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Self-improvement resources Admin Board owner 04/11/2022 (Mon) 05:42:45 ID:6e400b No. 4 [Reply]
https://mega.nz/folder/7YgSERbY#1-mA0MFfkZp2xNghYOFxAQ This MEGA folder contains the following topics: * Weightlifting routines * Calisthenics routines * Yoga and meditation * Diet and nutrition
>>4 Based

SERIOUS /b/ros Anon 07/14/2022 (Thu) 13:18:46 ID:ff3bd4 No. 1396 [Reply]
Does masturbation makes you skinny and weak? Did anyone of you stop masturbating? If yes, then what changes did you see?
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>>2233 Hey fellow stranger, you can go back to leddit now
>>1396 Jerking reduces testosterone Testosterone is what differentiates men from the rest of the creatures. Make your choice
Masturbating regularly and addiction does have some effects such as lack of motivation and focus. As with any addiction, as long as you get yout dopamine you dont really care about anything else and you're okay and content however you are without a want for improvement or progress career wise. But it does not make you skinny or lose weight. That's all on you and your genes buddy
Virgin detected
It literally makes your brain so weak that you can have a hard time concentrating on a page of book

(12.84 KB 481x406 images.jpeg)
Anon 01/26/2023 (Thu) 13:23:44 ID:4bc9bd No. 3232 [Reply]
Yaaroooo my roomate doesn't let me sleep . Tell some quick ways to sleep .
>>3232 Kill him

Tips from Gigachad Ji #2 Karla kattai edition Anon 01/13/2023 (Fri) 11:22:10 ID:52ea67 No. 3148 [Reply]
Post all your gymming/malyuddham/exercising/dieting questions here. I will try my best to clarify them all
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>>3149 Hgh if possible, if not chug milk like it's water and hope for something to happen. Stretches help. Assuming that you're atleast 5'9 - find solace in gymmaxxing.
>>3148 How realistic is maintaining around 15-16 percent body fat for pajeets with office job?
>>3199 No its over never began
>>3199 Very easy
>>3199 Quite realistic. Literally just eat liver + low carbs, do weightlifting (PPL split) and watch the results come in.

(11.77 KB 253x199 IMG_20221201_155024_616.jpg)
Anon 01/23/2023 (Mon) 08:34:25 ID:745a97 No. 3223 [Reply]
be me >Used to be a bloomer last year >Was religious and a brahmachari >Didn't care what others think >Got good grades >Had a good physique and good lifestyle >4 months ago got into a bad company >Started mastrubating >Stopped studying >Gained 30kg >In severe depression >Probably on the verge of developing some mental disease Is there any way our?
>>3223 RETVRN
>>3224 how to retvrn?
>>3223 You have to ą̵̳̜̞͓͔̮̑̋̆̿̉̑̔̚ṡ̵̲͇c̶̩̫̯̺͕̻͈̥͛̈́̾̂̚̕e̵͖̺̯̽͌̌̊͑̄͘n̵̲̲̔̌̌d̶͈̦̮̩̼̰̝̹̼̭̉̆͗
>>3227 How?
(77.83 KB 1106x1012 specs.jpg)
>>3223 Define 'bad company'

(20.91 KB 715x429 images (58).jpeg)
Anon 01/23/2023 (Mon) 08:31:23 ID:49e7f4 No. 3222 [Reply]
how to get rid of a kink and masturbation addiction? Wish I was a brahmachari. I have no self control. Nofap max streak is 3 days
Embrace it
>>3226 nope bad advice

Dry feet Anon 01/19/2023 (Thu) 05:23:34 ID:c054c4 No. 3209 [Reply]
Whenever I wear shoes during winter they get extremely dry, to the point where even wearing shoes makes me feel irritated. Applying lotion is too annoying. Any to get rid of dry feet?
>>3209 any way*
>>3209 Wdym by dry feet cracks? If so use Halorif -S ointment
>>3211 Not cracks, they just get really dry
>>3214 Start nofap

Anon 01/09/2023 (Mon) 04:16:23 ID:1bfdb1 No. 3133 [Reply]
How do I get rid of dark circles? I've been sleeping properly but this does not work effectively.
>>3133 Himalaya under eye cream And sleep with eye cover
>>3133 Drink water and reduce cooming
Ice cover eye pads Not cooming Proper sleep schedule

(77.58 KB 1058x1280 FB_IMG_1673518496066.jpg)
Anon 01/17/2023 (Tue) 18:20:53 ID:876977 No. 3202 [Reply]
Thread 'Guide on achieving model tier skin' https://looksmax.org/threads/guide-on-achieving-model-tier-skin.430153/ Thread 'Collagen Maxxing: The Evidence-Based Guide' https://looksmax.org/threads/collagen-maxxing-the-evidence-based-guide.187698/ Thread 'Phenotype Looksmaxxing Guide: The Forgotten Fundamental Looksmax' https://looksmax.org/threads/phenotype-looksmaxxing-guide-the-forgotten-fundamental-looksmax.507206/ Thread 'Eyebrow Looksmaxxing Guide: An Important Pillar To Your Eye Area' https://looksmax.org/threads/eyebrow-looksmaxxing-guide-an-important-pillar-to-your-eye-area.510187/ Thread 'Ultimate Coloring Guide' https://looksmax.org/threads/ultimate-coloring-guide.486954/ Thread 'Hair Looksmaxxing Guide: Good Hair EQUALS Good Life' https://looksmax.org/threads/hair-looksmaxxing-guide-good-hair-equals-good-life.504788/ Thread 'Fashion, Fragrance, Grooming & Accessories Looksmaxxing Guide: The Quaternity of Style' https://looksmax.org/threads/fashion-fragrance-grooming-accessories-looksmaxxing-guide-the-quaternity-of-style.511130/ Thread 'The Ultimate Guide To Fragrance and Pheromones' https://looksmax.org/threads/the-ultimate-guide-to-fragrance-and-pheromones.421112/ Thread 'Sexual Market Value (SMV) For Men: What Women Look For In a Man That Makes Their Pussy Wet(Hookups)' https://looksmax.org/threads/sexual-market-value-smv-for-men-what-women-look-for-in-a-man-that-makes-their-pussy-wet-hookups.440957/ Thread 'Complete guide to thinking [MEGAGUIDE]' https://looksmax.org/threads/complete-guide-to-thinking-megaguide.310475/ Thread 'Low Inhibition Maxing (social anxiety cels GTFIH)' https://looksmax.org/threads/low-inhibition-maxing-social-anxiety-cels-gtfih.492802/ Thread 'Sexmaxing : SWALLOW THE SEXPILL: How to become a SEX GOD and get girls addicted to you' https://looksmax.org/threads/sexmaxing-swallow-the-sexpill-how-to-become-a-sex-god-and-get-girls-addicted-to-you.168709/ Thread 'MEWING GUIDE (DETAILED)' https://looksmax.org/threads/mewing-guide-detailed.209307/ Thread 'Ultimate voicemaxxing guide' https://looksmax.org/threads/ultimate-voicemaxxing-guide.310529/ Thread 'IQmaxxing and skillmaxing' https://looksmax.org/threads/iqmaxxing-and-skillmaxing.139809/ Thread 'Skincare Guide' https://looksmax.org/threads/skincare-guide.81935/ Thread 'Frame: male vs female' https://looksmax.org/threads/frame-male-vs-female.392127/
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>>3203 Look at a mirror
>>3204 Can't afford one.
>>3205 damn
Just browse best of best section

(32.43 KB 500x613 images (10).jpeg)
Anon 01/16/2023 (Mon) 06:02:08 ID:1ff071 No. 3190 [Reply]
Yaaron how to study during winters if someone is addicted to masturbation and have low memory retention?
Yaar ye tho literally mai hu
Hmm Tier 4 college me hu 1st year ka 2 backs bhi ha Kisi ke pass koi tips ha toh dedo yaaron
Running karna chaalu kar dost. Best to yahi hai ki agar jeefag hai to cope kar agar kalejfag hai to busy reh. Best rahega hostel lele 2 occupancy wala. Retention will improve as you study and write more and more
>>3198 This