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Anon 01/25/2023 (Wed) 15:39:36 ID:4a0ae1 No. 9978
how can i become a computer scientist in this bimaru country?
>>9978 prepare hard for isi, cmi ug entrance if u fail rmo/inmo/informatics olympiad n shiett.
>>9978 get phd, become professor in govt. university, leech research paper from your students and publish it under your name. blackmail and torture your phd students to do more research and your household mazdoori. force your students to include your name in their research paper, get more credibility without any hardwork. congrats you're a computer scientist cum academia in lundia.
>>9979 i think i am not eligible for that olympiad shit. i am preparing for CMI entrance exam. ISI just have courses for Stats and pure maths and i am not interested in that whereas CMI has a combined ug course for computation and pure maths >>9980 lol i want to be an actual computer scientist. i want to leave this bimaru country after my batchelors or masters in order to pursue my Master/PhD from a foreign country that actually gives a shit about systems programming and machine learning. I dont want to be a Lundian Bhangineer whose first and last aim is to become a corporate slave