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Dry feet Anon 01/19/2023 (Thu) 05:23:34 ID:c054c4 No. 3209 [Reply]
Whenever I wear shoes during winter they get extremely dry, to the point where even wearing shoes makes me feel irritated. Applying lotion is too annoying. Any to get rid of dry feet?
>>3209 any way*
>>3209 Wdym by dry feet cracks? If so use Halorif -S ointment
>>3211 Not cracks, they just get really dry
>>3214 Start nofap

Anon 01/09/2023 (Mon) 04:16:23 ID:1bfdb1 No. 3133 [Reply]
How do I get rid of dark circles? I've been sleeping properly but this does not work effectively.
>>3133 Himalaya under eye cream And sleep with eye cover
>>3133 Drink water and reduce cooming
Ice cover eye pads Not cooming Proper sleep schedule

(77.58 KB 1058x1280 FB_IMG_1673518496066.jpg)
Anon 01/17/2023 (Tue) 18:20:53 ID:876977 No. 3202 [Reply]
Thread 'Guide on achieving model tier skin' https://looksmax.org/threads/guide-on-achieving-model-tier-skin.430153/ Thread 'Collagen Maxxing: The Evidence-Based Guide' https://looksmax.org/threads/collagen-maxxing-the-evidence-based-guide.187698/ Thread 'Phenotype Looksmaxxing Guide: The Forgotten Fundamental Looksmax' https://looksmax.org/threads/phenotype-looksmaxxing-guide-the-forgotten-fundamental-looksmax.507206/ Thread 'Eyebrow Looksmaxxing Guide: An Important Pillar To Your Eye Area' https://looksmax.org/threads/eyebrow-looksmaxxing-guide-an-important-pillar-to-your-eye-area.510187/ Thread 'Ultimate Coloring Guide' https://looksmax.org/threads/ultimate-coloring-guide.486954/ Thread 'Hair Looksmaxxing Guide: Good Hair EQUALS Good Life' https://looksmax.org/threads/hair-looksmaxxing-guide-good-hair-equals-good-life.504788/ Thread 'Fashion, Fragrance, Grooming & Accessories Looksmaxxing Guide: The Quaternity of Style' https://looksmax.org/threads/fashion-fragrance-grooming-accessories-looksmaxxing-guide-the-quaternity-of-style.511130/ Thread 'The Ultimate Guide To Fragrance and Pheromones' https://looksmax.org/threads/the-ultimate-guide-to-fragrance-and-pheromones.421112/ Thread 'Sexual Market Value (SMV) For Men: What Women Look For In a Man That Makes Their Pussy Wet(Hookups)' https://looksmax.org/threads/sexual-market-value-smv-for-men-what-women-look-for-in-a-man-that-makes-their-pussy-wet-hookups.440957/ Thread 'Complete guide to thinking [MEGAGUIDE]' https://looksmax.org/threads/complete-guide-to-thinking-megaguide.310475/ Thread 'Low Inhibition Maxing (social anxiety cels GTFIH)' https://looksmax.org/threads/low-inhibition-maxing-social-anxiety-cels-gtfih.492802/ Thread 'Sexmaxing : SWALLOW THE SEXPILL: How to become a SEX GOD and get girls addicted to you' https://looksmax.org/threads/sexmaxing-swallow-the-sexpill-how-to-become-a-sex-god-and-get-girls-addicted-to-you.168709/ Thread 'MEWING GUIDE (DETAILED)' https://looksmax.org/threads/mewing-guide-detailed.209307/ Thread 'Ultimate voicemaxxing guide' https://looksmax.org/threads/ultimate-voicemaxxing-guide.310529/ Thread 'IQmaxxing and skillmaxing' https://looksmax.org/threads/iqmaxxing-and-skillmaxing.139809/ Thread 'Skincare Guide' https://looksmax.org/threads/skincare-guide.81935/ Thread 'Frame: male vs female' https://looksmax.org/threads/frame-male-vs-female.392127/
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>>3203 Look at a mirror
>>3204 Can't afford one.
>>3205 damn
Just browse best of best section

(32.43 KB 500x613 images (10).jpeg)
Anon 01/16/2023 (Mon) 06:02:08 ID:1ff071 No. 3190 [Reply]
Yaaron how to study during winters if someone is addicted to masturbation and have low memory retention?
Yaar ye tho literally mai hu
Hmm Tier 4 college me hu 1st year ka 2 backs bhi ha Kisi ke pass koi tips ha toh dedo yaaron
Running karna chaalu kar dost. Best to yahi hai ki agar jeefag hai to cope kar agar kalejfag hai to busy reh. Best rahega hostel lele 2 occupancy wala. Retention will improve as you study and write more and more
>>3198 This

Anon 01/16/2023 (Mon) 13:42:40 ID:bb8957 No. 3196 [Reply]
>I need to eat meat and inject juice—AAAAAAAAACCCCKKKKK Non veg chamaro ki to genocide kardeni chahiye.
Leave them. All that is bullshit. People who smoke hukka in haryana and Punjab live more than 90+ it's just genetics.

(59.52 KB 640x640 r7f5k6o8go481 (1).jpg)
(77.80 KB 424x640 images (45).jpeg)
Barbell Exercises and Muscle control Anon 01/15/2023 (Sun) 16:32:32 ID:8137ea No. 3186 [Reply]
This is the general for natural bodybuilding. Come in fags
>>3186 stop consuming meat and the 100s of calories that come with it. use eggs,dairy products and supplements to get your proteins while maintaining a steady calorie deficit. focus on cardio and weight exercises t. knower
>>3187 Thanks saar. Your opinion of the book
>>3187 >>3187 Steady caloric deficit if you are fat, surplus if you're trying to bulk up.

(32.43 KB 764x401 images (18).jpeg)
(20.24 KB 495x619 images (20).jpeg)
(19.86 KB 495x619 images (19).jpeg)
Anon 01/15/2023 (Sun) 15:39:00 ID:d45980 No. 3160 [Reply]
>bhangali bodybuilders from 1920s to 1930s before steroids were invented What is your excuse chuds
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Read this faggots
>>3181 post the ss faggot, not gonna read a whole ass book for internet fight.
>>3160 Holy shit Mr Ghosh is brother of Yogananda and founder of College of Physical education
>>3182 Kek
>>3163 Wow yaar tastey nipples

(437.63 KB 1638x2048 Fmbzjb7aUAE9WYc.jpeg)
Anon 01/15/2023 (Sun) 13:04:16 ID:dbe48b No. 3158 [Reply]
Any interesting 30 day self-improvement challenge/programme that you know of?
>>3158 Andrew tates

Anon 01/12/2023 (Thu) 06:55:28 ID:945b3a No. 3141 [Reply]
> be me, 18 yo coomer > have had piles since I was 16, also used to have a colon polyp (which was surgically cut), all due to my love for spices and Haldiram Bhujia. Used to eat packets on packets. > exams stress and shit, so jerk off to porn daily, sitting on my Indian squat toilet. > Doctor used to say that sitting so much on toilet will exacerbate the piles. But in my हवस I ignore all this advice when I fap till 8-10 minutes straight. > I don't even enjoy the climax much now. > In constant depression, and no exercise at all (oh did I tell I am 110+ kgs?) > a darkskin chutiya I am, with lots of weirdly placed body hair. Try to trim my facial hair but in vain. Face is full of popped-pimple-ruins. > fantasize regularly about killing myself, but as an only child worried about parents > As much as I try, I fall again and again in such pits, and even deeper pits. > Is there any hope for me? How can I crawl out?
>>3141 >but as an only child worried about parents Do you believe you'll get a job and will make enough money to take care of your parents? Seems like a bold assumption. Also, >all due to my love for spices and Haldiram Bhujia. Used to eat packets on packets. Do spices really do it? I've eaten a lot more raw spice throughout my life and max i felt was burning in my stomach.
>>3141 Yo I also eat a lot of haldiram bhujia Any side effects?
good god
>>3141 Height skin color and face All that matters
>>3142 I think anon had this condition but spices exacerbated it. No way aloo bhujia is ripping anyone's guts

(58.61 KB 680x676 1673160739025218.jpg)
Immunitymaxxing Anon 01/09/2023 (Mon) 03:54:27 ID:2b95ba No. 3131 [Reply]
How the fuck do I stop getting sick all the time? I've been getting cold/flu once in every 3-5 months since the beginning of time. I eat fruits, vegetables, avoid goyslop, lift weights, do cardio, take multivitamin, ashwagandha and vit c supplements, drink 'haldi ka doodh' but no effect. Mom told me I need to avoid cold stuff so I am implementing that as well. What next?
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>>3136 I take 30k per week >>3135 Noted
>>3131 Get a gf and have sex with her it helps upto some extend
>>3136 fuck off shill
Maybe some deficiency or maybe your body isn't able to develop antibodies. Consult some dactar.
used to get sick and headaches a lot. As i started doing sandhyavandhanam in which atleast do 9 pranayama, 3 times a day, i forgot the last time i got sick. Now i get headaches if i stay out in the sun for too long.