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(441.55 KB 1024x576 cbaoyxt3msda1.png)
Anon 01/24/2023 (Tue) 12:47:14 ID:1ed7a0 No. 9927
yaaron..im a jaee dropper and i havent studied shit..idk how to cope with my failure yaaro..but if im being honest it wasnt entirely my fault,i did study like 60 perct of entire syllabus but around nov i got viral fever for 2 weeks and was bedridden..couldnt even stand for 5 mins..but still after this i continued studying..but then thanks to death of my dada i had to go to our hometown for a week..its dec now..at this point i have lost the flow ..and just got too depressed and ended up becoming a coomer..wasted entire dec cooming and watching anime..and now im just studying for 2nd attempt hoping i might get lucky and sit beside a topper... yaroo.. should i consider a 2nd drop ? i realy dont wanna go to tier 3 clg :(
>>9927 pls koi reply kro yaar :(
>>9927 People taking pregnancy have dropped by half in last 4 years its astonishing there are still retards falling for that meme.
>>9929 toh aur kya karu bhai ? i just want a decent college where the peergroup isnt full of druggies like vit
>>9930 Why do you want some soyboy chakka peergroup? Why does your life must revolve around some stranger bhangis?
(6.71 KB 279x181 download.png)
>>9927 Don't worry hangi I didn't studied for my GATE exam, at least you tried I didn't I've been making excuses for 3 years now, my parents either know that I am lying and they don't interfere me thinking I might kill myself or they think I am actually studying on phone and laptop
Pls laude mai pray karta hu tera pregnancy kabhi bhi na ho zindagi mai saale randi chodd yaad rakh tu ek loser pcmfag haiaa chuda bhadwe
>>9933 Bad b8 m8
(39.79 KB 482x482 apu_hkbfm.png)
>>9927 i have never been pregnant but i turned out ok. a big chunk of my coworkers are. it's not the end of the world anon.
>>9927 >Blaming becoming a coomer on dead dada Absolute state of JE­E chamars. He's reading your thread and he's disappointed in you. Just know that
>>9934 Gaand maara bhangi >bed bright meat Kek kys
>>9933 Jaake apne books mei accounts likh commerce chamar. Even tier 3 enginigg­ers have accomplished more in life than your lazy ass
>>9931 because as you can see im not a focused person and i need a good peergroup to motivate me :( >>9932 :( >>9936 it wasnt that yaar i got too depressed by the fact that at that time i couldnt even solve basic log inequality and idk i just started cooming watching anime and wasting even more time
>>9936 Ye ladki majdoor hai
>>9938 Tier 3 engineers are beta soy incel joh zindagi mai kuch nahi ukhad sakte hai Commerce fags have lot of opportunities unlike your randi maa ki aulads plus you pcmfaggots should stop entering in our fields like CA, CFA , MBA Kys loser and study for your 69th pregnancy mains drop top kek
>>9941 You can drop two times max in pregnancy
OP A$AP rope karle
>>9942 >niqqer takes a sarcastic remark seriously 🤓 L + it's over for you
>>9943 nhi yaar agar eng(BTW I am a nigger)ing nhi hui toh papa ke khet me kaam kr lunga aur gaw me hi reh lunga :(
>>9927 Try getting into places like IACS,central university of Hyderabad, Calcutta or presidency university n shit
>>9927 Dont worry pyaare you can still give gate or try ms abroad,you can still make it
>>9939 >because as you can see im not a focused person and i need a good peergroup to motivate me :( That has to be the most zoomie shit i read this week. Motivation comes from within, you dont need some chakkas for that enjoy your life nerdy
>>9927 Based
>>9941 Not a pcmcuck. Doesn't change the fact that your degree isn't worth shit >>9944 >No perms to say n­igga. Kek it's over nufags
>>9936 Wtf why isn't pregnancy getting filtered to pregnancy
>>9948 Kek true. t.amityfag
>>9951 He's an admin
>>9927 Join tier 3 and leetcodemaxx.
>>9951 did you register your name as pregnant at least once from this ip?
In the end you will end up being an excel sheet filler in a scam service based company anyway. No engineering happens in India. How does tier 1, tier 2, 3 etc. even matter.
>>9927 same situation anon coping i make it in april attempt