>9624 I'd 100% recommend getting a vps and tinkering with it to learn networking, cybersecurity and linux concepts in action There's only so much you can learn about swimming by just reading book... you need to take a dive to really learn it Vultr explicitly uses creditcard You can use paypal for Linode and then paypal you can add money through UPI or your regular debit card or I'll even go to the length of sponsoring you anon meaning UPI me the amount that goes out of the credit card but I can't trust some rando not running like 8-9 servers or some cloud gpu shit and booking me to pay for all of them You can ask ur frens that you would definitely pay for the amount Or discover things like pubnixes like https://tildeverse.org/ or it's indian counterpart https://tildevarsh.in/